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Update 29.10.0: New Railjack Equipment Feedback Megathread (Read First Post!)

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14 hours ago, TKDancer said:

big disagree, new tether is pretty good still, not the win button it was before, specially since the debuff scales with reactor STR, blackout pulse is a very effective and cheap CC tool

i do think some values need to be increased a bit, mainly range values

Notice I said " for destroying fighters... ". Black out pulse is good cc and I use it, esp on the new corpus mission when ships infinitely spawn; it makes quick work of them. I only have a range duration reactor and with that, tether is garbage. The explosions do minimal damage and won't bring the other tethered enemies down to even 3/4 health.. I tested it again just now. Why should I run it to cc and then later kill 4 enemies, when I can use a seeker volley several times and kill 30 without any additional effort or ability strength? For other avionics, even with a maxed out range duration reactor, void hole hardly captures any enemies. One or 2 at most. The range definitely needs some tweaking. I will try to get a hold of a strength reactor to see if it changes anything.

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34 minutes ago, ChevalierDuNord said:

Why should I run it to cc and then later kill 4 enemies, when I can use a seeker volley several times and kill 30 without any additional effort or ability strength?

because it does help you kill? groups enemies together when near it's range while prevents them from escaping, enemies are now easier to target, and makes them take increased damage(with the 60% STR from a zetki mk.3 thats an 80% debuff, 90% with a mk2's 80% STR), the explosions do help quite a bit in cleaning up even if they dont automatically one-shot other tethered enemies in range( and they shouldnt, theres a reason they reworked tether, it was to make it have a use without being a win button that one-shots everything with 1 explosion)

i do agree that void hole needs anincrease in (pull)range to compete with seeker volley tho(and to an extent, tether too, which costs half as much energy even if it occupies a different slot)

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With the new components added to railjack the capacity is clearly too low. Does DE now want us to scrap already maxed out components/weapons if we like to try out new stuff?

How about raising the capacity so players actually can use the new stuff without losing stuff they grinded for?

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Ok, a weekend full of playing and a day to reflect on things both done...

The Plexus - Can I still be cautiously optimistic about something that is already here? The ability to specialize more for your role without hurting others roles is nice and since it looks like the added forma grind is only for going from "works fine at highest level content" to "optimization" (and only requires ~2) I do not have major complaints about the move to unify it with the rest of the game. I still preferred the original multiple types of each mod+the grid as it gave more dials to play with but I can easily see this being a straight improvement for new players. Auras are hard to co-ordinate for in public but I would not say they are worse than aura co-ordination in core warframe. The other concern is that we only have the one plexus so needing to undo forma due to new or changed mods is a thing. The ability to forma configs a la the helminth system would be a straightforward solution to this one. Ultimately though this is going to live or die by the mods that are going to be released as time goes on. So far so good.


New Avionics/Mods/Changes - We need more. Now that we are at least theoretically modding for our role instead of the team there should be enough mods for each role that filling out with secondary roles feels less mandatory. As an example all of the archwing boost mods got all put into the new aura. While the existence of an archwing aura is cool and good an archwing primary has very little that they can mod for and nothing without pulling from what could be bonuses for the railjack. Refill shields/flux on archwing kills in range? Increased stats if next to rail jack? Increased threat/aggro draw? Likewise for the ship engineer.

While I am salty about needing to spend millions of credits the unification to cred/endo means I can work towards railjack while playing core and vice versa. It feels like there are too many that have enough ranks to put the cost close to seven figures but this also all hit us at once so it feels worse than it probably is. Veil volatile seems to clock in solo at ~120k cred for ~15min. Slightly worse cred/min than speed-running Hiercon (~10k/min, obviously the index still exists but I am way too out of the loop on that to know the figures on the cred return there) but more endo and other things and still a weighty amount of change. I hesitate to suggest upping the cred reward over reducing the number of ranks on some of the mods as it will probably take a bit to see what peak speed of these new nodes looks like.

I am not a fan of the dividing of the tactical avionics. Maybe if we had 5+ of each type then the division wouldn't feel as arbitrary but we don't. Want to be a pilot with cloaking and speed? A gunner that can once a mission pop all the buffs and be nuts? Too bad, feels bad. Given that the rest of the plexus is geared to let you specialize as you want this strikes me as a step in the opposite direction. 


Battle mods/Energy- The numbers on them feel ok but I am an archwing main so I am probably the least qualified to speak on them. The warframe energy usage? Hate it. The only frames I enjoy for the increasingly important ground portions that run flow are very "there are dudes here" oriented so I never feel like I never have a tank big enough to use the battle mods. This would not matter if the goal was a pure space content island but based on the new corpus maps all requiring the full squad to do core warframe at some point that is not the goal. We have been asked to either run a sub-par railjack experience or a sub-par core experience, this is not bringing the two together. We have a Plexus that needs mod diversity so the return of flux with flux based plexus mods  would better let the two halves work together. 

