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Is it just me or does Vauban's Vortex seem weaker now? Since the 29.8.1 update where it was "optimized"?

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As the title says.

Is it just me or does Vauban's Vortex seem weaker now? It doesn't seem to have the same pulling force that it used to. Enemies just get slowly dragged along the ground and up along walls instead of really being pulled with force towards the Vortex. Maybe it's just my imagination, but I really feel like it's weaker now.

I've been noticing this since the 29.8.1 update. In the patch notes for that update, it says: "Made a micro-optimization to abilities that move enemies (Vauban's Vortex etc)". Presumably this was in preparation for Zephyr's Airburst getting a Vortex-like effect. But ever since then it just feels a bit weaker.

I'd like to hear from anyone else that plays Vauban. Have you noticed this?

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