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Primed Chilling Grasp tradable by next PC Hotfix


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39 minutes ago, [DE]Marcus said:

Some Tenno visiting Baro today may have scooped up our newest Mod Primed Chilling Grasp only to realize it couldn’t be traded! 

Fear not, we have fixed this and it should be tradeable by the next Hotfix on PC. 

it's almost impossible to read your text when using dark mode for the forums as a heads up.

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2 hours ago, Nyarllathoteph said:

Here it says it is untradeable, but the warframe market already has many offers. So is it or isn't it tradeable?


On 2021-03-12 at 10:33 AM, [DE]Marcus said:

it should be tradable by the next Hotfix on PC.

They have addressed the problem. But have not deployed the hotfix. In the worst case scenario, the next hotfix is in less than a week when Railjack 3.0 is released. If some urgent bug comes up requiring a hotfix, this may be patched before then but is unlikely.

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