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Update 29.10.0: Command Intrinsic Feedback Megathread (Read First Post!)


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I hope DE adds a forward artillery "skill" to the Pilot role. Like, if you are piloting the RailJack, your Pilot crewmember would be on the FA console. When you exit the Pilot console, that crewmember would then exit the FA console and proceed to the Pilot console. The pilot skill should then also increase FA targeting speed but it should still be slower than a player even at r5, so that players still have the option of not designating pilots and just switch between Pilot and FA console as required since it could still be a bit faster.

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Another post here. I had the opportunity to use on-call summon and had a few thoughts. 

In missions, I tried to use gear a few times and it was greyed out. 1st I thought, okay maybe its because it was a syndicate mission. But then I said, ok maybe i should try equipping in my crew slot 1st even though it was already assigned. Then bam, I was able to use on hydron. I believe we should be able to use assigned crew member without having to actually go to the dojo and equip in a slot. I have multiple crewmates and use them for different things, I rather not equip one that I actually just want to use in regular missions only. Here's an idea can could we get loadout for crew. It may sound weird at first but I actually have a different crew for when I'm solo, duo, and 3 man squad. By having simple loadouts can minimize some rotation and constant change. In addition, adding the ability to do outside of the dry dock/dojo will be greatly beneficial.

Once equipped, On call defender was summoned to fight and I actually watched this crewmate fight for not even a few minutes with full health and just vanished. I'm not sure if it was because squad was in between waves or because they only last for a few minutes; but, I do know that its not worth upgrading to not be able use them similar to a Spector which stay until death or revive like a syndicate AI. 

Then my cooldown was ridiculous! Most missions dont even last for 5 minutes so to have a cooldown minutes higher just doesnt make sense to me. 

However, I was happy to see my lovely customized crewmate fighting by my side until she vanshied a minute later. 

As far as liches, I dont even bother with them because 1. Crew has more health and shields believe it or not 2. Cant customize anything and 3. Only defend. 

But can't wait to see the upcoming fixes and updates in store. Thank you ☺

Added info about loadouts and corrections.
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Crew should have a "sub-job" based on their skills.

Explanation: You have a crew that has 5 in piloting, 5 in engineering and 3 in combat. He's the assigned pilot so when you start a mission he's flying the railjack. After a while, you decide to take the railjack and fly it by yourself. The crewman then, since he has a 5 in engineering, would automatically switch his role to engineer, until you stop piloting, moment in which he will take command of the railjack again.

If the crew member has several skills at the same level, when you start doing the job he should be doing, he will switch automatically to one of the other roles based on how many crew or players are doing those roles. If he has 3 in gunnery, 3 in engineering and 3 in combat but there's already 2 gunners and 1 engineer, he'll do defender.

Also, I think it would be cool to have orders to give to crew members in the same fashion we give them to other players with the gear wheel. We could have orders for them depending on the role: for an engineer, you could have one to order them to craft ammo and one to focus on repairs.

For the gunner, one to focus on fighters, one to focus on crewships and one to destroy the POI target (radiators, etc).

For the pilot, we should have one to hunt crewships (it will pursue them and stop in front of them when you're in the FA), one to patrol an area (he will fly in circles while waiting for you to do what you're doing in a POI for example) and one to fly to the objective.

The defender role would be cool if had two different orders: "join me" will make him come to you while you're in a POI to help you killing stuff. Then, "defend the ship" would make him go back when he's not needed anymore.

Last, all roles would have a final order "default mode" where they'd just go to their default stance with a balanced behavior, like they do now.

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Crewmembers should be able to be on call, even if not active in one of the three slots. And I think it was intended to be this way, as the on call symbol (star) persists next to their name when a crewmember is not equipped, so this may well be a bug.

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4 things:

1) Please allow liches (and corpus liches when they come) perform all ship roles. The defender-only thing is kinda bad. Let us customize them as well, please.

2) More loadout customization for crew would be nice. Giving them a primary with mod effects is nice, but why not allow secondaries and melee as well? I'd love to attach sentinels and/or pets to them as well.

3) Now that we have crew, can we maybe get a way to include them in captura? I'd like to get a crew shot.

4) I haven't unlocked the On Call ability yet, but would it be overkill to be able to use it to have all 3 of my crew with me in missions? I like to run solo so I can pause if needed and I'm starting to take a liking to my crew.

