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Orb Vallis Missing Map Icons

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I can't say specifically when it started by recently my map in Orb Vallis has been completely blank, not even showing names of areas (e.i. Fortuna, Temple of Profit, etc.)

It's also not showing caves or k-drive races, forcing me to blindly guess based on memory or look up a map online and reference. I've definitely been to every square inch of Orb Vallis, so it's not like I haven't unlocked the map markers until I visit them each time I re-enter OV.

I don't know if this is a bug or some obscure UI setting I've accidentally enabled (wouldn't be the first time), but either way it's extremely frustrating. Please help... 😪


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Yeah I think its a bug, there's 2 more topics about this on here and quite a few people are having the issue, hopefully DE recognises this is an issue. Its when you move from the hub world to the freeroam area, or vice versa, it happens on the cambion drift and plains of Eildon as well. The only way to make it work is to travel straight from the orbiter to orb vallis, same with the other free roam areas

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