I preferred the communal resource pools. Flux being individual might be ok due to the overlap of any gunner and the pilot but the engineer is using the omni, the gunner is using the missiles, etc. If they are staying apart we need UI to see others remaining ammo so people can know when to refill others

New Weapons - Fun, effective, variety of choices, not so good that it feels bad busting out the old ones. Very good.

Plating - Two thumbs up, no complaints.

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So I've fused a Zetki Plating MK III to max. And at max stats it has 4800 Hull, and 2938 Armor.


Please, please Lotus either give it 62 more armor or 38 less armor. Just make it a nice round number, my sanity and OCD begs you!

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Time to second the ongoing complaints about having tied energy to warframes instead of the railjack's own energy system. This has the problem that some of my warframes actually cannot be viable for this without changing their build because, say, my rhino prime's energy caps at 150, while some of the ship's powers cost 200 base. This would mean in order to be a pilot, I have to alter my warframe's mod layout, which feels really bad. Having to pack flow to be a viable pilot is incredibly bad feeling design.

I then tried it on Hildryn and discovered the prices spike and then it takes a minute and a half for them to bottom our again, which feels slightly less miserable then not being able to press the button, but still frustrating. 

I like pretty much everything else! But this has put a very sour note in an otherwise fun gameplay experience. 

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1. Bring you own powers mods only sort of works when still dependent on the host RJ for parts/weapons choice. I have some great builds that just don't work on other RJ's. Also I have people join my ship and are super weak with my choices or have battle mods better for a different reactor. For example I have a shield turret build that works well with my fast regen shield, shield boosting mods, shield based +damage mods, and high crit shield bypassing weapons. My NPC crew and I near one shot everything and shield / hull always near 100. I join a different railjack and this build struggles to do damage / doesn't matter for the shield. Others join my RJ and struggle and or I get no shield regen.

I'm still not sure how the aura mods work. I would envision they affect all players and so can stack or have all applied via a different one per player like normal warframe auras. Then normal mods can be jack of all trades or position based builds like all pilot mods or all turret mods.

2.Engineering is useless now. Bring back flux. Before a dedicated engineer would be like a mini game balancing forging whats needed. Now I use normal warframe methods to get energy, have no idea if others need it, and need to port back to get ammo and rev if needed. NPC crew Engineer doesn't even use the forge. Engineers need a constant UI too, so they always see in real time what needs to be built for everyone.

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12 hours ago, vonBoomslang said:

I.... don't like Revolite not being shared. If the pilot pilots, and the gunners gun, and I run around repairing stuff, all the revolite that I make for the other three  crewmates goes 100% to waste, while I barely have enough to fix simple problems!

He does have a point... I often find myself with 12+ dome-charges because someone is running out and crafting more, which the whole team gets extras of. The problem is I don't need them if I am the pilot/running ground sub-objectives. Can we have an option to give my extras of stuff away to those who do need it? That seems like it would both fix this problem while preventing us from going back to people whining about some jerk using all the munitions/rev/flux (which I never really had an issue with, but I do understand the problem).

Edit: also, can we please have a higher "cap" for our munitions and just start missions with the current cap? The current "overloading" thing seems like a bug that you no doubt want to fix (unless its not, and just a poorly explained mechanic?), but it is nice to be able to hold more than what we start with.

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The problem with using Warframe energy for Railjack battle avionics is straight forward the fact that it very much limits players in their use of Warframes during Railjack content. There are Warframes which simply do not have the energy pool to even be able to be used in Railjack.

The next problem is that DE wants to make it easier for new players to get into railjack content but which new player actually has the huge amounts of ENDO required available? New players need their ENDO for other stuff primarily (like upgrading their warframe mods). When I started Railjack back when it was released I was still far away from lvl30 and needed every bit of Endo for other stuff. 

New players also do not have much choice which Warframes to take into Railjack. Some have maybe 1-2 Frames and probably these frames do not even have a large energy pool available to use the battle avionics/mods.

Even when a warframe has an energy pool of 150 (the default number you will see on many frames, especially for new players) the amount players have when they start into a mission will be around 50. The activation of a simple partical ram costs 75 energy (at least that is what it shows to me). People start into railjack missions and can not use any of the halfway useful battle abilities. There are ways to get energy by focus schools or mods which regenerate energy over time or by using very specific warframes but all of that is so far out of reach for new players that the initial idea to make Railjack more accessible has failed miserably. 

Getting into Railjack content and making progress there is harder than ever before for new players, due to warframe energy needs and the endo being the only currency used for upgrading Railjack mods. And I have not even really mentioned the insane amounts of credits such upgrades require. Credits which most new players don't have.