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20 hours ago, DrivaMain said:

Another reminder that crew kills still do not give affinity. It makes solo leveling a nightmare unless you do not bring crew members.

This is likely to prevent AFK abuse.

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1 minute ago, Ayures said:

This is likely to prevent AFK abuse.

Just make it give less affinity if they are killed by crew or put anti AFK mechanism in place. It’s not that hard.

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Overall the crew members work really well and it's a great addition to solo play. One thing I would say, is assigning a crew member specifically to Defender or Pilot role does not currently serve much purpose.

On defending against boarders, the gunner(s) and engineer(s) already do a fine job of that.

The pilot does not seem to aim toward any specific objective or, perhaps most importantly, pause so the player can aim the Forward Artillery.

On that note, it'd be great if the assigned gunners could use FA!

I'd also say it'd be nice if we could tweak our crew members' stat points a little further, as specialisation in specific fields currently relies entirely upon what Ticker has on the roster that day, which presumably is entirely randomised.

And lastly, the ability to review our current roster of hired members whilst at Ticker in Fortuna would be a great QoL thing, avoiding having to jump between dry dock and Fortuna to review and hire/fire.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Most of what we have is great, but after all the effort needed to get the On Call Crewmate ability the ability isn’t any good. This is because they only last for three minutes and then I have to wait for the cool down timer. The on call crewmate should not have a time limit on how long they are active. The on call crewmate also needs to be faster or at least able to teleport to you when they fall behind. As it stands now on call crewmates are not really worth it even though you don’t have to build something and have limited charges. 

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19 hours ago, (XBOX)PhoenixofDoom85 said:

Most of what we have is great, but after all the effort needed to get the On Call Crewmate ability the ability isn’t any good. This is because they only last for three minutes and then I have to wait for the cool down timer. The on call crewmate should not have a time limit on how long they are active. The on call crewmate also needs to be faster or at least able to teleport to you when they fall behind. As it stands now on call crewmates are not really worth it even though you don’t have to build something and have limited charges. 

For what it's worth mine kicks ass with it's kuva komb and does seem to teleport to catch up to me. But yeah, the time limit is something I hope the tenth point in command addresses, or that gets removed. : p

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I also wish the on call crew would last more than just 3 minutes. Crew mates do not have Warframe weapons, they are more like standard syndicate allies, just with your weapon. It would be great if after hours of farming, you could have a crew mate stay for more than 3 minutes.

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Hey so with the new update I noticed you can make lich select a new weapon in crew command. But it won't take And can't equip any other weapon which seems to me your working on that feature if you are or not I do like the feature of swapping the weapon and the lich just improving the bonus damage of the weapon with its lich powers. 

Also to note kinda hate that on call only works if they are currently equipped as your chosen 3 crew members which makes on call kinda suck please allow that even if they are not equipped if they are marked as on call they can still be used. 

Also when can liches use gunner role or other roles please I want this feature so badly. 

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(I meant to post this weeks ago, but College work usually takes priority)

I’ve been working my way through Various Empyrean missions since Update 30 came on the Switch (& finished that long Post-Devstream Feedback post), and I’ve been thinking about the Command Intrinsic line as a whole, along with the Crew members. I mentioned this in that longer feedback post (For those who had yet to see it), but I believe I have a way to not only streamline the class, but also add more depth to Crew members overall.

  • I have yet to add a Converted Lich to my crew (I’m looking for one with an Ephemera; Well, a duplicate Ephemera eventually that is), so I don’t have as much to say immediately regarding that, other than that I’ve recently seen some good feedback on another thread for them.


For now, this is what I have to help:

  • New things / changes are green! I’ll be going into some details for each one.


A new way to handle Command’s Intrinsic rank bonuses:

  1. 1st Crew Member:
    • Unlocks the first Crew member slot, and the ability to hire them from Ticker.
  2. Competency Gain:
    • Allows you to give 3 competency points to your Crew members.
      • This is the first change; It creates room for the next rank bonuses!
      • Three points is also a well-rounded amount to begin with.
  3. 2nd Crew Member:
    • Unlocks the second Crew member.
  4. 3rd Crew Member:
    • Unlocks the 3rd Crew member.
      • This gets right to the point of forming your crew, having more members one after the next!
        • Originally Rank 5.
  5. Competency Retraining:
    • Allows you to redistribute previously assigned competency points.
      • Having a re-adjusting sort of intrinsic bonus like this at the halfway point feels like a safe spot honestly, similar to how most game settings start at the halfway (Middle) mark!
        • Originally Rank 7.
  6. Necramech Autopilot:
    • When you deploy your Necramech, pressing (Whichever button here) tells it to move on it’s own, following you throughout the mission. This can be toggled in the options.
      • To be specific, by default this setting will be OFF, so you need to manually walk up to the Mech and press whichever button you use for hacking, etc. like a specter or ally VIP. The Mech will then follow and attack anything it sees as a threat.

