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Update 29.10.0: Command Intrinsic Feedback Megathread (Read First Post!)


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Really satisfied with how the AI for crewmates work so far, they do exactly what I expect them to do (clearing raiders, fixing stuff even without using resource).  

Few feedback for the "on call crew":
- Could use an increase in target acquisition range (currently is very short, around 5m I assume)

- Summon duration could be extended (if possible to last for the whole mission) instead of just 3 mins

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Allrighty then.... my first bug report and it is a DOOZEY.Hiring crew and contract lengths.  THEY ARE NOT SHOWN AT TICKER'S!😡

  • TYPE: In-game
  • DESCRIPTION: No warning about how long a contract with a new crew member is until taken to the Drydock.  some of the Contracts are as short as 4 minutes.  WTF!?
  • REPRODUCTION: Every-time and has been mentioned in a number of other forum threads.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: When I use credits or resources I expect my crew to be there PERIOD until I, myself, Terminate the contract at my own choosing (especially if they are from a syndicate I am a member of).
  • OBSERVED RESULT: so far after my first 'hire' (which thankfully has a contract time of n/a meaning she is sticking with me) each crew member has been temporary.  This is unacceptable.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: EVERY TIME after my first hire.
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When I'm in forward artillery or the slingshot, it would be nice if pilot AI would aim the ship toward the nearest crewship or Point of Interest and then stop moving the ship until I'm done firing.

Also, I wish they would target radiators, both on objective structures, and on shielded crewships.

They should also make an effort to evade, or at least shoot down, incoming missile bombardment, especially since sometimes the pilot decides to park the ship motionless in range of the missiles and then does nothing.

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forgot about the magical experience of wondering why my ship was taking damage and finding out my pilot had parked next to the missiles
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- They just wander randomly instead of going to an objective. Suggestion: check below
+ They go towards you when you exit a ship with archwing so you can easily board the RJ

+ They efficiently repair the ship within 30s of a hazard
+ They don't use revolite, so you're not surprised with a failed mission because he didn't have revolite to repair
- They can't resupply forward artillery charges (and other resources). Suggestion: in the tactical menu, have an order for "FORGE X", where you can select what he will do in the forge

- Can't use Forward Artillery. Suggestion: check below
- Can't shoot mission objectives (exposed reactors), so if solo you still need to go inside, exit, shoot, go back inside...

+ Outside the Veil, they take care of any boarders without a problem
+ They revive other downed allies
- In the Grineer Veil, all 3 crewmates died to a boarding party. Don't know if they scale with mission level; if not, they should.

Assign Role Behaviours: assigning roles is ok, but I think we should have more control over them:
- Pilot: Move towards objective / Move towards Crewships / Follow Archwing
- Gunner: Focus fighters / Man the Forward Artillery and focus on Crewships
- Engineer: Keep revolite supplied / Keep energy supplied / Keep forward artillery supplied / Focus on repairs
- Defender: Focus on killing / Focus on reviving

Assign Sub-Roles: letting us assign a sub-role might be very useful because if you set someone as defender, they will be useless until a boarind party arrives. Also, if you keep using all ship features by yourself, it can get tiring very easily to reassign their roles everytime:
- Setting a member with Primary Defender and Secondary Engineer: if there is a boarding party, he will fight them. If not, he will act as an engineer.
- Setting a member with Primary Engineer and Secondary Defenser: if there is a boarding party, he will focus on repairs and only fight if there is no hazard active
- Setting a member with Primary Pilot and Secondary Gunner: if a player is not piloting, he will take control. If a player assumes control, he will move into the guns

Waypoint command: let crewmates focus on the waypoint (priority according to the player number, so host has the most control over them, and if he didn't set any orders, teammates can also control)
- Pilot: move towards the waypoint
- Gunner: if it's a crewship, man the forward artillery and shoot it (gunner rank determines the likeness of shooting the body or the engine; if 2 are assigned as gunners, make only one of them leave his gun to shoot); if a fighter/ramsled, shoot it
- Engineer: if it's a crewship, resupply forward artillery; if it's a fighter/ramsled, resupply ordnance ammo

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6 hours ago, Myrvair said:
  • Maybe even such crewmembers could replace animations of various out-of-nowhere-hired faction members somehow doing maintenance in my docks.

definitely this

edit: they should have the animations of the decorative crew who interact with the panels, with the reliquary drive etc. 

