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We will not be updating this forum thread with the above. 


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  • TYPE: [In-Game]
  • DESCRIPTION: [Crew can't equip Right Saturn Six shoulder Plates and Shi Shoulder Plates]
  • VISUAL: -
  • REPRODUCTION: [On crew's appearance menu, choose right shoulder - we can't target Saturn six and Shi Shoulder Plates. If we put mouse over it the target will still stay above or under them]
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: [everytimes]
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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: i completed a mission and it soft-locked me on the mission completion screen, specifically a normal mission, not railjack, i couldn't do the fix that would fix it in railjack ( pressing p ) so i was stuck on the mission completion screen until i closed the game, i also couldn't check the stats either.
  • VISUAL :
  • REPRODUCTION: i think it was cause i opened the squad tab in chat the moment the mission ended, it might have not been but it had something to do with me doing something the moment the mission ended
  • EXPECTED RESULT: orbiter loads and you are able to exit the mission completion screen.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: orbiter never loads and you're soft-locked permanently
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: only happened once but it is still a very bad bug
  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: after finishing a mission, i left the squad and for some reason, one of the players orbiters refused to leave, it stayed there until i did another mission.
  • VISUAL :
  • REPRODUCTION: i couldn't tell you what could have caused this or how to reproduce it.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: other players orbiter leaves when you leave the squad.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: orbiter stays there until a new mission starts.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: couldn't tell you.
  • TYPE: In-Game, Visual
  • DESCRIPTION: i got damaged the moment time stopped for the endless void fissure and it broke my shields, leading to a really annoying visual effect, the same thing happens if you get hit by a magnetic proc while it stops time.
  • VISUAL :
  • REPRODUCTION: get proced with magnetic or your shield broken the moment time stops to show you what you got from the relics.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: no visual issues and you continue to look at what you got.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: the kind of visual badness that would hurt a lot of people.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: easy to replicate, it just takes timing.

get ready for another dump of glitches i have found in the recent update :

  • TYPE: In-Game, UI
  • DESCRIPTION: after the update, whenever i have joined a squad running interception, the UI for interception has always been broken, it doesn't show what points are ours and what are theirs unless i look at the minimap
  • VISUAL :
  • REPRODUCTION: start any interception while you aren't the host.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: the UI works fine and tells you what points are yours as well as when they are being captured.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: doesn't tell you a thing and expects you to figure it out yourself with sound cues and the minimap
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: used to only happen once or twice in a period of time, has happened every single time since the new update


  • TYPE: In-Game.
  • DESCRIPTION: after some animal preservation on orb vallis, i went to extract and bullet jumped into the door, it seems to have completely lost its collision and it allowed me to pass through it.
  • VISUAL :
  • REPRODUCTION: bullet jump into the exit door of the elevator leading to fortuna when leaving orb vallis.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: collision stops you from going through the door.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: pass through the door and see the other side of the door.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: very easy to replicate.

the last one i have is a glitch that was around before the update but i am going to put it here simply so it can be fixed as well as the others.

  • TYPE: In-Game, Visual
  • DESCRIPTION: i killed a elite shield lancer and his shield randomly started to float in the air for no reason and wouldn't go away, its completely visual since there is no collision with the shield.
  • VISUAL :
  • REPRODUCTION: i honestly have no idea what i did here, just kill em.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: no floating shield
  • OBSERVED RESULT: floating shield.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: have no idea how to replicate it.
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adding another glitch.
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  • TYPE: In-game, Railjack management UI
  • DESCRIPTION: The new zetki weapons don't appear if the zetki house filter is applied.
  • VISUAL: -
    • Spoiler


    • Spoiler



  • REPRODUCTION: Open up Railjack Armaments UI, change filter from "all" to "zetki".
  • EXPECTED RESULT: All zetki weapons and applicable wreckages show
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Only the original zetki weapons appear
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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Zetki wreckage bp not shown under Zetki house filter in armaments screen. Can see them when selecting All. Might be affecting all new armament bps, only had Zetki to test with
  • VISUALhttps://imgur.com/a/u3DGbT2
  • REPRODUCTION: Get a new Zetki armament bp, and try to view it under Zetki filter in armaments
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Should see all Zetki items
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Only see old Zetki items
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  • TYPE: Game Crash
  • DESCRIPTION: Warframe crashing again and again in Veil Proxima R-9, H-2 Greneer Missions.
  • Reproduction
    • WAR-3058379
    • During Void Hole is active
    • In multiplayer mode
    • Only host(me) is clashed. 
    • if I play as non-host, crash didn't product.
    • Reproduce
    • in most case, host(me) played as a pilot

i will send crash report

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After finishing a defense mission in the Veil, then starting the next node, I am soft locked still and have to alt+f4. This was  NOT fixed yet.

