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Farming Dojo Colours

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Good Day Folks,

I have recently created a Shadow Clan and has reached the stage where applying some colour is the order of the day. Now like most keen follower of the game I headed over to the Warframe Wiki and was pleasantly surprised to see some 100% drop rate on some of the colours. For example I now had a good reason to take a run at Phorid. This Boss Fight would give me 1 on successful completion of the fight. Wow Boiler Red was going to be real easy to farm or so I thought.

Well you guessed it - 23 runs later I have not seen one Boiler Red drop. 🤬

I am hoping that I have misread the Wiki and the drop rate is 1% rather than I will get 1 every time Phorid is defeated. I am now in dread of starting the farm for the others until I get a better idea of the drop rates.

Ideally a member of the Dev Team will quickly clarify this Boss Drop rate in relation to the Dojo Colours. Just in case is anyone aware of any changes to the drop rate or know of a site that will set me straight on the Dojo colours + the drop rates?

Thanking you in advance.


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