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Update 29.10.0: Railjack Intrinsics 2.0 Feedback Megathread (Read First Post!)


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Here's the major point of criticism I've arrived at:

  • Necramech & Archwing upgrades should be folded into the same rank, across the board
    Having them separately is pure padding, and results in several ranks feeling extremely lacklustre.
    (The Rank 8 Tactical gets it right; both Archwing blink and Necramech cooldown, together on the same tier as the Archwing bonuses used to be.)

Examples of the issue:

  1. Piloting: Rank 7 & Rank 8. (Necramech & Archwing Movement Speed.)
    Put them both at Rank 8, and create a new Rank 7 that's meaningful to the Pilot role.
  2. Gunnery: Rank 4 & Rank 5. (Archwing Melee + Necramech Guns.)
    Put them both at Rank 5, and create a new Rank 4 that's meaningful to the Gunner role.
    (Reasoning: Rank 5 Tactical allows Necramech deployment, so shift the Archwing bonus upwards in this case.)
  3. Engineering: Rank 8 & Rank 9. (Archwing & Necramech Defences.)
    Put them both at Rank 8, in line with Tactical and the above.
    (Suggestion: 'Remote Forge Use', either at Rank 9 or swapped with the current Rank 10 'Remote Repair'.)

Separate Archwing/Necramech buffs make the Intrinsics feel stretched out and far less rewarding.
They're both very niche in Railjack, the Necramech especially, and it would be better to have more interesting and role-defining features that relate to the Railjack itself.

One request I've seen from several in the Engineer role (for example) is that they would like the ability to provide temporary buffs to the Railjack and its components, so that there is something to do when the Forge is on cooldown and nothing is broken.
I'm sure there's similar feedback from others who favour different roles, which might be used to inspire new Intrinsic upgrades.
(As someone who's primarily a Pilot, I'd echo the desire to fire the Tunguska Cannon from the Pilot seat.)

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I would like to add my 2 cents even though I have the feeling it is getting a bit futile as almost none of the really good suggestions have been taken into account.

Before I go on I would like to say that I cannot stress out enough

On 2021-04-03 at 1:11 PM, CyberneticSusurrus said:
  • Necramech & Archwing upgrades should be folded into the same rank, across the board
    Having them separately is pure padding, and results in several ranks feeling extremely lacklustre.
    (The Rank 8 Tactical gets it right; both Archwing blink and Necramech cooldown, together on the same tier as the Archwing bonuses used to
1 Tactical System Deploy Tactical Mods and access Crew tracking system via Tactical Menu L .  
2 Ability Kinesis and Overseer Warframe abilities can be deployed as tactical support. Enables crew chase camera.  
3 Command Link Fast Travel within vessel. Coordinate squad members with command interface.  
4 Recall Warp Omni gear can be used to warp aboard the ship from anywhere.  
5 Deploy Necramechs Deploy Necramech in all Railjack missions.  
6 Tactical Efficiency Reduces Energy Consumption for Battle Mods by 25%.  
7 Tactical Response Reduces Tactical Mod cooldown by 20%.  
8 Archwing Tactical Blink and Necramech Cooldown Reduces Archwing Blink cooldown by 25%. Reduces Necramech summon cooldown by 25%.  
9 Swift Tactics Further reduces Tactical Mod cooldown by 20%.  
10 Join Warp Warp from ship to crew member.
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part 2 since i accidentally clicked enter and couldn't edit and continue from last part

Changes to Intrinsics

7    Necramech Haste/Aeronaut    
Necramech Movement Speed increased by 10%.
Archwing Speed increased by 20%.

8    Ramming Speed    
Reduce incoming damage by 25%. Ramming into enemies while Boosting will deal 2,000 DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact Damage

9    Railjack Blink    
Double-tap Space to instantly translate the Railjack forward, leaving a trail of turbulence that slows nearby enemies.

10    Void Interference    
Ram through enemy shields to deactivate for 3 sec


4 Mechanized Fury (Archwing Fury/Necramech Fury)

Increase Archwing Attraction range by 25m and Melee Range by 0.75m and Damage by 20%.
Increase Necramech Gun damage by 20%.