  • TYPE: In-Game, Railjack
  • DESCRIPTION: After finishing a defense mission in the Veil, then starting the next node, I am soft locked still and have to alt+f4.
  • VISUAL: See attached Image
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Exit Mission Complete
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Mission Complete screen stays over everything and you cannot interact or proceed forward without pressing alt+f4



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  • TYPE: in-game
  • DESCRIPTION: for no reason whatsoever my damage stat keeps rising on my railjack
  • VISUAL: unknown.png?width=1202&height=676unknown.png
  • REPRODUCTION: open and close the railjack mod page without touching any of the mods
  • EXPECTED RESULT: nothing should change when no new mod is added or removed
  • OBSERVED RESULT: the turret damage rises and I haven't found a limit to it
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: every time and honestly I am scared to bring it out since I don't want to one shot every single enemy in railjack missions...

p.s. other stats keep changing for seemingly no reason when I add or remove a mod... idk if that is a bug too 

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  • TYPE: In-Game, Railjack Command Crew
  • DESCRIPTION: Crewmate won't get off the Gunner role
  • REPRODUCTION: Assigning a crewmate to the Gunner role, there's a possibility it gets stuck on the turret and can't get out.
    I'm not sure what the real cause is.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: When ordering a Crewmate to re-assign his role and he says yes. I expect him to do so.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Crewmate doesn't re-assign even upon accepting the order
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: I saw it happen multiple times.
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  • TYPE: In-Game, Railjack
  • DESCRIPTION: use the slingshot when you are not the host. Then you get stuck in the slingshot without being able to go anywhere. 
  • VISUAL: none
  • REPRODUCTION: just use the slingshot. You cannot be the host
  • EXPECTED RESULT: I should be able to use it to go to enemy ships.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: I got stuck in the slingshot without being able to get out of it. 
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  • TYPE: In-game
  • DESCRIPTION: Entered Sanctuary Zone 5, after previously had a Host Migration happen upon me during Zone 4. Enemies proceed to gather around me and not attack. Attacking the enemies deals no damage, but inflicting status effects seems to hurt them. Also, item props started to appear on random odd places on the map.
  • VISUAL: n/a
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Should have been able to kill the enemies and have enemies try to kill me.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: The Tenno and the Corpus have now reached a peaceful stalemate and end up singing kumbaya around me. Sanctuary run ended due to Efficiency reaching 0%
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: This is the first time this has happened in a Sanctuary run for me.
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  • TYPE: Objective Markers (Railjack 3.0 content)
  • DESCRIPTION: Objective Markers stuck in place
  • VISUAL: [img]https://imgur.com/a/itJwrf6[/img]
  • REPRODUCTION: While using the dorsal turret on another Host's Railjack an error occurred the moment I pressed 1 where Blackout Pulse was equipped. The screen immediately froze and the game picked up 7-8 seconds later. Could also be a conveniently timed loss of connection. This happened in Arc Silver, Veil Proxima (Corpus RJ Defense).
    • I'm actually not sure whether Blackout Pulse worked at all, I also can't tell whether the duration would fit within the freeze since Pulse duration is dependent on number of targets hit. It may be worth mentioning I was aiming it squarely at the Corpus Obelisk and however many defensive turrets it hit would've counted towards that. I did not use Blackout Pulse again for the duration of the mission. This is the only time I've had trouble with it, been working fine elsewhere.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: The Objective Markers did not move at any point in the mission. As you can see in the screen shot you can even tell that they were the security nodes on the Corpus Obelisk. At no point did the distance information related to each individual objective marker ever change. The following actions failed to remove/refresh them:
    • Destroying the security nodes
    • Entering/exiting the Railjack, includes Omni Recall
    • Entering/exiting the Corpus Obelisk.
    • ---------line break for separate observations-------
    • This glitch also prevented all future objective markers appearing in any capacity for the remainder of the mission.
    • Returning to Drydock immediately fixed this glitch.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Did not re-attempt due to screen freeze requirement.
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Reawaken allows the Djinn sentinel to respawn outside the Railjack while the player is in Archwing if the Djinn was killed by boarding party or from corpus enemies fought for the priority objectives, etc. Re-entering the Railjack and exiting fixes this.

