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Am I able to have friends in Warframe?

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I spent 20min trying to add someone as a friend and every option sent them a ship invite or a mail letter or just a game invite. I just want to add a friend and it shouldnt be this hard, click name add friend , that simple. Needless to say we couldnt figure it out so we didnt make friends that day, and I know some of you will give me slack but it should be very ,very simple to add a friend not an easter egg hunt. The person I was trying to befriend was new only lv 4 and I havent played in a year so I forgot everything so thats where we were,completely lost by this little thing. Let the slack commence 

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Type in chat /f add user where "user" is the name of the Tenno you want to add as a friend, and you are done. :)
Or you can just go to Communications on the Main Menu > Friends > Add User

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just add him from chat by clicking over their name > add as friend THEN then tell your friend to accept from Communication > friends > pending section.

of course accepting is needed otherwise every new player will just start adding everyone he sees on region or any other chat. 

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