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During this difficult period, sitting in a warframe is one of the best pastimes ... I would like to say (

The number of bugs in the game, in particular game mechanics, is very unpleasant.  Here I leave a link to one of the forums about ESC:

In addition, sometimes after the end of the mission it is impossible to leave the group, because your profile is simply not visible (I will try to attach screenshots as soon as possible, I hoped that it would pass by itself, but ...), sometimes this bug also manifests itself on missions, thanks to which you just  you can see with whom you play in the group during the whole mission.

In addition, when you enter the overlay of Discord or Steam, so-called "freezes" appear (the whole game turns into torture, as if someone is being played with a speed of x0.25 and x2 every 2 seconds)

I will try to supplement, but these moments make the game sometimes simply impossible.


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