This railjack revision was the worst of all. The accessibility got worse, the costs got worse, the flexibility we used to have from the avionics before is gone since we have to forma slots and with that limit our builds to a certain degree. The missions are way too long and unrewarding to actually be played (as soon I have the blueprints I will stop playing Railjack for that reason). The gameplay shifted into a direction which makes space combat totally irrelevant. All we players do is jump into our archwings land on the stations and kill enemies there. That has become the main gameplay loop... I dont need a railjack for that. I really wished you would have instead fleshed out the space combat part. Doing defense mission in space... doing more mission tasks in space with the railjack. That is what players wanted. The point of critic was that before there only was Skirmish available.... we wanted more variations for railjack, not to abandon the idea behind railjack.

And I also I might repeat it... but when you introduce new items such as new turrets and plating it really would be nice to allow us to store stuff. The component capacities is too low to store the items that are in the game. I dont want to scrap fully maxed out turrets and engines from prior the update just to try out the new stuff. If i cant store the stuff I collect then my decision very soon will be to stop playing this type of content completely.

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Second update to my first page post but I will be posting here again as well in case you (DE) don't read posts again for whatever reason. Again I'm a Switch Player going primarily off the Patch Notes with pictures, and other constructive feedback posts taken to fill in the blanks as needed.

Tactical and Battle "Avionics":

Tactical: I don't like the changes I'm hearing about, frankly the fact that we can't have Void Cloak (which should just be a feature at this point since everyone intelligent uses it, but more on that in a bit) and Battleforge together anymore is stupid. Really, Really Stupid. Frankly it's a stupid change which goes against the whole idea of a mod, which is short for module, which is the adjective form of the noun Modularity which refers to being able to mix and match parts of a tool to fit your needs. Why was this change allowed, it's not a choice, people will always pick Void Cloak (it's much too useful). Choices can be fun (sometimes, others it's not) So please allow players to mix and match all the abilities at least in regards to the Tactical "Avionics". Battle is another matter of course, but for Tactical there needs to be more freedom.

Battle: I don't like the scaling Energy/Flux usage, it's poorly done and takes much too long to scale back down to normal. In addition does it scale based off everyone using an ability? If my gunner spams Seeker Volley will I as Pilot be penalized for that? I don't remember seeing any confirmation or denial in the Patch Notes on this subject.  Remove the Energy Scaling and implement very short cooldowns instead like those that occur in Sanctuary Onslaught where Simaris disables an Ability for ~10 seconds. This will prevent Ability spamming, while not penalizing people who love to use them too much like the scaling does currently.

Specific "Avionics":

Tether: A reminder that I haven't played the new content, so I can't speak from experience. I understand why this was changed, it was really powerful, but one particular part of the Patch Notes stood out to me where it was also mentioned that Fighters spawn patterns were changed to not clump them together anymore. That change right there should have been enough. If I'm understanding right they should be spread out much more so that it would take players purposefully gathering up the enemies to clump them together to make the old Tether viable like it was before the change.

That takes skill, and that skill should be rewarded, but the change to Tether removes that option and choice from Players. That's not a good thing, and frankly it's a shame that you decided you needed to nerf Tether in addition to the spawning change. I'd ask that you really consider changing it back to where it was before, and if necessary further spread out the spawn patterns for enemy Fighters. If players want to spend that extra 15 seconds to clump up those Fighters with some speedy maneuvers that should be an option that allows Tether to work it's charm. 

Void Cloak: Please just make this a feature of the Railjack. Everyone uses it like I mentioned above, if it's so useful just make it a feature. Make it so that Railjacks become invisible whenever it is not being piloted, and to remove the potential for abuse disable all guns when Cloaked. Do allow for Archwing Slingshots to be usable though as they aren't directly damaging. In regards to Forward Artillery not working when Soloing please add an option for Pilots to fire the Forward Artillery cannons via the Pilot controls. This should allow players who solo or do stuff with the Command Intrinsic to not constantly have to switch between those two stations while allowing the current Artillery station to be usable by other player crew still. 

Players with Disabilities Issue:

Forward Artillery: This is a complaint I have as a disabled player, but here's some background first. My disabilities are mostly on the mental side with me having borderline crippling depression and anxiety, but one thing that I've always had problems with in addition to those issues is the fact that I have very minute shaking in my hands. It's not noticeable unless you're looking for it, but it does affect my ability to write by hand, and in the case of shooter games do precision aiming. There is a reason I use the Ignis Wraith and Acceltra as my main two primary weapons, and that is because it's much easier for me to get consistently high damage numbers off with those guns even if I don't precisely hit headshots every time and even those guns aren't used as much as my Melee weapons, So my complaint is this for the Forward Artillery, it's much too easy to miss particularly given how big Space is and that's actually reflected in the game pretty well. A single degree of aim off and I'll miss when I'm playing Railjack.