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What i like:
- My personal Crew!
- I can add my Kuva Lich to my Crew!
- I can call my On Duty crewmate!
- Crew members can be independently improved
- Crew members can use a modded Arsenal weapon
- Crew members can heal themselves (except Liches)
- Crew members can be healed with Squad Renew
- Engineers also contribute to eliminate boarding enemies on their way
- Gunners are quite accurate
- Gunners can step away from the turret and contribute to eliminate boarding enemies
- Roles can be changed during the mission

What i have mixed feelings with:
- Kuva Lich is restricted to Defender
- Kuva Lich cannot be On Duty; it would be nice to see my Kuva Lich in action more often, but i can understand that being able to call in my Kuva Lich might be OP
- Unless one changes their role when necessary, Gunners help eliminate boarding enemies when at best the current NPC crew member "available" to that task is downed, which is way too late.

What i dislike:
- Engineer takes 8s at Rank 5 to repair anything. That's way too long, more so when considering that an experimented Tenno can do the same within 1s.
- Engineer prioritizes repair over eliminating boarding enemies. Furthermore, since they take so long to repair anything, they are very vulnerable during any repair, and enemies are likely to create other hazards while they repair the first one. I think the only case when repair should be prioritized is for a Catastrophic Breach; otherwise they should prioritize killing enemies, at least if in sight of the repair point. This may be manageable by switch roles on the fly, but since this requires to monitor what is happening, it is usually faster to deal with the enemies myself.
- Gunners often prioritize Crewships over Fighters
- An Arsenal weapon cannot be used by more than one Crew member
- Ticker changes his suggestions once a day. If no Crew member is appealing, that's quite some time to wait...
- Sometimes it seems Defenders attack enemies on their patrol route rather than actively seeking them on boarding alert.
- Crew try to be ammo efficient when engaging enemies, sometimes getting downed merely because they wait between bursts. They have infinite ammo, so use it!

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Found out roles can be changed during the mission | Defender pattern
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The Command Intrinsic is a step in the right direction and has started out better than I thought it would.

However the areas which I think would help benefit the game play the most are:


Give the crew member secondary roles and at least let one of them join you in defense/exterminate/volatile missions.

Let the Gunners use the Forward Artillery or even better, let us access it from the pilot position instead of having to manually get off to do it ourselves.

Let the gunners shoot the all mission objectives.

Let the engineers resupply dome charges and other resources when low.

As the Kuva Liches are special and require heavy time investment in order to acquire, reward the players for their efforts by allowing us to choose the normal roles of the crew as well as be "On call" for the entire duration of the mission and have them teleport to your location if you dash too far ahead.


Thank you for the update DE!


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There's an awful lot I love about the Command intrinsic and it's a great foundation for what I expect to be an evolving system.

I do feel the role Defender is a little lacklustre

An engineer will patrol the craft, prioritize repair, but in the process of defending themselves will kill boarders.
In some missions, the engineer is all I've needed to deal with any boarding situation.

What I'd love to see is the defender role expanded upon.
Much like how the engineer will prioritize repair, but still engage hostiles while wandering, What if a defender had the following priorities.

  • If enemy boarding party onboard, patrol and engage.
  • If no enemy boarding party onboard, fill gunnery position
  • If gunnery positions filled, patrol.

Now, this wouldn't work too well with the kuva liches due to them not being able to fill normal roles but perhaps they should be doing a little more too.
I'm always looking for excuses not to kill them and a decent piloting skill could be the factor that tips me over.

In regards to the update as a whole, this feels more like the Railjack I saw back in that amazing tennocon demo. Not just because of the presence of Corpus, but the gameplay. It's an excellent second iteration and a far more welcoming experience. Don't misunderstand, I enjoyed the previous railjack too, but this a bit more.

