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Can't claim Twitch drops


I've seen another question like this on the forums, but I simply can't claim anything. I watched all 30 minutes of the streams for the Octavia Noggle and Umbra Forma, and it appears in my inventory as unclaimed. It keeps prompting me to connect my Warframe account, and I have been(I have the fae path ephemera and broca prominence syandana too). I've waited for multiple hours(and clearly a couple days now) and simply nothing will work. Refreshed, closed the app multiple times, tried claiming through the browser...hasn't changed at all. It doesn't even say it was an error or anything, I'm just immediately brought to the page where it already says I am connected to Twitch. And yes, i did unlink and relink multiple times(including right when DE announced that you had to before the streams). Does anyone know how to fix this?? I've been so disappointed over it ;-;

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- well, the main problem with most people who didn't get the drops is they didn't unlink and relink following the guide that megan posted.
- the second problem is they didn't know that they have to manually click the progress bar and claim it.
- and the third is they got impatient upon logging in to warframe. so far the inbox need to be triggered by forcing a loading screen.

according to your post, it seems you've done all that and still didn't get the drop. but feel free to try one of those steps if i misunderstood your reply.
i'm not sure if fae path and boca prominece means anything though. iirc they came as rewards for linking first time, not watching streams.
- which leaves us with our fourth and last issue: most if not all of the issues happens on twitch, not warframe. so i guess we all should be asking twitch, why is your new drop system not working appropriately??

EDIT: just realized you're on xbox. i did heard some console players have trouble connecting their account. sadly i haven't heard anything about fixes.
as megan said, with every new systems there will be growing pains. it's just such a shame that honest players have to miss out some drops while companies are dealing with the problems.

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