So here's my solution to this problem: please add target lock like the Archwing Slingshot does to Crewships and Targets of Interest like reactors and what not on stations and capital ships. This would allow players like me to enjoy using the big flashy cannon. As it currently is I can't do so, because of my disability. I've got ways around it, by using the Slingshot to manually board Crewships and take out their reactors, but it'd be nice to use the Artillery feature of the Railjack. Because currently I can't, and I don't see a reason why it can't be fixed like my suggested solution. 

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Having played with a fully AI crew, I believe it would be prudent to make the Archwing slingshot and the forward artillery capable of 360 degree targeting.

This functionality could be unlocked through gunnery intrinsic like with the gunner positions, but yeah... the AI are terrible at lining up the front of the ship at crew ships so that you can board them or hit them with the artillery. Perhaps rename "forward artillery" to "main artillery" or "heavy artillery" or something to that effect. 

The inability to board or hit crew ships with the slingshot or the big gun because the AI won't point the nose (or a tenno pilot won't point the nose >>) is really quite irritating. I have been in fully player crewed missions where the pilot won't or can't reliably keep the nose where you need it either, and hamstringing the performance of the artillery and the slingshot can result in a bad experience that can make a pilot tenno take a lot of heat (assuming they even view chat or speak the same language) so I think removing this barrier would be excellent for crew morale and the Railjack experience as a whole.

These irritations became very apparent to me in an AI setting where I can't request that the pilot point the nose, but let's be honest, you can ask all you want but sometimes the pilot tenno won't do it either. So please make these stations 360 degree targeting as well please. :)

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  • Fixed Carcinnox, Cryophon, and Laith shooting with about half the frequency of its potential when manned by a Crew member.

This issue is also present on Talyns, which was not fixed in the latest hotfix.

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Hi ! Greeting ... Danielle n' all the team too (Be Constructive step1)

First, All My comment mainly link to My play : SOLO with Zephyr, Full Zetki MKIII Railjack and Tier 3 Railjack rewards!


The Plexus : Generally speaking, it is better and a lot more easier to search avionic, upgrade them and create a coherent build. Having 3 possible base config is a MUST and more relevant than the old one. I still miss some tiny thing :
-I hope we will have a "Config to Chat" link for copy-paste the config or like with others upgrade menu
-I wish to be able to see all three mod-ing in one view (in the config to chat preview ^^)
-A direct link to dry dock in Orbiter's Plexus Menu (Cause I am a veryyyyy lazyyy Tenno)

Satisfaction : 95%

New Avionics and Avionic Changes : The new avionics are great, they can be upgrade further than "limited to 7upgrades" old ones (lot of people complain about it without understanding this -_-;; - Please forgive them). My favorite is worm's Torment : BEST NAMING mods idea ... never used a faction mod but I will try for sure.
-Aura MODS : Iron clad is perfect but the others auras have too much paramaters and to low percentile (Onslaught and Orgone). It should be better to split them in 2 Arcanes more specialized but stronger (I use Iron clad % as reference) :

  • Actual : Orgone Tuning Matrix +22.5% forge capacity, -15% Forge Cooldown, +15% elemental resistance, +18% Turret Heat Capacity)
  • Rework : Tuning Matrix +25% forge capacity, -22.5% Forge Cooldown + Orgone Matrix +22.5% elemental resistance, +25% Turret Heat Capacity

-Turrets, Ordnance mods : There a lot of turrets mods, it is excellent. Ordnance's ones ar great Quick and Ripload are just perfect. I did not found any Ordnance mods for Galvarc, Milati which are not very used. Now we have mods, Can we have MORE mods ... 🤤 it's addictive !!!

  • Milati mods needed : Wider or shorter Spread (like shot guns)
  • Galvarc mods needed : Continous shot or a Reduce cooldown (with higher consommation if needed)

-Forward Artillery's mod Artillery Cheap Shot is cruelly lacking; the old one with 50% with 5 shots was okay but 60% with only 2 shots is not worth equipping it even if the everything is reloaded between mission. I play with the OVERFORGE's bug giving you more shots and it feel better than extra random shot.

  • Reword/Add : Artillery Magazine instead of +10 to +60%, start with only 2 shot but give +1 .. +6 maximum payload (you'll have to craft inforge and if don't use them, it's YOUR loss.)

-Tactical : I don't understand why Void cloak is a Super and Not a Defensive Tactical but it work better for solo play ...so ZERO COMPLAIN ^^

Satisfaction : 85%

New Armaments and Armament Changes 👍

-Did not tested any but the more, the better ... and the less complex, the better too. Now I can understand what they do without having to build them, THANKS A LOT

Satisfaction : 100%

Battle Mod Changes 👍

-Battle : All is fine, The new tether is still very strong and can combo to give Galvarc a second life. Seeker volley seems a lot better in the homing targetting ...

