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Octavia roller's icon is too distracting and similar to ayatan stars

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Constantly seeing a white hexagon with a small white shape inside it in the corner of my eye makes me think there's an ayatan dropped nearby but in fact it's octavia's roller, it's very distracting!

Make it colored blue like every other ally icon out there, there's no reason for it to be white.


Here's a shot with both of them in the same image, I hope you can see how similar they are when you're not looking directly at them, having to be constantly check if it's a roller or an ayatan.



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I agree, I'm confusing a lot of time my roller with an ayatan star icon.

But we may change that with the UI color customisation update!

The devs are working on it

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I'd just like it to be a seperate icon all together with its own color.

Last night and with the waypoint system all broken I spent far too much time trying to search out where that Ayatan Star was hiding... Thought it was running from me. Was hoping for an Amber one, too! Need those Nightwave Creds!

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In addition to changing the color to an allied one, perhaps it should have a music note icon instead of a mere dot in a hexagon; It would distinguish it much more compared to other things you might find in a mission.


I think that would really help the roller out :)

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