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My old Clan Leader, back from when I started, purposefully keyed his mic in game to the same hotkey as his mic on our voice server.

The entire time, if anyone had audio set to hear other people in game they would get half the conversations of this British Warframe version of Gordon Ramsey.

Poor players getting half the conversation he was having with us, and would constantly threaten to shove datamasses up players arses if they didn't hurry the f' up. It was hilarious when they tried to respond, because he would just shout them down because he didn't give two figs about whether they thought he was toxic.

He was toxic, definitely, but it was funny as all hell when you weren't on the end of it. Just like watching Gordon chew out the chefs that aren't using common sense.

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you just, turn off voice chat, i do it in all games (and some people whine that i don't listen to them), if i want to be in a voice chat it would be with friends or people i am planning to play with, not randoms, and i surely don't need to hear mic breathers that don't say a single word.

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16 hours ago, o0Despair0o said:

Why is it that I can just imagine your conversation going something like this;


"Yo, what's that dying animal in your room?"

"That's... that's my girlfriend, snoring."

"Told you guys, dude sleeps with a horse."


Or some jokes like that lol

This is accurate lol

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