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Planetary Invasion


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The Gradivus event has shown itself to be one of the best and unique events so far, however it is easy to get bored with the Invasion when it's only done on the spaceships.


How cool wouldn't it be to do these on the planets the Grineer or Corpus are occupying?


To land on the planet from a dropship of whatever faction you choose to side with, and in the distance see Corpus and Grineer ships shooting at each other or bombarding the surface of the planet?


I think that would be an awesome addition to the Invasion mode and give it some variation.

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Not sure, but it looked to me more like 2 ships landed next to the other.

Basically the team is funneled trough the same connected areas and in the middle there is an outside zone - whith the canion you need to jump across and the hackable forcefield door.


But yea.. you are right that it would help if there were at least 2 more connection types - like energy bridges skyhigh with some cliffs here and there - for the parkour part or some other way trough a lava filled tunnel.

Also, I'd like to have a noname captian/ boss guarding the exit point.

The event is good - it's only the 100 mission grind and the afk leechers that I can bring up as negative points.



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