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On 2021-03-19 at 12:28 PM, saghzs said:

TYPE: In-Game

DESCRIPTION: Eidolons no longer have a solid Hitbox


REPRODUCTION: Just jump towards an Eidolon.

EXPECTED RESULT: To bonk your head against it and stop moving.

OBSERVED RESULT: Phased right through it.



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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Summary of Focus earned after collecting a Convergence Orb is incorrect. 
    For Demonstration I played a round of Elite Sanctuary onslaught, but it happens for all Convergence Orbs in all Missions.
    After the First Zone I collected a Total of 8875 Focus, without using a Convergence Orb, since those come in Zone 2.

    In the Second Zone I Collected Focus usign the Convergence Orb Buff provided by the gamemode itself.
    When it ran out it showed me the following summary:
  • REPRODUCTION: Collect a Convergence Orb in any Mission and wait for the Buff to run out.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: The Summary should show me the Focus I earned in the Period of the Convergence Buff was active.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: The Summary shows the total amount of Focus I earned in the Mission prior to collecting the Convergence Orb.
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  • TYPE: In Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Mission completion screen shows massively inflated credit rewards after multiple sequential railjack missions (solo).  I had done about 3-4 missions and was returning to dojo when I saw it showing I found over 50% of my stored credits in the mission.   It was only a visual bug, I didn't get that many credits from the mission (not tracking my exact credit amount so i assume I got the correct number of credits added.)
  • VISUAL: C5B7C98D920441354A78D463AEEA98B53889887C
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Mission completion screen shows correct credit amount, 120,740 in this case
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Mission completion screen shows incorrect, massively increase credit rewards, 14,578,147,328 in this case.  The massive number of credits were not added to my account, so no issue with getting a massive number of credits with little to no time / effort.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: only seen it once, but don't always pay much attention to the rewards screen
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  • TYPE: UI
  • DESCRIPTION:  When the UI videos are played, whether they are warframe or railjack skills, it is impossible to see them since that layer of green pixels appears as if the video was damaged ... it is visible in two different versions both in Windows 8.1 and in Windows 10.
  • VISUAL: yDtTABa.jpgF0sCBDn.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: always when watching the skills videos.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: that play normally without those green pixels.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: they are still playing
  • .REPRODUCTION RATE: that bug is always present.
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  • TYPE: Matchmaking
  • DESCRIPTION: Attempting to launch a railjack mission from the navigation in your railjack, whether in the dry dock or right after a mission, will load you into someone else's crew if there are any open crews as if you launched the mission from normal navigation. This effectively prevents you from using your own railjack on popular nodes unless you go solo.
  • VISUAL: I don't think a picture would be helpful for this. 
  • REPRODUCTION: Attempt to launch a mission from your railjack while there is at least 1 open crew. 
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Mission launches using your own personal railjack.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Game loads you into an open crew on someone else's railjack. 
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: It will always happen as long as there is another open crew with space available, and ping rates are compatible. 
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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Friendship door won't open because my teammates couldn't get into the ship
  • VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video]
  • REPRODUCTION: Host left the mission because of another bug that wouldn't let complete the mission. I don't remember exactly. I think it was exterminate Pluto where Cy refused to open the door. After host migration, I became the host, and I was able to get in, but my two other teammates couldn't. All the enemies died already and I just ran to the green/finish waypoint to exit. But there's a friendship door. Since my teammates couldn't get in, we're stuck. 
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Being able to complete the mission
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Stuck at the friendship door
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Happened once last weekend.

If any tenno read this, here's the workaround:

Have the rest of your team that couldn't get to you (i.e. teleport) to kill themselves. While they're all "dead", you should be able to trigger friendship door to open. Complete the mission and run to the exit.

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