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Dev Workshop: Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack

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Looks cool so far.

I'm kinda sad to see Gian Point go. I don't know if I would have bothered to level up all my Kuva weapons without it. I understand your reasoning, but the Gian Point farm was more a symptom than it was a problem in itself, at least from my perspective. Sometimes the grind just gets to be a bit much in places, and that node was an easy way out of it. Plus, it was a lot more interesting than the "Push 4 to win" farm on Hydron.

If there's not a Terraria-themed easter egg on the Terraria Terminal node (around 18:44 in the video), I will be disappointed.

Lastly, will that Railjack statue be available in the merch store?

EDIT: Thanks for the FAQ! That clarified a lot

EDIT: Thanks for another FAQ. It'll be nice to see more builds able to compete with those based solely around Tether.

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16 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Matchmaking Changes

Once your Railjack and Plexus are all set up, it’s time to find a mission. We’ve taken this opportunity to streamline Railjack Matchmaking, better following the rules set out in the main game. Playing as a Host used to require starting the mission from your own Railjack (Liset or Dry Dock). Now, clicking a node with no open squads in the regular Star Chart will start your own hosted mission, instead of giving you an error about no open squads and asking you to go to the Dry Dock (or the back of your Ship).


So still no hope of getting the same treatment of Scarlet Spear? People make it clear on the subreddit and on the forum, a lot of people don't want to be host like regular matchmaking forces. So now if I want to do railjack, I'll have to cancel queue 20 times back to back to try to find a host? I'll have to screw over people that automatically get put into my group the moment I cancel queue to find someone else hosting? Guess the hope of getting the option to opt out of being host is still not even a consideration.

Regardless, I'm excited for everything else. Looking forward to trying it.

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Alright... Finally took the time to listen and read. The feedback I have is thus:

The Good:

  • Streamlining Dirac-> Endo
  • Personalized progression
  • Variety of missions

The Critique:

  • Energy: Between Exalted weapons and old Archwings I think we have enough evidence to know exactly how "Railjacks now use your Warframe's energy" is going to go. Not to mention, you've now taken the throttle off, there's no need to pace your battle avionic usage as normal missions have shown we practically have infinite energy. Equally no mention of the two warframes that don't use energy?
    • Engineers just got one less thing to do...at this point they can sit there with the remote repair menu open because before they were primarily Trinity...but with Flux Energy.
  • Command Intrinsic: This is lacking any intrinsic value for non-solo players at face value. Assuming this still gives Mastery, you'll potentially have some people a tad upset as they journey to max it (not me cause I have more than enough to max it)
  • Tactical Intrinsic: Pretty great, I just really wish I could have seen blink charges in one of the trees XD
  • Pilot Intrinsic: 10% Necramech speed is not that great
  • Gunnery Intrinsic: "Necramech Gun damage..." shouldn't this say "[Archgun] damage increased?"
    • Why is R10 a double edged sword? o - o It doesn't appear that this is the case for any of the others...
  • Unified Damage types: Don't turrets have a set element type? Confusion. You may as well make Plasma and Ballistic's effects Puncture and Impact's effects respectfully because they were much better.
  • Hull Materials: So the people who have run to get every single Railjack part will have a paper thin railjack until they get a proper Hull Material part? 
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22 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

so dedicated Engineers can still make a huge impact on gameplay.

My inner support-lover adores this change!

23 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Unified Damage Types

Railjack combat inherited a lot of the familiar Warframe damage types, but with a twist. Impact became Ballistic, Cold became Frost, and so on. We are removing the second layer of ‘Railjack’ Damage types to unify and have the system be based on what Players already spend time learning: core Warframe elements. This means that:

Ballistic = Impact
Plasma = Puncture
Particle = Slash
Frost = Cold
Ionic = Electricity
Incendiary = Heat
Chem = Toxin

Is this just a change in naming convention, is the entire Railjack damage system being reverted to "vanilla", or is it just the primary elements that are being switched to their "vanilla" counterparts (and secondary elements are staying 'procless')?

If it isn't a total reversion, are there thoughts in the Dev team about unifying both damage systems? Maybe not reverting all Railjack damage types to "vanilla", or vice versa, but tweaking both for a "best of both worlds" sort of feel?

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Tbh the only thing I want is to be able to remove or scrap the standard "Sigma" items and the default Pulsar/Apoc/Tycho Seeker.
They are a nuisance in my eyes that cannot be removed and burned into my retina.
Please allow us to remove them.

Also please specify if 


Player has completed at least 30 Wreckage: Tier 3


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