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I have collected all of these and leveled them to 40.

That said, being somewhat a glutton for punishment, I decided to give the whole Valance Fusion a try.

I have lost count (at around 30) of how many runs I've done trying to get a larvling to spawn with an Ayanga. Sure you can no longer get the same thing twice in a row but it can spawn Brakk Ogris, Brakk, Ogris.... The RNG on this is ATROCIOUS!

My fix for this is relatively simple. Apply the same code you used for the Barro / Inaros quest that allowed a 'reward' to be gained only once and apply that to larvlings.
At worst this would mean that players would only have to run for a weapon 16 times before they got what they want / need. After accepting a larvling, the RNG resets.

I hear rumors of more Kuva weapons to come so I'll say it clearly here - Until the drop chance is fixed in some meaningful way, I'll not be playing that 'content'.


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This isn't anything new and not a glitch either (was that some nice attempt at a pun?). Welcome to warframe - the game that prefers real RNG where X% means X% and that's that.

Right now there are 16 kuva weapons in the game and they all appear to have the same drop chance.
That means  1 in 16 or 6,25% chance to get a specific kuva weapon from larving. When you begin grinding kuva content island - its great. You don't care which weapon to get, you just get it a that's that. But the more you start exhausting the content of kuva liches the more glaring the issue becomes.

I'm the man who grinded every kuva weapon to 60%. Getting the few last instances of a very specific weapon was an absolute nightmare. Sometimes it would take just as long to get a weapon i need as it  was taking to take down the lich itself.

Now imagine they will add another kuva weapon #17. That'll be 5,88% drop chance. And i literally have 0 interest in any other weapon but that one. And i'll need about 4-6 instances of it to get it to 60%. That'll be an absolute #*!%ing nightmare.

So yeah. It has been brought up before and will be brought up again and again.
If we are going to expand the kuva lich system (which i hope they do, because i like grineer weapon) then some additional system has to be brought in that will allow to specify / increase drop chance of a speicific weapon among all others. Many people suggested tying specific weapons to specific planets, which would be a good start, but... It simply delays the problem until we'll get 16 unique weapon on every grineer planet.

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