        If you turn this setting ON in options, then the moment you deploy your Mech, it can just start following / teleporting to you immediately, until you tell it to stop. Basically reverses what it starts out doing!

        Transference into the Mech will always override the Autopilot, and Autopilot will resume afterwards if it was on. If the Mech dies, it will start out with the setting you have in options again.

        While your Mech is on Autopilot, a small UI will display on the bottom-right (Like Wukong’s twin!) showing you how much HP / Shields the Mech has. It may or may not consume energy via abilities without Transference.

      • Besides, this way you’ll be commanding your Necramech!
  7. Enhanced Delegation (Name is a WIP):
    • I gave this a lot more thought since I originally posted my thoughts on the Command Intrinsic in the above-linked thread; Here’s what I have for Rank 7:

      (Copied directly from the original thread!)

      Considering that you can already swap Crewmates' roles in the Tactical Menu...

      Enhanced Delegation:

      When selecting roles for the Crew via the Tactical menu, hovering over them will now open up more specific actions above the job's UI icon based on the main type of role:

      • Engineer: They can use the forge to craft Dome charges for the Forward Artillery or other needs! What they craft may be based on certain factors (Namely the size of the UI space!):
        • If there is not enough space to directly show small Forge icons (For direct forge-delegation), then these are some hypothetical circumstances:
          • If you're out of charges while sitting in the FA, they'll realize you need more ammo and craft that first.
          • If the ship is nearing a Hull Breach, they'll run to craft Hull restores.
          • If you're running low on Revolite, they'll craft that if no other things are needed.
          • If you need Munitions and nothing else is troubling the ship, they will be able to craft those.
          • They could craft Warframe energy if you have less than 25 energy (Or however much your abilities need to cast at minimum).
      • Pilot: You can waypoint an enemy fighter while aiming one of the Railjack's turrets at them (As opposed to just waypointing through the glass anywhere in the ship; Hopefully this could be possible). Your crewmate will follow that target until they are destroyed. Alternatively, while in the Archwing Slingshot, you can guide the Pilot's direction by adjusting your projected flight-path!
        • This is a 2-in-1 bonus:
          • Regarding waypointing, the ship can be piloted directly to wherever you've set a waypoint on the map, and the Railjack will stop once it gets within 100 or so meters of the destination, at which time the ship may just turn in different directions based on the needs of your Gunner crew.
          • If you open the Tactical menu while in the Archwing slingshot, your Pilot can move the Railjack forward automatically, and will steer the ship in any direction based on where your flight angle is. The sharper the angle, the faster the turning.
        • If you try to do both at once (A waypoint and the slingshot-steering), the pilot will follow your slingshot-steering first and foremost. When you're launched, they'll go back towards the waypoint.
          • This is a pretty straightforward addition to the Piloting role, so I don't think there's anything to balance with it.
      • Gunner: If you're in the Pilot's seat, you can tell your Gunner Crewmate to hop into the Forward Artillery to finish off a Crewship you've damaged!
        • The exact target could be identified by waypointing them while aiming the Pilot's turrets, for quicker action.
          • Of course, that depends on how / if waypointing is updated from Inside the Railjack - Outside the Railjack.
        • They will let you know if they need more Dome Charges, and will wait to proceed until they can charge one up. Otherwise, you can have them go back to other duties should the need arise.
          • Like the addition to Piloting above, this is also rather straightforward (Nothing that needs balancing). Forward Artillery is meant to take down Crewships anyway, so the increase in accuracy would help them fill their role.
          • Since FA charges up rather than building heat accretion, competency points in gunnery don't accelerate it.
      • Defender: Based on the Syndicate your Crewmate Defender is from, they can trigger an Empyrean Radial Effect to help deal with groups of intruders. These effects would be separate from the weapons you've given them, and charge up over time to be activated on your Command.
        • Names are all WIPs:
          • Steel Meridian's Empyrean Justice: The Defender unleashes a powerful shockwave around them to lift up all enemies standing in range.
            • This shockwave is stronger than those used by Heavy Gunners, MOAs, and Eximus auras, which is how it lifts enemies up rather than causing mere brief knockdowns.
            • Lift duration is 5s minimum, adding +2s for every point they have in Combat (Up to 15s). Shockwave range has a 15 meter radius at max points!
              • To balance this, your SM Defender will need a few seconds to recover themselves (Punching the ground with both fists together takes a bit out of you!); The shockwave will deal no damage either. Upon recovering they can fire their weapons.
              • With all affected enemies lifted, you / your crew can deal all the damage needed!
          • Red Veil's Empyrean Blight: The Defender targets whichever enemy on the ship has the highest amount of HP, and dashes over to grapple them, and holds them around the neck. This causes all other enemies to target that enemy, dealing damage to them as they try to hurt the Defender (Who redirects 75% - 90% of the damage taken to their target (Exact % amount not important)).
            • If / when the target is killed, the RV Defender will pull out their weapon and attack as normal. Until then, they'll be facing wherever the enemies are gathered, slowly backing away from them.
            • To balance this kind of enemy distraction, the Defender will only fire their weapon when enemies get within a few meters of them and their hostage. There will still be a blind spot behind them, but the damage redirection helps with any damage taken by the Defender.
          • Cephalon Suda's Empyrean Entropy: The Defender will scramble enemy comms both onboard and for fighters nearby the Railjack. Affected enemies will have the faint sound of Octavia's Anthem playing from them, as they hold their heads (Taking a certain amount of damage per second), while fighters slow down and stop firing for the same amount of time after coming in range of the Railjack.
            • Damage per second at max Combat points could be 500 (100 per point), while the duration could be up to 15s at max points. Fighter craft will not take the damage-over-time, but stop shooting and slow down when within 150 meters of the Railjack (+30 meters of outside-range per point).
            • This will also help with scanning certain fighter-craft, if you're quick enough! Simaris would be grateful.
              • Considering it's a ship-wide effect, this will need to be balanced by your CS Defender staying still to maintain the scrambling (Perhaps Suda herself could be the one providing the Anthem?).

