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On both Predasites and Vulpaphylas the Regalia is messed up (Emblems and Sekharas).

On Predasites equipping an Emblem or Sekhara on one shoulder will result in that same Emblem or Sekhara being put on the other shoulder albiet in a different position.

On Vulpaphylas one on the shoulder it'll also have a second one deeper and further back into the shoulder. It's normally hidden, but during some animations (like stretching) you can see it pretty clearly.

I'd recommend using the Invati Sekhara, Ki'Teer Sekhara, or the Vitus Emblem to see what I mean. I'm just guessing that it may be because of the way they're built and created/generated due to their modular parts because I know that Zaws and Kitguns used to not be able to equip skins due to how the game recognized them. Or perhaps it was planned for them to have customizable limbs or something and that got scrapped (which I understand, they're already very customizable).

Either way if you have any questions or need any help then feel free to ask.

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