I would say the two things that stick out for me the most are relatively superfluous art elements
(the corpus crew ship is a tardis. I'm sure of it. I know there's a bit of "more space on the inside" for everything in railjack, but the corpus vessel would be a little easier to ignore if it was a tad bigger.)
(the other thing is long standing and regards to the side turrets. they just hang there a bit limp and sad now. never moving. even the turret bays are called dorsal and ventral now which i'm pretty sure are the top and bottom of the vessel. gun ports that opened on the top, bottom or sides would make sense, but I could imagine they would be a pain to implement and a low priority at that. I just wish the side turrets didn't look so sad in some missions.)
see? trivial.

and a little off topic.
There doesn't seem to be an art and assets feedback section for the update, plus I got a little unfocused while typing.

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With a fair amount of playtime in both Corpus and Grineer Proximas over the weekend, I've gathered what is likely my final round of feedback. First off, amazing job on the initial release of the Command intrinsic, I wasn't expecting it to be this good in its initial release. The AI has personality, they fulfill their roles almost perfectly, its quite amazing! 


Onto the feedback, these are some tweaks I believe would greatly benefit Command in the short term:

  • Please allow AI pilots and gunners to target certain objectives, such as pulse turbine and missile silo radiators from the Grineer Proxima regions
  • Consider allowing players to issue specific commands to AI crew using the tactical menu. This could be an added functionality from the intrinsic tree replacing competency gain
  • Allow AI engineers to use the forge when commanded by a player using the tactical menu, utilizing that player's resource pool to craft whatever is desired
  • Allow AI gunners to use forward artillery when commanded by a player using the tactical menu, utilizing that player's dome charges when firing
  • Allow players to mark or designate directions for the AI pilot, such as flying to and flying away from a marker or objective
  • Allow AI pilot and gunners to use battle avionics when commanded by the player via the tactical menu, using the player's energy as a resource. For the sake of balancing, maybe give them nerfed versions of Battle Avionics
  • Allow liches to assign different roles aside from defender

And these are some additions that could go a long way to improve what is already great about Command:

  • As planned before the update, allow AI crew to level up from affinity, detach competency gain from the intrinsic tree and replace them with additional functionality for AI crew (for example, as stated above, one rank could allow us to issue specific orders to the AI crew)
  • Allow liches to equip player-owned kuva weapons, affected by mods like other AI crew weapons
  • Allow players to assign the AI crew with automatic secondary roles in the event their primary role is unavailable, this cuts down on having to re-assign AI crew mid-mission (ie: if a player is currently piloting, automatically assume gunner role until the pilot seat is empty, if there are no hazards to repair automatically assume defender role until a hazard appears, etc)
  • Please consider having a Command (or Tactical) rank that allows Necramechs to gain sentience similar to Excalibur Umbra and be available as crew, taking the place of liches as a defensive powerhouse that cannot assign other roles. I believe this would be the ultimate integration of Necramechs into Railjack and the main game as a whole
  • Have occasional AI crew chatter transmissions (similar to Cy) to inform the player of what they are doing, such as engaging crewships, flying to and from objectives, taking heavy damage, being boarded, etc. This will cut down some of the repetitive chatter from both Cy and enemy commanders and make the AI crew feel even more alive


That is all from me in regards to Command. Kudos to everyone at the dev team for such a solid update so far. I'm very pleased with almost all aspects of it and am very much looking forward to further iterations.


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Added point of allowing AI crew to use battle avionics
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It would be nice if we could give each role a direct command, like asking the pilot to destroy the points of interest objective for the railjack crew, or asking the engineer to craft one of the 5 items, right now the pilot just keep circling the points of interest, the gunner will just shoot anything with a life bar even if that thing does not take damage, and the engineer is just R10 Engineer without the trouble of having to open the tactical menu, also kuva liches should be able to be assigned to other roles or have some specific to them like been able to go as an away crew to points of interest or something other than being a heavy unit inside the ship, I mean if you're a good pilot chances are you wont have boarding parties on your ship, and allow them to receive the 'on call' just like the others.

BTW would be nice to receive affinity for the kills that the crew does, even though y'all took away the possibility of gaining affinity to weapons and companions with fighter deaths.

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On 2021-03-16 at 11:29 PM, [DE]Danielle said:

Please use this thread to let us know your feelings on the following:

  • The New Command Intrinsic
  • Crew Members (AI, Equipment, Cosmetics)
  • Competency Points
  • Command Intrinsic Abilities

Hi.. here my feedback!

-) New command intrinsic: really interesting in general, but something could have been better (and now i explain)!