Satisfaction : 100%

The New Plating Components

-I have only tested the Sigma series and they are fine. The Plating does not have any unique traits and I hope they will gains some even If We have to do valence fusion when the new one will exist. I Hope it will be a boost to the Hull repair or even an adaptavive repair gaining more heath than the base's ones (this mechanic work well since I have tested it with Overforge's Bug)

Satisfaction : 90%


Global Satisfaction : Cannot be represent by a number as I have soo much more fun in RJ

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On 2021-03-19 at 1:42 PM, sorcer3r said:

Railjack revised was a step in the right direction.

Railjack 0.3 seems a step backwards. This is a big showstopper:



... like lot of people predicted in the workshop thread. It is just a bad idea....

A wrong step...

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Your "On call" crew member should use their voice lines, when you summon him/her in a mission. And it would be great if you would make them indefinite and add the ability to call them off. Maybe add a keybind to tell them where to move, like the waypoint button. While you are not in railjack combat/mission, your crew should not be running around like idiots.


And please, add a walk button.


Edit: Could the new Starlight Market be set as a spawn location?


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Railjack Transporter rooms.

I have been encountering issues in missions that require that the team assemble at a location to begin the next (normal ground style) part of a mission.

I think it would be nice if we rip off Star Trek and have a transporter room on the Railjack so that players don't have to find their way to the same door instance... or whatever is going on that prevents players from entering to start the mission. Doors that won't open can be penetrated by the archwing slingshot, but it doesn't necessarily stick everyone in the same door instance... or something, or perhaps some of the people in the particular mission I am thinking of hadn't unlocked the penetrating slingshot. But it ultimately doesn't seem to work around the inability to enter that has been cropping up.

If we had a transporter room where the team could assemble, there would be no need for everyone to gather at an off-ship location before starting. CY could load us all up and blast us in using the slingshot, that would be pretty nifty. Or a void fold room. whatever you want to call it. We already have the transporter technology to beam ourselves back to the Railjack or to transport to a crew member (once unlocked). But I think it would be nice if the ship had a transporter room that we can assemble at to be beamed in... maybe even beamed back aboard to from the extraction point.

Cy lines:

(Time to infiltrate)

"Hostiles eliminated. Away team, report to fold chamber."

"Field objectives cleared, initiating next phase. Prepare to fold, infiltration begins now."

(everyone has gathered)

"Away team, void fold into hostile territory on my mark... 3.... 2.... 1....  initializing.... fold complete"

"Void capacitors charged... to remain intact, hold still. Envelope forming... fold complete."

(Not everyone has gathered at fold chamber)

"Party members unaccounted for, expanding targeting parameters. Chamber-less fold... is go. Missing pieces will await your return."

"Failure to gather detected... compensating. Chamber-less fold engaged. Delayed relocation of appendages is normal, do not be alarmed."

(Ground mission begins)

"Ground mission specialist patching in. Handing coordination off to Lotus."

(Ground portion complete)

"Mission parameters satisfied, reach the designated coordinates for immediate evac."

"Contraindications detected. Return fold ill-advised from current position. Reach evac coordinates to return... in one piece."

(not everyone at evac when timer runs down)

"Time's up. Initiating emergency void fold. Stragglers... clench everything."

"We're out of time. Expanding targeting parameters, medical, prepare for reattachments."

Doesn't this sound like it belongs in the game?

Beam me up, Cy-otty! :3


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The ability to mod the plexus in orbiter is convenient however it would make much more sense to be able to customize the whole railjack in the orbiter as the railjack is already connected to the orbiter and is just above and the current console in the orbiter only shows stats with mods not including the components making it harder to mod as not knowing the real stats

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Greetings and salutations Devs!!

Just some notes i've taken

-Plexus is good, but could use a way to change between missions in case of role clash

-communal resource pool and refinement was good, that should come back

-Why can't we mod our kuva lich team members weapon? It's kinda just underwhelming. They have a ton of hp but cannot do significant damage at high levels

-Eventual Fortuna, Ostron, and Crucible/lotus/tenno Crewmembers a possibility? 

- Using warframe energy/resources for avionics is a bad decision imo. It limits frame choice, Cooldowns is a better decision

-The gameplay loop is rather stale. It's becoming using the RJ as a taxi then doing a normal mission inside of a normal tileset. A railjack isn't necessary for those things. If i wanted to do defence i'd just go do defence rather  than a rj mission. More unique RJ missions would be preferable to hybrid missions in my opinion. 

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Hi, thanks for the update, I hope you're all doing okay.
I didn't think I'd feel the need to give feedback in this thread too but I ended up having mixed feelings on specific parts, leading me to believe it was worth mentioning.

