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Nightwave missing cred reward for duplicates

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Just reached lvl23 and received the wolf howl emote but already had it from 1st NW but didn't receive the equivalent 50 creds. I know this as i spent all the creds I've received from this current Nightwave on kuva, so when i got the wolf howl emote i had zero creds. I logged out and back in again to see if it changed anything but it didn't. Anyone else had this issue?

Also just to point out other duplicates in this current Nightwave reward pool before lvl23 have given the 50 creds each time.

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So it happened again, this time when i hit lvl28, infested operator suit. Already had it but didn't get equivalent 50 creds reward. But you know what its not surprising so please dont bother looking into it as it will amount to nothing.  So thanks for reading.

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