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Radiation self-proc with Kuva Ogris and possibly other explosive launchers that previously dealt self damage


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I failed a few Arbitration Defense missions because I proc'd radiation to myself with Kuva Ogris that had radiation bonus, and killed the Operative. After tests in the Simulacrum, it seems while I'm afflicted with Electric DoT (sources: Grineer Powerfist' slam attack, AoE of Shock Eximus, Infested Electric Crawler, etc.), there's a chance I could self-proc radiation with the blast of my Ogris. It can take a few dozens of times shooting the ground I'm on to proc radiation, I had Primed Sure Footed on, and my Ogris highly modded in radiation dmg and status chance.



Another two days of testing... It appears the aura ''Combat Discipline (Lose 10 Health on kill, Allies gain 20 Health on kill)''  also rarely triggers radiation self-proc. I was not afflicted with Electric DoT but radiation still proc'd on me with my Ogris' blast. Maybe the game thinks I am self-damaging with Ogris' blast  when Combat Discipline is draining my health therefore I'm afflicted with Ogris' radiation dmg and status.

Similar with Electric DoT, when an electric tick damages me at the same time as I was in Ogris' blast. The game thinks the electric DoT came from my Ogris' blast.

In the second video, my Ogris had 14.68 m blast radius


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