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Update 29.10.0: Bug Hunting Megathread (Read First Post!)


Message added by [DE]Danielle,

Please note: All known and fixed bugs, popular and live feedback, and more are being tracked on our Trello board: https://trello.com/b/K34ACrAu

We will not be updating this forum thread with the above. 


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With this update, we are taking a slightly different approach to how we communicate known bugs, fixed bugs, and other feedback submitted by you, the community! To see a list of known bugs and fixed issues, please check out our new Trello Board: [Trello Link!]

You will also be able to see notifications of changes and fixes by joining our official Discord Channel, found here: [Discord Link!]

Now on to the update!

Update 29.10.0: Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack introduces a whole flood of changes and improvements. As you play the new update, you may encounter bugs. To get our attention to these bugs quickly, we ask that you submit a bug report using the guide below! Create a reply to this thread on any of the following topics:

  • Corpus Railjack Missions & New Points of Interest
  • Railjack Intrinsics 2.0
  • The New Command Intrinsic
  • New Railjack Equipment (Armaments, Avionics, etc)
  • Anything else related to Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack!


  • Include a video or a screenshot if possible! Visual references can help direct us to issues faster than without them.
  • When taking a screenshot, use the F6 key, as this helps generate valuable metadata for us to be able to reference!
  • Steps to recreate the bug, if known. Again, this is to help us locate the issue faster.
  • If you saw the Warframe Crash Handler and got a WAR number  (looks like this: WAR-1234567) then add it to your post.  Also please be sure to be as descriptive as possible in the Crash Handler's comment box!


  • TYPE: [Launcher, In-Game, Chat, etc.]
  • DESCRIPTION: [Tell us what you were doing when the bug occurred. Details here are helpful]
  • VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video]
  • REPRODUCTION: [Tell us how we can replicate this bug, if known]
  • EXPECTED RESULT: [Tell us what you think should have happened, ex: “I should have drawn my weapon”]
  • OBSERVED RESULT: [What actually happened, ex: “I went into a T-Pose”]
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: [How often it happens when you try to reproduce it, ex: “It only happens half the time / when I am crouching / when using Hydroid.”]

Let us know what you find, and please make sure to keep your posts constructive and civil. The better and closer to this format you follow, the easier it is for us to find these bugs and fix them!

If you do not have a bug, and simply want to leave feedback on some aspect of Update 29.10.0: Corpus Proxima please do not use this thread, and use our dedicated feedback megathreads:

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There was a case of Railjack items that required Dirac for Valence Fusion tooltip not showing how much is needed unless it wasn't enough. 

I hope that after Dirac -> Endo conversion we'll get the tooltip actually showing. 

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"cruising speed" mod:

rank 9 and rank 10 are exactly the same in stats - ofc the cost for capacity and endo/credits scale correctly ^^)

likely to finde that issue with other mods too (but that was the very first one i 'revisited'...

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I was trying to add attachments to my first crew member and was unable to choose two items for the right arm and right leg.  They items were on the second to bottom row and the middle and right items.


I can't remember what items they were but one was from the sigma set.  When I tried to select it, it would not highlight but select the items right above it.  I was able to select this same item for the chest and left side.


p.s.  the colors I favorited for myself were not available for my crew.  Makes it hard to find them all again from my like 30 pallets.

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I'm not certain if any other avionics have not been granted correctly, but I no longer have ordnance cheap shot.

Correction: I do have ordnance cheap shot, but it does not appear in the plexus and thus cannot be equipped.


It also seems likely that with so many avionics converted to 10 rank mods that many people will need to spend far more endo getting their mods back to the same effective level they where at previously at than they got from dirac conversion.

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TYPE: In-Game

DESCRIPTION: The railjack interior acts as if it should have a wear slider yet no slider is present


REPRODUCTION: Look at interior of railjack

EXPECTED RESULT: The floor to be clean and the paint to not be half missing

OBSERVED RESULT: The floor is covered in dirt and the walls are missing paint


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TYPE: In-Game

DESCRIPTION: Eidolons no longer have a solid Hitbox


REPRODUCTION: Just jump towards an Eidolon.

EXPECTED RESULT: To bonk your head against it and stop moving.

OBSERVED RESULT: Phased right through it.


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This most recent hotfix has broken the planet unlocking gateways. Attempting to play them zooms in the view, fades to black, and then fails to begin loading the mission itself.

I'm unable to leave Earth. Please let me off this hell world.

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I was doing a last run on Giant Point before the new update was deployed.


I finished the mission 1-3 minutes after the red message said the Update was ready to download, and I got NOTHING as reward when completing the mission.




No dirac, no relic, no riven sliver, no armaments, no forma bp and neither rush repair drone (I don't care about this reward as I prefer to build armaments with resources)


(The image below was done with F6)



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TYPE: In-Game

DESCRIPTION: Using Omni tool to return to Railjack while moving on the elevator in Corpus Crewships returns you in the hull/outside the Railjack

VISUAL: si0zgksf.jpg


  • Board a corpus crewship
  • Stand on the bottom of the elevator
  • Activate omni to teleport back to railjack
  • Start the elevator moving upwards

EXPECTED RESULT: Appear back on the Railjack with feet on the ground

OBSERVED RESULT: Teleported either into the ceiling or completely out of the railjack, depending on how far the life travelled.


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  • TYPE: UI
  • DESCRIPTION: In the Russian version, in the user interface (Events).  One text overlaps - another text. P.S. Sorry for my bad English 🙄


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  • TYPE: UI
  • DESCRIPTION: Navigation Top-Right Menu is very hard to read with "Stalker" theme, the text is red on red.
  • VISUALNdA7M0l.png
  • REPRODUCTION: Enable the "Stalker" theme, then open the navigation console j4ANEmX.png
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TYPE: UI bug "Configure Plexus".

DESCRIPTION: I was working on my Plexus build.

VISUAL: iDl3fSy.jpg

REPRODUCTION: Always observable when using the Plexus.

EXPECTED RESULT: Clean black background and white underline in the area of "CONFIG A".

OBSERVED RESULT: Black background and white underline are overlapped by the gray bar because they overlap with the Hydrolyst articula in the background.

REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% when interacting with the Plexus and with the articula in the same place. Does not occur with normal arsenal with the same conditions.

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