-) Crew Memeber:

  • You can choose only from a "syndicate set of companion". I hope in the future we'll see also some other type of crew like grineer and corpus deserter, fortuna people etc...
  • Could be interesting have the possibility to change the name of our crew member (is like to give them a battle name and call them in that way)
  • The kuva lich are really useless. Not only the kuva lich do absolutely nothing except troll around the ship, and also you can't equip a strong wepon on them, forcing to use the one they already have, but they can't also be summoned in the mission using the beacon. Kuva lich totally need to be rethinked. If you compared with a random crew from ticker, you can equip your weapon (rank 30 + mod + forma), you can assign a role and they do it very well, you can call to your aid in mission. Kuva lich: hours of hard and unfunny gameplay to spawn one; ticker crew: buy one instantly for some credits.
  • Could also be funny if they have some little particular bonus related to theyr backgrund, like +10% damage with orokin weapon or +50 armor or +10% damage vs corpus etc....

-) Competency Points: here is where i find the most lack in the design and now i explain why. I think everyone want the best crewman for every role, so for example if you want an engineer the best option is a 5 point engineer and the other point in combat and endurance; 0 for the other. Totally more easy is with gunner and pilot: 5 point on his ability and 5 n endurance. This make the game really flat, cause now you just need to waith the day when ticker will bring the perfect crewman, buy and you are ok. 

If i may suggest something, could be really better if you "exp" your crew and they take level doing the task you have assigned to them, for example you have "Mario" and you assign it to pilot; during the mission the piloting skill of Mario will level up. If in the next mission you put Mario at Gunnery, his skill gunnery will level up, etc... etc... 

Now you could think: have all the crew "maxed" is not the same as now? NO i will say. Cause one thing is just waith the day when ticker bring a crewmate that you need, another is take a crewmate from ticker with his 10 random competency point and "train" his skill since they are strong.  

-) Command Intrinsic Abilities: Ok... i have something to say also for this...

rank 2, 4 and 6: Give competency point: as i say, skill should be earned playing, not given in this way. You should buy from ticker a crewman and then level up the competence while doing the competence.

rank 7: redistribute point: as i just say... no give point so no redistribute

rank 8: Use kuva lich: totally useless. My actual engineer has just 1 point in combat: i have give to him my lvl30/forma/modded exergis; i've seen a poor corpus being oneshotted and throw form one side of the RJ to the other; And this guy can also be called to aid me in every mission i need, other to be a really nice engineer. Kuva lich do nothing of this. As i say before, plz rethink how the kuva lich work in RJ!

rank 9: Call a guy to aid your mission: i think this should have his 4th crew slot in the crew screen (slot reserved for this guy and no more and will never be spawned in RJ). Why? Is simple: a guy you want to summon in mission has different competence from the guy you want in your RJ. You need Combat and Endurance but all the other crew could not have this 2 skill maxed at the same time 

  1. Engineer class: 5 point engineer, some endurance and some combat
  2. Pilot class: 5 point pilot and 5 endurance
  3. Gunner class: 5 point gunner and 5 endurance
  4. Summon class: 5 point combat and 5 endurance

Now it work like this: if you use a "Summon class" in your RJ is just cause you want some people that just help you clear the border and then do nothing more. But i think the majority of the people will use in the rj the Engineer and the Gunner and someone the pilot.

So. With a 4th slot we could be able to equip a crew just to aid us in mission, with his right skill. Now, you should do this manually and is totally boring. (you don't wnat to play RJ anymore? Ok change one crew member with the one with right skill, set for sumon, play your mission and before start RJ again join dojo to change the crew with a RJ one.

----- -----

I hope this may help, and sorry for bad english, is not my language. 

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On 2021-03-20 at 12:21 PM, Cpl_Facehugger said:

1. Your crew won't shoot at exterior objectives (eg grineer radiators, corpus security nodes). I'd really like if gunners were able to shoot at these on their own, to save me from having to pop back to the ship to shoot them myself when I'm doing a boarding PoI.

2. Your pilot won't point you towards priority targets when you're in the forward artillery/slingshot seat. It's extremely difficult to use the FA and slingshot while the AI is flying the ship, because they'll never point the nose to the target. You could fix this by either changing AI to make them point towards priority targets (ie crewships, corpus capship reactor vulnerability points), giving us the ability to order the AI to do that (perhaps through the command menu?), or making it so that slingshot/forward artillery is 360 degree just like turrets are.


