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Medical debt-bonds??


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Bounties can be a pain. Just du the one who gives you what you need and go back to Fortuna. 

Must not finish the entire Bountie. 

Ticker can have some, so check from time to time what he offers. 

And, if you can - Profit Taker.

Drops the Medicine Dept-Bonds (3x) every time you defet them (also Familial an Advances Dept-Bond).

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2 hours ago, (XBOX)KauDar123 said:

Anyone know the best strat for farming medical debt-bonds? The bounties just arent dropping them

  • Check Ticker
  • Profit-Taker
  • Bounties (after repeating them... enough to have grand-kids, or great-grand kids (if applicable), of your own and leaving that particular task to their heirs...)
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