                They cannot fire their weapons while it is in effect, and on subsequent activation against the same enemies, it will deal half the amount of damage per second as the first playback did. But the duration / outside-range will be the same, and fighter-craft will still cease fire. Crewships and Ramsleds might not be affected by this.

          • The Perrin Sequence's Empyrean Sequence: The Defender emits a shockwave that disables firing mechanisms for enemies in range, causing them all to resort to melee combat for a time. As soon as the first shockwave ends, a larger one is sent out to allies, giving players and other Crewmates increased fire rate to their weapons.
            • Assuming max combat points:
              • The first (Disarming) shockwave would have a radius of 15 meters, and affected enemies cannot fire weapons for 15s.

                The second (Brief) shockwave could have a radius of 25 meters, lasting for 25s (Starting individually for an ally when they're within range), giving them +50% fire rate to Primary, Secondary, and Heavy Archgun weapons. Sentinel weapons benefit as well! Necramechs might not, however (To help balance this).

                • This buff is additive after all other fire rate buffs. It will remain after any of them run out, since it's a separate one.
              • This would be further balanced by the fact that your PS Defender's buffing shockwave has a short window to get in range, and they cannot fire their own weapons right away; They'll try to move out of the way in the meantime, letting everyone else handle the violence.
          • Arbiters of Hexis' Empyrean Truth: The Defender sends out multiple streams of energy to allies (Whoever's in range), buffing them with increased Armor / Shields for a time, based on your frame's needs. Crewmates receive the effect from a greater distance.
            • Assuming max Combat points;
              • The duration of the buff could be 20s (+4s per point), starting from when the Defender activates it.

                The range could be 10-15 meters (Exact range not important; Perhaps +5 more meters of radius for Crewmates?), giving +20% Shields / +20% Armor to your Warframe & companions additively. If you have no shields, it'll provide you with the Armor bonus until the duration ends, allowing you to survive better if / while your shields return.