 These 2 points seem to be pretty high on on everyone's list of recommended improvements.

I would personally like some way to designate priorities to the crew outside of just role assignments.  Similar to how Khora and give Venari Simple commands. I'd like to be able to designate targets to "follow", or "attack priority."  I understand that since FA has to be used to complete some mission objectives we don't want the AI Crew to auto target, but would have a command toggle from the gunner seat or Archwing cannon to line up your shot would be useful.

Guess I'm missing the old days of Mech Warrior where you can use hot keys to give commands to Lancemates in battle. "Attack my target" " go to my waypoint" "Guard my target" "Stop and Repair" etc.


Jumping on the bandwagon of other comments of wanting NPCs to respond to orders, and report what they are doing.

"Heading to Objective" "Evading" "That was close"

"Target down" "Easy Kill" 

"Repair in progress" "Stop breaking my ship"

"Engaging borders" "Get off my ride" "No Hitchhikers allowed" 

<any funny quotes from "Hitchhikers guide to the universe" you want to use>


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Overall, I think the Command Intrinsic has been great, especially since it allows solo Railjack to become a much more doable and enjoyable experience. Apart from the popular feedback in relation to Crew AI, lack of player control/customization, and general clunkiness, I think there's a glaring issue in regards to Affinity gain that is quite jarring with how the system works entirely.


On introduction to the Command Intrinsic, it was advertised as something that would allow for Solo or less-than-full squad players to experience Railjack in a meaningful way. As a result, the a player's motivation towards leveling up the Command Intrinsic is largely driven by a the desire to play Railjack sustainably without a full squad. However, as the Command Intrinsic is currently implemented, kills and actions committed by the Crew do not provide affinity or build up further intrinsics. As a result, leveling up and gaining more competent crew inherently impedes and limits further Railjack progression as a player can potentially lose out on a majority of the possible affinity gain within a mission. A few people have mentioned this previously but I think this requires some further consideration, especially if the current system is working as intended. Although I can understand that Railjack was developed as a largely co-op experience, the Command Intrinsic still works to severely undermine player progression even while playing co-op, especially when using a Rank 5 gunner.

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I think it's pointless to reiterate what my fellow tenno have said, so I'll keep it short in order to express my agreement to the proposed improvements

Good initial launch, solid base for improvement, the key evolution moving forward is expanding the commands we can give to the crew, exactly as other people said. I'll spoiler a post with a few things that caught my attention and fully agree with.


-Secondary roles for each crew member, so the hybrid competency spec has a point, i.e. have crew members fill the roles of gunner/pilot, engi/def and so on, with a primary role toggle so that they do one role unless a specific action occurs mandating them to switch to the other role. 

-Specific order issuing such as craft X, shoot Y, follow waypoint and so on

One wild idea, later down the line, we could maybe even hire AI Tenno and assign them a full arsenal, Warframe, Primary, Secondary, Melee (similar to Wukong's Twin) so that they even gain a Warframe tactical ability. Is that maybe what you have in shop for rank 10? OR is that a Tempestarii related thing?

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As someone who doesn't enjoy flying my railjack I'm using a NPC crew member as the pilot. The NPC seems to be doing alright but there are some things about using the NPC that really sucks.

1. When you are in the laser cannon or slingshot it's pretty much impossible to aim at what you want to with the NPC driving. It would be nice if the game recognized a player was in one of those and the pilot would stay still and you could aim the ship,

2. Also on the new volatile game mode at the end of it you need to fire the laser cannon at the weak points of the corpus ship. The NPC doesn't know to drive into view of the weak points so you still have to manually do this. And you have to reassign your pilot to another job for just a moment so that while you're aiming the laser the NPC pilot doesn't get back in the "seat" and start flying off again. It's a bit annoying, I'm not sure if there would be a fix for this or if this is just how it has to be.