5    Cold Trigger
    Reduce Turret Heat Accretion by 20%.

6    Advanced Gunnery
    Reduce overheat recovery time by 50%. Extends slingshot range by 50%.

7    Flush Heat Sinks
    Reloading when weapons are overheated will cool weapons to 0 in 0.5 secs.

8    Vengeful Archwing/Necramech
    Increases Archwing/Necramech power: Damage +25%, Ability Strength +20%, Ability Range +20%, and Ability Efficiency +20%.

9    Trigger Happy
    press T to Sync all unmanned batterries to your aim

10    Tenno Gun
    Remote fire the main cannon from pilot/additional gunner


1 1st Crew

2 2nd Crew

3 3rd Crew

4 4th crew member Defender

5 5th crew member Defender

6 Unlock XP gain for crew

7 Liches for crew

8 Crew on call (Designated crew member on call comes for help)

9 Defender Team landing (only applicable on RJ missions, the defender crew members accompany you on boarding missions)

10 Cephalon CY (have 4 commands for Cephalon Cy to direct RJ to point of interest, defend point of interest, target crewships, hunt smaller vessels)

All crew members should be able to gain xp and rank up to level 9 giving up to 8 additional points upon reaching command rank 6

Have two two additional crew as defenders only at rank 4 & 5

Liches should be allowed to use all interfaces


>> Please give us back double side guns

>> Allow us to do missions like in the far superior Grineer missions, some fight from RJ, some fight on foot and it is fun

>> Revert back to flux use and have it as a shared resource, this unfortunate energy thing allows for too many metas that turn the whole point moot

>> Have random mini bosses in Derelicts and Mines

>> Renaming your crew. (how can this not have been an option from day one?)


Please move AimBot to gameplay options, it should have nothing to do with Intrinsic ranks

On 2021-03-22 at 1:25 PM, Archwizard said:
  • Change the Forge UI so that the Engineer can see how much of a given ammo type everyone has or needs. Maybe as a mouseover, or a short list in place of just showing yours.
    • At least for Dome Charges, Revolite and Munitions, an alternative is to revert the changes to them so they're universal again, as the case is with Hull. A UI element would still be necessary for everyone's Energy, however.
    • If you don't revert them though, Munitions cap likely needs to be brought down. 31 charges was fine to be shared by a whole squad, it's a lot for each player to use before needing the Forge; 8-15 per person is plenty.




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So looking at the controls, it seems Unbinded buttons on Railjack Controller scheme defaults to normal controller side's binds.

As a result I have to use the button I have assigned on my Normal Warframe side controls to activate powers for the Railjack as well as use the button I have set to reload to use the Gunnery Intrinsic Rank 9 skill.

The issue I have now is that I'm using the "Context button" on my controller with the "Context button includes reload" toggle option. Which doesn't activate the reload function of the Gunnery Intrinsic Rank 9 skill.

Also that context button is the same button I use for dismounting from Pilot/Turret.

I also re-binded my Dismount elsewhere to test that Context button won't reload turret.


My suggestions are:

Allow Context button with (Context Button includes reload) to also reload the Railjack turrets.

Add a secondary dedicated reload bind for Railjack Controller settings.


Other Suggestions:

Include a bind on Railjack Controller settings for accessing Tactical menu. (I planned to use with Focus/Operator button)

Show Dome Charge capacity in Tactical Menu somewhere

Add a bind for toggling Gunnery Intrinsic Rank 10 Skill on or off during combat.

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The railjack blink says it's double tap X, but it's actually bound to the "move up" keybind in railjack binds. Can we get a key bind that we can edit for the blink specifically?

The gunnery ability that says that when reloading at full heat, it'll reduce heat to 0 in .5s just doesn't work considering we don't Reload our guns on the railjack. It doesn't work when we reach full heat either. 

If there's going to be a penalty to using the rank 10 gunnery ability, then allow us to turn it off. When I go in to aim, it locks onto the lead indicator even if I don't want it to and thus my heat goes through the roof. People should be able you get to rank 10 for the MR but not be bound by a penalty. 

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For some reason, I can't use join warp under certain circumstances like I used to be able to. Sometimes I can't use it when in archwing. Sometimes I can't use it even trying to teleport an ally waiting in an airlock to enter the ground part of rj missions. Please investigate this. 

