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Status resistance for Sentinels?


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It's not often that I use a Sentinel these days, given that Kavats, Vulpaphylas and even MOAs are far more useful, but I was running around today with my maxed rank Oxylus equipped. With my current mod setup, the sentinel had 600 health (1 rank off max), 300 shield (3 ranks off max) and 50 armor (standard). 

I headed into OV to do the bounties for this week's nightwave. On the lowest level bounty I was attacked by a level 7 Terra Trencher using his electric pulse slam attack. While it did nothing to my Valkyr Prime, I watched as it did four ticks of what I presume was Elec Proc damage to my Oxylus which killed it outright. A level 7 unit killed my max rank/decent mod sentinel within four seconds. WTF?!?

Ok I thought, there must be some way to add status resistance to a sentinel. So I looked through the available mods... and came up empty. Why? I know there's no equivalent mods for beasts either, but at least the beasts can be revived. Yes, I know there is Regen/Primed Regen, but when a single proc can wipe out the sentinal, the limited number of regens isn't going to last long.

So, a simple request... can we please have a mod/some mods that enable us to provide some status resistance to sentinels? Ideally I'd love them to be status immune as it might make them slightly more durable, but at least being able to give them some resistance would be a step in the right direction.

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