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Network or timer issue?

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I logged on an hour and a half ago expecting to do the daily sortie, only to find that it was showing 41mins remaining until the changeover. Strange, but ok whatever. I also had a forma building in the foundry that had 31 minutes remaining. I go and do a couple of waves of Hydron to pass the time (10, 10 and 20) and notice that periodically I'm getting "Network is not responding" messages, although the game is playing fine and there is no lag in the public matchups. I come back to do the sortie again... 41 mins remaining. I check my foundry... forma is still showing 31 minutes remaining. I logged off (around 7am NZT local).

I just logged back in again (7:41am local time) and... 41 minutes remain until the next sortie is available and 31 minutes remain on the forma build.

My PS4 is showing the correct local time and the clock appears to be ticking over normally. If I stay in the orbiter the timers do continue to countdown, but as soon as I enter a mission or restart the game they reset.

Is anyone else having issues this morning or is it just me?

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