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Update 29.10.0: Bug Hunting Megathread (Read First Post!)

Message added by [DE]Danielle,

Please note: All known and fixed bugs, popular and live feedback, and more are being tracked on our Trello board: https://trello.com/b/K34ACrAu

We will not be updating this forum thread with the above. 


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i hate to say it but with every hotfix after 30.0. railjack got more bug ridden...

and to add a new one (at least for me): endless void-tunnel when starting into a new mission after one was done. there was a 'seemingly' host-migration right before the loading started... seemingly, because the whole team was still on the ship but the team-chat was gone, the team was 'disbanded' when looking in the menu too and also the in-game voice chat was shown as muted for all player...

sure looks like you still have some issues with the recent change in matchmaking ^^)

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2021/3/17 AM6点26分 , [DE]Danielle 说:
  • 类型:[1.启动游戏时;2.游戏中]
  • 描述:[1.只是刚刚打开电脑,就开游戏,游戏就无法登录,显示游戏进程错误,但是游戏启动器可以打开,进行过完整性测试,显示正常;2.经常在游戏中召唤出指挥官后,指挥官会卡在地图缝隙里,无法出去。]
  • 出现可能性:[进行更新后,才出现的这些问题,其中在这之前,进行过500M的游戏文件优化。]
  • 错误代码:[WAR-3082598]
  • 文件日志地址:[https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/zh-cn/requests/2482894]
  • 指挥官卡墙,没有拍下照片
  • 可不可以快点回复一下呢?正在等,等一小时后人可能就不见了。


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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Was farming RJ Voids 2man party. while suddenly the Forward artilery become a just a normal turret of unknown mk rank. (Video link)
  • VISUAL: Normal
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