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Defense Target falls through map during Sortie on Europa/Paimon tileset, leads to mission failure

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Whenever there is a sortie defense on the same tileset as Europa/Paimon, there's quite a high chance for a mission failure.

The defense target wanders around the map, falls through the floor and triggers a mission failure after a few seconds.

Please note that the defense objective itself is still very much alive; the mission failure is no result of the target bleeding out.

This isn't new, I noticed this several times before.

It looks like this, seconds before the mission fails: (this screenshot is from todays' sortie)


The following screenshot was taken a few months ago, same issue:


I noticed that the defense objective always falls through the map in roughly the same area:


The hill I marked with a waypoint in the screenshot above seems to cause the defense objective to fall through the map there.

I cannot pinpoint the exact location on that hill with the "hole" in it, since the target moves around randomly. You'll only notice it when it is already too late.

Please take a look at this issue. It is not much fun to redo the sortie over and over again because the target suddenly decided to fall through the floor and end the mission.

Thank you for reading.

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