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Joining pub Bounties vs Normal missions

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Normal Mission
1: Look at Navigation,
2: click mission,
3: wait for squad,
4: if timer starts press Y to cancel,
5: repeat 2-5 till you join a squad

0 load screens, no travel time.



1: Go to Hub town
2: go to mission giver,
3: enter the gate,
4: wait for squad,
5: load into the map with or without squad,
6: if not in a squad exit the map,
7: wait for mission complete screen,
8: wait for load back into the hub town,
9: repeat 2 through 9 till you join a squad.

2 load screens, with travel time.


There needs to be a way to make it so you don't get loaded into the map till you are in a squad.

Like a setting "When you in public mode, don't enter the map solo" (on/off)

And a way to prevent it from loading you as the host if you don't want to be the host,
so peeps with bad internet can be like, "I don't want to host so everyone isn't super laggy".

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