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Let excalibur exalted blade gain combo with energy waves

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As it currently is, exalted blade can only earn combo by blocking attacks or by attacking at point blank.
Given the fact that the whole gimmick with exalted blade is the energy blades it launches forth this means you generally aren't gaining combo when attacking, and you don't get to earn a whole lot of combo through defence as you are attacking from further away (and therefor not blocking as many ranged attacks).

I just want to clarify, I understand that sending a single wave down a hallway and filling up your combo counter would be a bit much, so I would be perfectly happy if each wave could only gain a single combo count.

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Relentless Combination and Crit Slash spam :)

but i wouldn't be against being able to do it in a less contrived way. as long as both direct hits and swoosh spam are kept distinct enough from each other that you'd still care to use both. meaning, direct hits adding like idk 2 to the Counter while swoosh one. so that you'd get 3 if you got in close and that would be worth getting in close for when you can instead of just going AFK turret.

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Not much of a benefit for exalted blade to build combo when it cannot make use of acolyte mods, like blood rush or weeping wounds. It would be useful I suppose for the Gladiator set bonus (i'm not sure if that effects an exalted weapon, correct me if i'm, wrong).

A wave on the heavy attack would be great.

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