                • The bonus takes your mods into account, adding onto the final results; Necramechs may / may not be affected.
              • This would mainly be balanced by the relatively small increase to shields / armor, and the short range (Referencing how enemies group up around Arbitration drones). It does help that it counts your mod results, at least. Plus, considering all the options Tenno have at their disposal, it might make a bit more sense for Crewmates to get a little extra something out of it.
          • New Loka's Empyrean Purity: The Defender begins to emit a healing field for all allies within range for a time, while slowing down the movement of enemies. The Railjack recovers Hull during this effect as well.
            • Assuming max Combat points:
              • Healing radius could be 15 meters, and lasts for 25s. Scaling with the ally's max HP,  heals 2% max HP per second (1% max HP per second for defense targets (When on-call)). Enemies within range (Other than Status-immune bosses) are slowed down by 25% (Exact amount not important). The Defender will be healed by 2% max HP per second as well.
              • Necramechs and Companions within range can also heal from the field! This will help with Sentinel and Mech survivability, and for various Kubrow / Kavats.
                • This would mainly be balanced by having the field heal various kinds of defense objectives at a slower rate than non-defense objectives. The fire rate of enemy weapons might not be slowed.

                  The rate at which enemies themselves are slowed down is meant to act in such a way that enemies will still be able to move at a slow, but hopefully fair pace (Like if you have a high-strength Creeping Terrify build with Nekros, or other slowing abilities). It may simply bring the total slowing effect up to the overall slowest amount possible.

        • Some overall factors to consider with all 6 types of buffs:
          • Sentients can also be affected by them, and may / may not be able to adapt to the hindering effects.
          • Airborne enemies will simply be pushed back by any of the shockwave effects, rather than knocked down / lifted.
            • Speaking of which, boss enemies likely wouldn't be affected by shockwaves either (Maybe aside from The Sergeant?).
          • To help balance the effects among one another all have an equal cooldown / charge up time of 3-5 minutes between uses!
            • There is no way to speed up the charge rate (At least in Empyrean missions, since your Crew is always present), as it simply builds up over time, resetting after the effect is used.
          • In case your Railjack doesn't need more Defenders, you can briefly switch a Crewmate to the Defender role, activate their buff, and switch them back to their main job after the effect ends!
          • Only one of your Crewmates' effects can be used at a time! You'll have to wait until the spotlight's off of one before letting another member shine.
          • These can be used with "On Call" Crewmates in Non-Empyrean missions as well, I imagine. They don't need a Defender role during this.
            • The effect cooldown's recharge time would likely differ based on the On Call gear's cooldown. It could be sped-up so that you can use it up to 2 times per summon.
            • To make up for it, I would think it would come fully-charged from the start each time you summon them, since they don't stay for long. That way it'll have enough time to charge up once more.
              • You could see their gauge just above your ability UI, so you know how long they need to re-charge their effect.
            • To trigger it, perhaps you could activate the On Call gear item while they're already summoned?
            • For multiple Tenno calling down their On Call Crewmates, that may / may not be the only time you could stack Crewmate Empyrean Radial Effects.

              The reason being that Crewmates don't stay for very long as it is, so limiting their usefulness while another On Call Crewmate was unknowingly summoned by others would be a waste of someone's On Call gear item.

          • Some of these effects might be sustainable while the Defender is in bleedout, to make it safer to revive them.
            • Empyrean Purity might not have a reviving effect on players / Crewmates / NPCs in bleedout, including the Defender themselves.
          •  Grineer Liches & Sisters of Parvos aren't from Syndicates, so they'd work differently as far as I know.
            • They'll be eligible for other Crew roles eventually, at least.

      I think including this in the Command Intrinsic line would really make the commanding nature of it much more solid, and gives even more depth to your Crew's actions, while expanding the uses of the Tactical Menu. Different effects like the above would likely give a reason to try each one, or perhaps strategize based on where you're planning on going.


  8. Unusual Crewmates:
    • Converted Liches become available as Crew members.
      • I’m looking forward to seeing when they can do more than defend things!
  9. On Call:
    • One of your Crew members can be designated as being “On Call”, and can be summoned to aid you in non-Railjack missions.
      • If possible, could the cooldown between uses be reduced? Maybe shave off a few minutes? I do have some more thoughts below in this post aside from that.
  10. Whatever’s being planned for Command Rank 10:
    • As I mentioned in the thread I linked, it would be a good heads-up to expect feedback about this as well, when it’s released. I don’t doubt it will need some tweaking, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a bad thing to do. It’s just in the goal of being better than before!


Aside from the Command Intrinsic line itself, there are a few other things I’ve noticed about the Crew themselves.

