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A List Of Reasons Why Warframe Is The Best Mmo Game Evar! (Imo)


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    Warframe is noob friendly. The game allows new players to advance their skills quickly and efficiently. It makes it so they can play whatever they want, and they arent restricted by certain mission types. As soon as they beat Mercury, they can go to Venus and play the first defense mission, and they also have Appolodorus, which is a great mission to advance warframe and weapon rank quickly.


    The game has a very nice hardworking community. People get along well enough to make a stable foundation for the community of players. If new players have a question, veteran players dont respond, like "wow you F&%^ING noob, just go read the website and dont bug me."


    The community is very professional and legitimate. If people like the game they will do more, research more to better their skills. Most people like the game, and so they have done their research and bettered their skills, they dont argue about things (except the ongoing Event and old lore). They respect each other's opinions.


    You dont have to give a bunch of money to get the best weapons/frames. This is my second favorite reason. The best things in the game, is something you have to work hard for. You set goals and you work hard to accomplish the goals. Even orokin reactors, catalysts, and forma are accesible to the public throughalert missions and login rewards. Platinum only makes thing easier, the DE don't make you lust to donate money in order to get a prime warframe, because you want something soooo bad.


    This is my favorite reason, it's the Lore of warframe that is great. The game's origins are shrouded in mystery, from the erased memory of the tenno, and the scattered mystery of the Orokin and the Sentients. Everybody has their different ideas of who the Orokin are, what happened to them, what is their connection with the Tenno and the other factions. And nobody is afraid to post their opinions, which is a reason that I stated earlier. Especially with lore with Dark Sector and the original Tenno, I just love reading people's opinions and so do many other people.


    So this is what I think of warframe, why I love it. And feel free to post why Warframe is so appealing to you in the reply section. THANKS

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