A suggestion: Allow join warp to work while inside the ground portion of rj missions. This would mean people could more easily traverse the area. At the same time, making railjack recall instantly teleport you back to the rj once the objective is complete would be awesome. The need to run to extraction seems purely for tediousness. If it is a limitation of some code, then you could simply allow the railjack recall to instantly teleport you to the extraction point. Either way, the whole issue of needing to run 600 meters to extract ruins the fast paced point of rj. How come there's somehow jamming on exterminate, volatile, orphix, but there isn't for defense? On the defense, once you want to extract, you just teleport out. That's how it should work for all the missions. The only difference is that we should be able to decide when we teleport out (i.e using railjack recall)

Edit: I don't know HOW there could be some limitations of code preventing us from recalling directly from the ship considering one of my allies (due to a bug of the timer to get teleported into the on foot section) was able to stay outside while I was inside. He was even inside a crewship. The enemies were still present and working. When he exited the crewship, the Corpus fighters were still present in space and working. He was then able to enter the ship when he wanted to and join us in the on foot section. This proves that there is the capability of direct teleport from the on foot section. It's not like the area outside gets unloaded until we are about to exit the on foot section. No, it ALL stays loaded. Why can't we have direct teleport? Because of Corpus jammers? Then how come we can recall once we all reach the airlock? Why can we teleport into the start airlock? If jammers being there was meant as a story element, I doubt they would've implemented this with such holes in consistency. What seems more likely is that the jammer reasoning was made up after they decided there would be the inability to teleport out for whatever reason. That would explain the inconsistencies 

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If Gunnery 10 was simply +5% CC / +10% CD literally no one would complain because there's no downside. I understand that even that is a buff, but it's better than feeling like you're spending earned experience to be worse. Also I have nothing against people that want to lock onto ships... it could simply be an option.. some people aren't going to want target locking!! (it ended up being just 'ok' after I got it prepatch, but I would personally rather not have locking anyways). Until this is changed I will probably not invest in the final perk for Gunnery. Even the lock alone would have me get it, begrudgingly, for the mastery, but adding the bonus heat makes no sense.. if you want people to stop holding the button making the entire bar have 5% less overall heat bar would have people stop every so often to allow weapons to cool... at least you guys showed that it will cause the extra heat accumulation instead of hiding it as a hidden self-nerf.

But seriously what is this...

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Gunnery 9 should be an automatic response to overheat, rather than a triggered action. There's no circumstance under which a player doesn't want it to trigger as fast as possible, and the controller binding issues are a mess.

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Could we get a couple missions that integrate arch-wing missions in railjack? Arch-wing just feels like taxi into ground missions. The mission I'm thinking right now that would be cool to integrate are the arch-wing sabotage corpus tile set missions.

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On 2021-03-16 at 3:31 PM, [DE]Danielle said:

Tactical, Piloting, Gunnery and Engineering Intrinsic Reworks

Most of the intrinsic unlocks are bland. I can live with that, though I'm disappointed at the wasted potential.

What isn't ok is that Gunnery 10 is as god awful as it currently is.

Auto-Aim is not a big improvement (on PC at least) when you can just aim and kill the ships.

If they really think that Gunnery 9 makes the heat penalty not a big deal, then it isn't a big deal to remove the heat penalty.

Intrinsics are supposed to be a direct upgrade. This isn't Conclave where almost everything is supposed to be a sidegrade.

Gunnery 10 is NOT a direct upgrade.

Not to mention, you can't turn off intrinsics.

This is also why so much of the Focus Tree is terrible. Not only do most nodes not give a significant benefit, they're overwhelmingly paired with ridiculous downsides that make them net-downsides.

The Focus Tree is also terrible for a whole host of other reasons, but they don't directly relate to this discussion.

Many console / gamepad Tenno have said that aiming in Railjack without mouse + keyboard is terrible. I imagine Gunnery 10 was meant as a band-aid fix for RJ, rather than implementing sensible aim-assist like every console FPS has for the past 20 years.

Aim-assist should be an accessibility feature that's just in the options menu, and shouldn't require someone to spend dozens or hundreds of hours grinding just to get it.


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