  • Crew customization limits,
  • Some relevant stats that can be shown,
  • A possible Bug regarding the weapons available to them,
  • As well as my thoughts on the On Call Crew gear item.


Crew customization:

The amount of customization for your Crew is very good, almost matching the level of options that Warframes have. I say almost because unlike Warframes, Crew members cannot display Emblems on their shoulders. But beyond that there is still room for improvement. I’ll go over what I found / thought of:

  • Crew members’ colors can be held onto and dragged around, to swap colors quickly! This is good, and I believe it should be brought over to Warframes / Companions, Vehicles and Operators asap :)
  • One other option that Crew members are lacking is the ability to use Ephemera. Right now they can only equip Armor and Sigils, which is a nice start, but it feels incomplete.
    • Also I can’t help but ask: Are there any thoughts on separating Body and Step ephemera, for greater customization? Grineer Liches and Sisters of Parvos (Or future factions’ Liches) could even bring new Step ephemera to help bring that into the open, if you wanted to explore that.
  • Since the Update 30 bug-hunting megathread was closed, I briefly wanted to mention a visual bug I found regarding Crew Sigils that I included in my report:

    (Copied directly from that bug report, just a quick summary!)

    Various Sigils appear to be darker in the Crew management screen than they do in the field (Meaning around your Railjack / Dojo, during missions, etc.). I don’t think all Sigils are affected by this (At least not severely as others), which means checking through all Sigils will take some time; I wish I could make a list for it, but I can’t do that entirely since I don’t own every Sigil. On the bright side, I do have a couple of screenshots to show an example of it!

    • It’s worth noting that sometimes a Sigil doesn’t properly load; At least not right away. When this occurs, it looks like a darkened square. You can see that in the second image, on the Crewmate to the right.




    Here's that same member / Sigil in the management screen:



    I haven't seen this with all the Sigils I have, but some do seem to be affected. Such as the Buried Debts Sigil and various Syndicate Sigils like that Red Veil one. Hostile Mergers' Sigil could be another, off the top of my head.

    • Sigils appearing as darkened squares may be a console issue for all I know, but it's still another reason for asking.
    • I've seen this happen with Operators and Warframes, etc., so it's not just limited to Crewmates.


    REPRODUCTION / RATE: Depending on the Sigil used, this seems to be noticeable 100% of the time. The degree to which a Sigil is darkened compared to viewing them in-person may vary (Like with the Red Veil Sigil in the images).


    • As you can see in the images, there are some clear differences between Sigils in the Crew management screen and outside of that. I’m not sure if a fix is already in the works for this with Sisters of Parvos, but it would be nice.
    • Coincidentally, and not specifically about the Crew Sigils; There’s also an issue with Syndicate Sigils (& possibly Sigils in general?) where even if you turn the Alpha (Visibility) down almost to zero, whenever you go into a dark area the Sigil suddenly shines super bright again. This has been going on for quite some time, as far as that goes.
  • One other aspect that could help is to have a full-body view of them while checking what pieces of leg / upper body armor parts look like on them, considering it mostly shows their upper body. As it is, the only way to view their leg armor is to be in the selection screen for it, or back out entirely to see all 3 members at once.
    • Perhaps a more useful solution; For your Warframe, Operator and Crew, would it be a fair idea to have a Zoom In / Out action, so you can see the fine details of your looks (Armor / Emblems, Syandana, etc.) up close?

      It could use the same stick as for rotation on controllers, and perhaps the mouse’s scroll wheel on PC (I’m not sure which keys are used by default for that, otherwise) when hovering near your Warframe.

      Depending on how zoomed in it is, there may need to be a way to pan the camera up / down to see your lower and upper body, if this could be implemented.
      • Right now the only way to do that is to go into the Sigil selection, which zooms the camera in a little bit; Or as mentioned above, backing out entirely to view your selected Crewmates altogether.
  • There is one more suggestion I have for them, which also extends for Operators, Warframes / Companions and Vehicles: Could there be a way to copy your Energy or Emissive colors to your Sigils?
    • It could help save some people the trouble of going in and out of the Color picker menu if they wanted to color-coordinate their Sigils with their other dual colors. I’ve been thinking about that for quite awhile, among other things.


Some potentially-missing Crew stats:

Compared to Warframes (& certain other moddable things), Crewmates do not currently display all of the possible stat-info that they could. They themselves may not be moddable, but their weapons are.