New Armaments I like the new weapons, however some of them seem incredibly good when paired with AI Crewmate, especially the hit-scans ones. For now enemies are so weak that giving my crew such weapons mean I can't ever see the enemies. They die right when they spawn.
Either powerful hit-scans weapons should be replaced with projectile ones.
Or we'll need lot more powerful enemies like in Core Warframe.
Or if it's how it's supposed to be, make them spawn faster enough so that I can see what the enemies look like before they explode.

Avionics to mods. I think I dislike it because of how I was used to Avionics, if I wasn't used to it I would probably love it. If I ignore that part, I think I really like the richer icons for our mods and special border. Looks neat.

The plexus. I like it but I'd prefer not having it, I can deal with it.
For now it doesn't feel that interesting to have considering how limited our Railjack mods are, especially when you split them in small categories. But in the future it might give interesting results.
I do think this allow the squad to bring alot of variety in their powers within the Railjack which is both good and bad.
Good because it's variety, we all love it.
Bad because it's Railjack, most mods seem to justify their high power because you could only equip One Offensive battle mod and One Super Battle Mod.

(This would tie with the Battle Mods I suppose)

Of course, most players would just pick what seem to be the most optimal choice individually but this power is not even needed, like we said in the armament section, AI Crewmate can decimate all fighters with a decent MK3 weapon.

On one end MK3 Weapons make it clear we don't need Battle mods. And on the other, Battle mods existence imply there could be strategies where using them would seem like a big difference. It was the case before with old Railjack versions. The enemies were beefy enough to justify the use of Battle Mods, and now not so much even though we can spam them.

If the variety of mods would, sooner or later; get as big as Core Warframe mods, then it's probably bad, we'll be able to mix them up but no one will because of how impactful they are individually, the fact we each have our own energy doesn't make it harder to do either.
Everyone can just spam their battle mods all the time. Hildryn players are even greater at it because of how Shield Regeneration work.
It's extremely powerful and looks quite ridiculous. Our enemies cannot have anything that would come close to such infinite source of destruction.

Sure it makes for a fun video, but it also breaks the immersion of the game. We thought One Void Hole already made it evident that our enemies were dumb to not understand how they cannot possibly win against us. Well wait until you see 15 Void Holes. And it's not just alot at once, it's alot constantly.
With the use of Dispensary or Hildryn shield regeneration. It's quite easy to supply the required amount to use more battle mods.

If they remain this strong. Then they should use Flux Energy.
If battle mods get weaker, it wouldn't feel too weird to spam them.

However, I have to admit that Ability Kinesis feels lot easier to use when using Warframe's Energy.
Back then, when facing enemies within Skirmish, most of the squad wouldn't dare to use our Flux Energy for a mere Ability Kinesis. These are abilities anyone in the squad can use based on the warframes in the squad, most of the time it is not needed to have such ability.

It was mostly here to give small tap on the shoulder of a player that was really far away, by spectating another player. Giving him a buff, summoning allies, or dealing damage in an area near him but it was never giving results as amazing as Battle Mods would. If the team does split and no one can teleport, this is one of the best way to help other players. But after raising ranks in Tactical, it is much faster, much more efficient energy wise, and much more consistent to just teleport using Tactical Rank 10 and help the guy directly.

The one using Ability Kinesis would often be someone in the Railjack ship ready to refund the Flux Energy at the forge.
Some players would use Ability Kinesis to reinforce a pre-determined strategy. For example, one could use Atlas Rumblers, and Rumblers from Ability Kinesis. Effectively doubling the usual amount of Rumblers in the room, but most wouldn't dare to spend Flux Energy that way and that is assuming there is still Flux Energy to spare. Not only that but the fact you need your mouse to use it means you're not moving, so it was either used by a player setting up a plan ahead or used by a player that wasn't currently bothered by a fight.

After Tactical Rank 10, you wouldn't feel the Need to help a player using Tactical Ability Kinesis and you're always thinking that you're saving Flux Energy (indirectly resources aswell that you'll bring back home at the end of the mission). 
Now using Ability Kinesis with Warframe energy, no one is scared of using them, they know that it won't bother the Railjack dogfights, it won't bother other players looking to also spend their energy into Ability Kinesis and if they do, they don't have to teleport back to their Railjack to get the energy back.
This make Ability Kinesis lot more consistent during interior missions, I like it ALOT.

My suggestion, make Flux Energy the same as before for Railjack battle mods. But keep Warframe Energy for Ability Kinesis.

Also you may look at Shield cost for ALL Ability Kinesis when playing Hildryn.
Here's a funny example: Currently, it costs less Shield to use Hildryn's own Pillage through Ability Kinesis 26 Energy (=Shield here), against 150 Shiled by default on Hildryn. Of course changing the cost won't change how one Hildryn WILL spam abilities through the Ability Kinesis system but still.

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I'd like to preface this with the following: I'm a sucker for Archwing.

