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Night wave steel path misson not counting


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For the current elite weekly for night wave apon completing a steel path misson 50% of the time it would not register you as having completed a steel path misson I found this happening on both previously completed nodes as well as un-completed nodes.

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I have tested quite a few captures. It seems about 1m29s is the cut off time. Anything less will not count, while anything more will count for completion.

Mantle - 52s (not count)
Mantle - 1m27 (not count)
Mantle - 1m31 (counted)

Elion - 57s (not count)
Elion - 1m7 (not count)
Elion - 1m29 (counted)

Cassini 1m22 (not count)
Cassini 1m32 (counted)

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