3. The Gunnery position for an NPC is pretty mediocre, but it is nice thematically. Same with the kuva lich as a defender! Unfortunately having a kuva lich as a defender taking up a crew slot (most likely a gunner position) is kinda not worth the lvl 8 command intrinsic slot. I would strongly ask that in the name of FUN & FLAVOR that the 8th command intrinsic allowed the host to have a 4th crew member slot only for a Kuva Lich seeing as they're already limited to the unmodded weapon they came with and being a defender is the least important roll since an engineer can do it.


Also rip that guy in trade chat that was buying super specific kuva liches for weeks in preparation for this update only to find out they're defenders only. F

Update Feedback: The update was better for railjack overall I think. I didn't really have any reason to do any railjack and kind of still don't. I still don't enjoy flying the railjack while I do enjoy doing the various tasks like slingshotting into ships and doing the various objectives. At least now that we have the NPC crew members I can feel better about doing some railjack content by myself, where as prior to this update when I heard Sevigoth and Lich content was moving to RJ I was very opposed to the idea of flying my ship solo.


Hope this feedback was helpful.

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Command is working well currently.

Something I would like a lot is if your crew could have secondary assignments that they could shift too based on the current situation. 

As an example, you have an Engineer with a secondary task to Defend. if there are no major hazards and enemies on the ship they will actively attack them, rather than defensively (as is the current response of an engineer)

This gets more complex if gunners or pilots have secondary tasks as they need to dismount, possibly delaying them. so it should be optional. you may get some nice rolls from slavemaster Ticker sometimes.

I know there is a lot of feedback on Liches as well and just to have a counter-perspective somewhere, I think they should not be a part of the command intrinsic system what-so-ever. So don't improve them, I'd prefer it just be taken out. 

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Hi, would it be possible to...

a) Equalize Base Health and Shield values of Crewmates? My Endurance 3 Engineer has more Health and Shields than my Endurance 5 Defender.

b) If it is not possible to have equal Health/Shield values for everyone, could we have those values shown before we hire them from Ticker? Not wanting to "buy the cat in the bag" so to speak. 


(And Otin found his true calling as a Gunner after i took the screenshot, just to ease people's minds)

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I can never do decent intros to these things so I'll just go over point by point. 

On 2021-03-16 at 10:29 PM, [DE]Danielle said:

The New Command Intrinsic

Well firstly: the Command intrinsic is a damn good addition in my books, especially for the first iteration! The crew members actually feel like crew! 

There are a few kinks to workout, sure but overall I'm pretty happy with it! 

On 2021-03-16 at 10:29 PM, [DE]Danielle said:

Crew Members (AI, Equipment, Cosmetics)

As I said, crew actually feels like crew! they are quite fleshed out, even if they are syndicate members. I do have some gripes however with how they interact with the ship but otherwise it's decent! 

I'll go over it role by role, long verison in the spoilers!



Defender: Decent enough, handles boarding parties around the ship but little else, I do feel like this should be a auto role change for gunners or something?

Maybe a dual role appily called "Gunner-Defender"? just a role that uses the side guns till the Railjack is boarded, then they become defenders till the threat is cleared before going back to the gunner role? I just don't feel like Defender should be use a solo role. 

Gunner: I have a maxed out gunner already and it's pretty decent! they are quite a good shot with a forgiving margin of error, it feels nice to have an actual gunner! although I have seen several posts/comments about having the gunner use the big cannon, and I'm not sure I agree, sure it's a pain to switch from pilot to the cannon (even though it's right behind you!) but since there is little control over our gunners targeting right now (which is fine in my book but I can understand this being a point of frustration) that even if you have them target crew ships, I dunno it'd feel it'd be quite janky? 

Engineer: Honestly a lifesaver in tougher RJ missions, fairly responsive to threats too! My only real gripe with Engineer is that they just seem to walk to hull breaches and what not, there isn't much of a sense of urgency with it but otherwise for what the role details, it's pretty good! I do wish they crafted supplies like ammo and maybe dome charges (if you got the skill for it maybe) 

Pilot: Ehh... out of them all I'd say this one needs a bit of attention, they ain't very good at flying about though they do use the front guns pretty well, It'd be nice if they could target radiators and targets of interest while you are outside the Railjack, though I wills say it's pretty cool watching them pass by the window while you're inside! it's neat! I do wish they wouldn't fly in front of the Shipkiller's line of sight... ooft.


