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Hey DE I know you are working on Railjack so I figured I should finally let you know about this. If you equip Wukong and enter the Railjack's tactical interface and use his tactical ability Celestial Twin you will create a Celestial Twin but you can also tab over to the ability on the ability strip and quick access it to create a second Celestial Twin. I must admit I haven't used this long but it has been fun as a solo player on Railjack missions and I think its time I let this one go.

P.S. I haven't told anyone about this this is the first time I have mentioned it anywhere I am sorry for breaking the game a bit but I could never find a decent crew to run with so I made my own good luck on the new update.

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I don't think this is a bug.

99% of all Wukongs I've played with always activate their clone, if you block the tactical ability when the wukong summons his clone, it would be completely pointless to make a tactical ability.

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