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Ash Fissure Enemies


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I’ve started playing ash(Love him to death btw) but as I was cracking a requiem with him I tried to use his 4th ability on a crowd of enemies and it worked... until halfway through killing them they were struck by a fissure and had their immune phase. My Ash was stuck in his 4th animation camera and I saw my character model running around, it was very discombobulating. I used his 4th again and spammed teleport to reenter the animation and it undid the but. Still, it was difficult doing that because my camera was not convenient, without it I would’ve been stuck. 

Edit: To explain in more detail, instead of killing the enemies the clones simply vanished as they do, but my Ash just hopped off their back and walked around normally though the thematic camera angle stayed. I Love the thematic animations and camera angles(so so much) but this was kind of a buzzkiller and was disorientating in a relatively fast paced game 

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