  • There are Primary / Secondary mods that increase Sprint Speed, Movement Speed while aiming, and currently Armor is not displayed; Of course that isn’t affected by said mods :)

    As a reference, as of Update 30.1, the current Crew screen:


    I think there's a little bit more room that can be squeezed out for them, if the HP / Shields can be moved a bit somehow!

    • Overall, the screen is well organized and allows enough room for the HP / Shields to be shown, but I think that would be a good idea to show their Armor and Sprint (Movement) speed. The way their stats are shown may need to be adjusted a bit however, but the Armor and speed stats could be listed for Converted Liches as well, to keep things consistent.
    • Perhaps a new tooltip could explain how some mods affect your Crewmates’ speed; Just some small mod interactions like that.


Lack of some Crew Weapons to select (Possible bug?):

When going through the list of all Secondary and Primary weapons to give my Crew, I quickly noticed some of them are missing in the Crew’s weapon selection:

  • I’ve got a couple of images as examples:

    Searching for “Ak” in the Arsenal:

    Short for Akimbo :)


    Searching for “Ak” in the Crew management section:



    I figured that would be a surefire way to confirm whether or not the weapons are there. Evidently, they aren’t.


    • In short, there are some weapons that do not appear when going through your list of weapons to give the crew. It seems these would be largely various dual-secondary weapons, such as the Akjagara Prime or Akstiletto Prime.
      • I’ve also checked my saved loadouts (I normally just change weapons manually though), and none of these weapons have been used there.
      • I don’t see any reason why your Crewmates cannot use Dual Pistol weapons, since most of those aren’t very heavy to wield (As opposed to carrying a large Bow or Archgun). There’s also the standing animation used by Crewmates in the Gunner role, which are (Dual) finger guns, to consider :)


Regarding the On Call gear item:

I’ve had a few decent opportunities to try the On Call Crew gear item, and it does come in handy from time to time! However, there are a couple of thoughts I have on it, which others may have mentioned in the past.

  • When used it has a 3-minute duration, which is understandable given the context of the reason for it; That your crew can’t be away from their Railjack post for too long. However, I’m not sure if that entirely justifies the 10-minute cooldown. I wouldn’t think of reducing that too much (Because it could be used very often), but maybe down to an 8-minute cooldown, rather than 10?
    • I just think that could help players who need the extra hand, without making it too easy to rely on. That’s only a suggestion though.
    • From what I noticed, it seems the cooldown begins as soon as your Crewmate is summoned to your location, which also helps.
      • That being said, it would be nice if they could stay with you throughout the mission! But considering the reasoning behind it otherwise, I can understand if they still wouldn’t be able to.
  • Aside from that, I have heard of some mention that Riven mods are not applied to your Crew member’s weapons while summoned via the On Call Crew item. Is that a bug, or is it intended?
    • If it is intended that Rivens do not apply for On Call Crew, then why is that? I’m really just curious.
  • There is one last question I have regarding the On Call Crewmate; Does the damage of their equipped weapon scale to some degree based on enemy / mission level? I don’t mean based on the Combat Points, but just overall.
    • If it doesn’t, I think that might limit their usefulness in certain higher-level missions (Such as Steel path, Arbitration, etc.). Not to say they still aren’t useful, but hypothetically without being able to deal enough damage alongside the Tenno who called them down they may get killed quicker, leading to you waiting on that cooldown sooner.
    • I’ve been wondering the same thing about their Healing, actually. I need to test if / how fast they can heal when summoned to a non-Railjack mission.


With that, this is all I have at the moment for the Command Intrinsics and Crew, so I hope this helps! If I come up with anything else after this, I’ll be sure to mention it here. In the meantime, does anyone have some thoughts on what I listed for the Command intrinsic, etc?

  • Any and all discussion on it ^ would be welcome. I’d like to see some things change with it for the better, if possible! That’s part of why I wanted to keep it mostly as-is, but just more streamlined.

Be safe :)

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So with 30.3.0 the Command Rank 10  leaked ... and it's the worst possible reward that i've ever seen in the 8 years i'm playing. You collected your "ultimate" crew, well, good for you, you can delete all of them.


In march we got the crew, everyone was happy and started min/maxing their slots (in my case all 33 slots that's available). Now at least 2 months later (plus the time this update comes out from now) you want to introcude better, stronger "elite" crew, so all the 100.000s of mats and time we wasted on checking Ticker and collecting, playing with our crew, getting attached to them ... well it's was all for nothing, literally NOTHING ...