I'm overall enjoying the new Railjack stuff, but it sorta emphasizes that a part of it - Archwing - just... Doesn't work well outside of definitively low-level missions. Offensive Archwing abilities seem effectively useless - Odanata's seekers do pitiful damage, and their range doesn't scale up for the large distances covered in Railjack missions. The moment fighters are above 30, they seem to take much less damage from archguns and deal a LOT more to your Archwing, making anything other than the slingshot a horrible choice for boarding crewships. The Raider Matrix doesn't really solve anything either, which is unfortunate, because an aura dedicated to buffing Archwings seems like a fun idea to me.

I'd personally love to see the Archwing part of it scale better with mission levels. As is, it's frustrating to have an entire path of combat be entirely unviable because you're dealing 17 damage a crit with the Mausolon on a fighter that's ten levels above you.

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First of all, the Plexus and the overall changes to building a Railjack are great, I really appreciate it!

Now to the feedback... These are the stuff that me and my group feel that could see improvements:

  • Quality of Life: An Icon that shows up when an Armament/Component % is maxed, without hovering it to check and make sure, similar to the "Max Rank" shown in weapons.
  • Please make Tactical Mods be shown in the UI somehow for quick access and cooldown monitoring, without the need of opening the Tactical Menu. It feels really bothersome to have to open the Menu every time I need to use it. It's something that feels wrong for a fast paced game like Warframe. Optional key binds wouldn't hurt as well.
  • Plating could have secondary extra effects like other components. Just 3 variations (when EHP is mostly what we are looking for) feels too little!
  • Component secondary effects like "Tenno on board the Railjack gain a +10% Boost to Shields" could be combined in a single item. Honestly, the Railjack affecting secondary effects are way better than the Tenno affecting ones.
  • 100 Revolite is too little for a basic pool, you can only repair a Hull Breach and nothing else. 2 Dome Charges is also too little to start of.

Thank you for the great job!

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Tactical Abilities are now mutually exclusive with each other, when they weren't before. so you could arguably say that Tactical Abilities are now worse, depending on what you were using before.

as was said continuously before this Update was released - tying Ship Abilities to Warframe Energy makes no sense at all. aside from that it lets us regain Energy through the many ways we have to spam Abilities - just thematically it already doesn't make any sense. why is the entire Ship apparently powered by just your Warframe? doesn't make sense.
the Ship having Power of its own, made sense. if you wanted to make it work better, have it work more like idk, actual Electricity or something.


i.e. Abilities cost Electricity to Cast and while they are in operation, Ships' Reactor provides that Electricity, the more things you're doing at once the more drain on the Reactor. if the Reactor can't produce enough Electricity for the currently used Abilities, Ship is overall affected. push further, Ship might even shut down from lack of Electricity.
what i mean is like, say your Reactor produces 50 MWatts/second, and has a reserve of 100MW. Casting some Ability costs 10MW, plus 1MW/second of its Duration (if the Ability has something Duration related). if you spam it, you're stacking up both the initial costs and the upkeep of each instance until the Duration for each expires. if you were to Cast this Ability 10 times in quick succession, the Reserve is now empty and the upkeeps are now eating into the actual output of the Reactor, so the reserve recharges more slowly than normal (at 40/sec rather than 50/sec).

this Post also goes over some stuff that would help in this regard. as well as talks about making the Engineering role more interesting overall.


- - - - - 


nerfing the Crit Mods harms some of the Crit reliant Weapons to just be less consistent at getting those Crits that which their Stats makes them rely on. 

the +Damage Bonuses on many of the Railjack Weapons doesn't really make much sense. they're the same as they were before the Update, but that's just it - it never made sense. on Weapons with some IPS Types plus a unique Elemental Type, why would you want the Bonus that you spend Valance on upgrading, to...... reduce how often you can apply that unique Elemental Status Type? this seems almost counter productive to me. it would be much better if the Damage Bonus didn't change the Status weighting of the Weapons.

- - - - - 



Glazio, the Ice Cannon - needs some help to have a purpose in being used.

despite having a low Rate of Fire, even Zetki doesn't have Crits that are consistent enough. Zetki absolutely needs to have atleast 100% Crit Chance atleast when Modded, if not by default. this Weapon simply cannot afford having duds.

this Weapon needs more Range and less falloff across that Range. again, it has a very low Rate of Fire and it's also a pretty precise Weapon. it needs to be able to hit things far away without having to worry about Damage Falloff hurting it in being useful.

it would be nice if the Projectiles exploded on impact, or something? that would help it against Shielded Enemies, which it currently is not very good against compared to other Weapons that are far easier to use.

and just overall, its Damage potential to difficulty to use compared to much higher Fire Rate Weapons, as well as overall DPS - is not particularly amazing.
i want to like this Weapon, i want a heavy Autocannon. it's just not able to perform to a point that it generally makes sense to use over some easier to use Weapons.