Short points


  • Decent enough for what the role does.
  • Really don't think it should be a solo role, but a joint role with Gunner and maybe Pilot? 


  • Actually feels like you got gunner support!
  • Decent shot, has a good margin for error so it doesn't feel too crazy, while flying through the system.
  • Not sure I agree with people asking for Gunners to use the cannon.
  • Kinda sad you can't hear their comments on targets being destroyed but maybe that's a bug? 


  • Your best friend in Solo/2 people Railjack!
  • Handles boarding parties but won't actively search for them like Defender does which is fine!
  • Kinda slow walks to major hull breaches and other hazards. 
  • Doesn't craft anything which is a real shame. 


  • Needs a bit of work still, they don't fly that well and often do get the Railjack into the line of fire of things like Shipkillers platforms and whatnot. 
  • Would be nice if they targeted important objects like Radiators while you are inside various objectives.
  • Handles the front guns pretty decently! Just like the Gunner!

That's just my thoughts on the roles anyway.

[More later!]

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Well hello there ^.^ 

so far i'm quite enjoying the new railjack command intrinsic.

Of course some upgrades to liches  would be welcome as mentioned by a lot of other tenno. Like doing something else than defending and also being able to be called "on-Call" ( i really want this one btw XD )


That being said ive noticed something about the pilot and got an idea on how to fix it.

My driver really likes to drive around and aim at petty much nothing. 

So to fix that we could have a ping system ( or basicly an order system ) that would be available in tactical , in the slingshot and in the artillery.

It could be 4 different orders :

1- Aim at a crewship. basicly positionning the front end of the ship at a crew ship for slingshot or artillery and follow it 

2- Aim at objective

3- Strategic retreat ( basicly run away from all dammage source)

4- Do as you please ( return to normal state)

With that we could have an easier way to aim artillery on crewship and such. 

Not that i had a moment where i placed the ship perfectly and by the time i was in the artillery my pilot just moved us out of the way XD


So far for everything else its quite fun to be honest.


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My RJ feedback:

- If I start from my dojo, make me host. Regular starchart has "join crew" for others. Otherwise I'm just going solo.

- Crewmates only seem to revive each other if I'm onboard the ship and not away.

- Reviving each other and hull breaches need to be priorities for the crew.

- On Call can't melee and just stands still taking damage.

- On Call 3 mins active with 7 mins cooldown is underwhelming. I can just use a Nidus specter with an aoe weapon and he doesn't disappear.

- On Call crew has to be equipped to the RJ to function. This shouldn't be necessary.

- There should be 4 crewmate slots to assign 1 to each role. Pilot, engineer, and defender are all required when you're doing veil missions and always on away missions. There is no room for a gunner with only 3 crewmate slots.

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The Gunnery of the crew is far too strong.

I put the Photors to see how they do and they SNAP-Aimbot to the target. Accuracy might be questionable, but the Target Acquisition Speed is makes them way, WAAAYYY too effective. 

As it is, they are better than players in every way. If its in range, it will die in seconds, no question about it.

You will have to change how fast they aim to another target. Make them find them, yes. But the speed which they turn to it has to be lowered, because as it is: its almost, ALMOST instantaneous.

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1 hour ago, rockq25 said:

Really like it that we can customize crew's appearance. I give them their respective syandana. I hope we can equip bows on them, though. My red veil guy needs his rivened rakta cernos badly

only warframes are strong enough to shoot tenno bows

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It would be nice to be able to give secondary roles. For instance, if I mark one guy Defender and give them a secondary role of Gunner, they'll be in one of the turrets unless/until we get boarded. As it is, seems like crewmates whose role isn't currently called for (engineers with no breaches, etc) just kind of run around aimlessly.

Also, it would be nice if there were some way for Gunner crew to use the Tunguska.

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5 hours ago, Nuwisha said:

Hi, would it be possible to...

a) Equalize Base Health and Shield values of Crewmates? My Endurance 3 Engineer has more Health and Shields than my Endurance 5 Defender.

b) If it is not possible to have equal Health/Shield values for everyone, could we have those values shown before we hire them from Ticker? Not wanting to "buy the cat in the bag" so to speak. 


(And Otin found his true calling as a Gunner after i took the screenshot, just to ease people's minds)

you can see how much health each crewmember has rolled with in the hire screen

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