In the last 2 months i filled all my 33 slots with the crew i wanted, checked Ticker every single day and hired around 80-100 crewmembers to min/max them, and now with that planned Command 10 you mean that it was for nothing, i can dump all of them? ... I'm not happy ... i want my time and all my recources back if you go thru with this.

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On 2021-03-16 at 3:29 PM, [DE]Danielle said:

Please use this thread to let us know your feelings on the following:

  • The New Command Intrinsic
  • Crew Members (AI, Equipment, Cosmetics)
  • Competency Points
  • Command Intrinsic Abilities

Overwhelmingly, NPC crew are incapable of meaningfully fulfilling any role aboard the Railjack

Putting them into gunnery crew slots means you loose out on all the affinity the kills would award. Which is idiotic, since there is no difference between a player receiving assist affinity from a teammate for something they didn't do and receiving assist affinity from an NPC for something they didn't do.

They are incapable of dealing with crewships. Even with the upcoming changes that make them not maneuver when you enter the forward artillery, that's still them just not being an active hindrance. Crew are supposed to HELP.

They are incapable of dealing with outside PoI targets, such as exposed arrays on Grineer asteroid bases. Which means that if I am doing the Grineer missions solo, I have to..

park the Railjack 5km away so it doesn't get blown up, fly to the base, go in, run to the 1st objective, teleport back out (it's faster and more reliable than running back), do the 1st outside objective, go back in, run to the 2nd objective, teleport back out, do the 2nd outside objective, go back in, do the 3rd objective and then teleport back again.

Kuva Liches are inferior to normal crew in practically every way imaginable

Their damage output is seriously lacking since we can't mod their weapons and their utility is largely inconsequential compared to the damage loss.

Making "super crew" as a rank 10 unlock means any kind of significant investment into crew prior to unlocking this rank will end up being wasted

If "super crew" functionality is really what is needed (and I strongly disagree there; there are a multitude of aforementioned areas that would be far more relevant to have as unlocks in the command tree first), then it needs to be an additional selective perk that we can freely choose for our already existing crew.

Just going "what you previously had is substandard now" isn't fun or engaging.

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Yup... Comand 10 is utter nonsense. The crew members are already very strong and do not need any kind of upgrade. The amount of investment people did is going to be nulified by this change. Who thought this is a good idea? I am baffled by this decision.

Honestly ... You cannot ship this. It is insulting to players time and resource investment. 

When you did "Command 10 coming soon" I though it is going to be something cool, maybe connected to Sisters of Parvos, or something really powerful, but this is really it?

Do you need a better command 10. Easy: "Allow player to command a gunner to shoot a weak point." 

When you are in grineer railjack missions, the weakpoints are very tedious when playing solo. This would be amazing. You spend energy in the command menu, the crew memeber shoots the radiator. Worthy Rank 10. 

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The elite crew makes less sense when you consider that it could have been a familiar option of prestiging your crew to have the additional traits like with the existing modular weapon system instead of buying new crew members.

It still is generic and boring to use but feels less like my time was wasted on caring about my existing crew and waiting for command 10's reveal.

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Posted (edited)
В 19.03.2021 в 21:45, R34LM сказал:

1. Have gunners or pilot target "Exterior Weakpoints". The main reason I picked Gian Point was mainly to avoid secondary objectives, but not to speed up the mission. I did it because entering and exiting those areas to get the interior and exterior weakpoints solo was a pain. If I am inside and set up an exterior weakpoint, I expect my gunmen to target it so I don't have to haul myself right back out.

Am I the only one whose crew does that by itself?

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i feel like crew need to have more armor, on high levels they die almost instantly even if, for example, you have 1 engineer and 1 defender, the engineer will ignore enemies when trying to fix something, and the defender cannot really take out enemies fast enough.

considering the very low shields, the crew at the very least need a built in adaptation, they would still die at high levels, but it will take a few seconds longer, wich could mean they would have a fighting chance.

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Posted (edited)

Pre-emptive Feedback on Command Intrinsic lvl 10: Elite Crew

Instead of buying elite crews from Ticker, I suggest we can either buy them, or TRAIN existing crew we have to make them Elite. I'm quite attached to my team, so it would be nice to make them "veterans."


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