- - - - - 

Vort, the new Electric 'line gun' thing - what is this even for?

what does this Weapon do that Pulsar doesn't already do better? i can't even tell why i would want to use it over Pulsar.
similar Damage per Shot, at a lower Fire Rate, with less Range, with very slow Projectiles, and not much gain in Status Chance. again, what does this Weapon do that Pulsar doesn't already do better?

- - - - - 

Laith....... this seems like a weak alternative to Cryophon. it trades some Damage for Fire Rate, but also requires a lot more precision than Cryophon. has DPS that is not really that different from Cryophon, and still has extra short Range just like Cryophon. so it's.... not really better in any particular way, but is harder to use.

- - - - - 

the continued existence of Grineer Crewhip Bubbles, continues to make if very difficult to not use high Rate of Fire Railjack Weapons, which only exacerbates the problem when high Rate of Fire Weapons already tend to be overall better at Damage and Range to begin with. so it's just yet another thing that they're better at.

- - - - - 



the 3 Houses for Plating is just dumb, really. two Stats, three Houses. Zetki Plating is just objectively worse than the other two, offering absolutely nothing worthwhile. while Lavan and Vidar Plating are almost identical in EHP anyways, making their Stats also basically meaningless. the only aspects to care about which of these two Platings you use, is traits that are outside of what the Plating does. that being the Lavan Reactor Perk, and that you might possibly regen Health faster with the Vidar Plating. other than that, the Platings offer basically no meaningful choices at all.
and then you end up with one Plating that's just unilaterally better than the others.



- - - - - 

you say you removed Stamina, but it sorta doesn't feel like it, because the "Boost Boost" mode automatically cancels itself after like, 5 seconds or so of use. and you have to wait some time then engage it again.
that sounds a lot like Stamina to me.

- - - - - 

i'm surprised that there weren't any new Ordnance Weapons. those are the Weapons that needed new entries the most, as well as adjusting Milati and Galvarc to actually be worth using.



Reactors and Shields:

overall, there's more meaningful choices to be made with these, they're all more competitive now. i have actual benefits that i want to have and have to weigh against gaining something else for. this is good.

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Each 5 Railjack missions I do, 3 are bugged or glitched. Ranging from missing objectives to doors not opening. I understand how difficulty this is, but it seems like it was rushed. Not really necessary. I also understand the pandemic situation must be interfering, but I liked Railjack the way it was. I like the idea to connect the game to its many modes, but is this the real way to do it?

Add back the ship docking supply

1- I don't like that I can't reload my Railjack from the dock anymore. The option should be added back to there. The forge should also be more clear about the maximum limit and stop letting people waste resources for something that has been already fulfilled.

Let us host the mission when launching from inside

2- I keep saying that if you start a mission from inside your ship, you should remain inside your ship. Let us host the mission if by logic we're already inside our own ship. You should only drop inside someone else's ship if you click random missions outside your ship, or if naturally you don't have one.

The Plexus is easier, but ship's uniqueness is gone

3- The avionics matrix made the ship look like a real ship. I don't like the Plexus and how I can carry it around, but I think I can live with that because I admit it is faster to build up this way. I still don't like it, the cost of my favorite immersion is too high but it makes it more rewarding for newcomers and all. Just bear in mind that such thing came at the cost of my ship's identity, uniqueness. Kinda sad that it doesn't matter anymore.

Missions looks like Warframe, but not like its farming

4- I have never seen anyone trying to stay in a defense mission inside Railjack for more than 5 hordes. No one is trying to kill waves and waves of Orphyx either. Once the mission is done, everybody extracts. There are rules like jamming teleportation devices, so we're forced to go on foot to the exit. Well, this is a farming game with massive grinding. If you want people to stay there, the game and the space mode must become one thing - for real.

Warframe is sci-fi but still lacks more details about it

5- In regard to the space and things around the theme, DE made the planets texture and models looking much better. But I never saw the orbiter from the outside for example, and lore contradictions such as Earth with shining mega cities from the high orbiter. We thought it was half abandoned and filled with toxic giant woods. I honestly don't get where the lore is standing right now, if that even matters.

The integration between Railjack and the rest of the game will only look good when you guys finally get the Orbiter more attention and some proper place in all this. If they both could become only one thing that would help too. Example; Cy should interact with Lotus, because when he says ''Lotus on the line'' she replies with 5 years old dialogues that doesn't look like she even cares. I mean, the idea is great, but as for now, it feels like a game mode trying to look integrated. The integration is almost artificial, only trying to feel like it.

If the amazing devs really wants to make Warframe one big thing, the first step looks great but it has to be actual merging and that will take a lot of time. Can't pretend with just swapping mechanics and ditching Railjack's original concept (which was great and I used to love)

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