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Update 29.10.0: Corpus Missions & Points of Interest Feedback Megathread (Read First Post!)

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8 hours ago, Ngrasta said:

The addition of Ash and Oberon components to the Railjack drop tables is frustrating and annoying. I would much rather they be removed.

This is true..  For some of the new players with serious problems with Impatience, the Current Ash farm was already very frustrating as to make people not want to farm them from Ophelia, Uranus for 15 minutes a pop -- or worse -- any time duration running Defection missions..  Why do you think most players like calling that mission mode defecation missions?  

Oberon while I'm happy to not being able to collect an army of Oberons that I have had no interest in building since the time Oberon's passive was to calm woodland animals (serious that time was a dark time for Oberon's life in the game), the problem is that with Ash and Oberon feel like a dangling carrot to get players to have to do railjack missions to get these two warframes for Mastery Rank 30.  

Because it's extremely clear this choice to moving them out to the veils is a dangling carrot.  What do either of them have to offer when it comes to Railjack missions?  Nothing that's what.  

3 hours ago, R0P3-F15H said:

I feel the missions really need some separation in who is on RJ and who is on away team... forcing the entire team to go to the objective really makes it feel kinda just tacked on when you could have objectives either RJ or Away team could do like in the case of volatile away team protects reactor while RJ team fends off boarding parties or pops heat vents outside the ship ( as an idea ) There is a lot more you can do to 'join' the RJ and Core Warframe but forcing the RJ as a glorified taxi just feels stale.

^ This right here!  I was doing a mission with friends and two of them went to the main ship to do the mission located there.  I was going to the side Orokin Point of Interest to see what was up with the secondary objective marker, with the final one on the railjack to make sure everything's safe and sound and the ship wouldn't explode while we were away doing things on the ship or the point of interest. 

All of a sudden we all get pulled to the main ship with the two players there and had to do the mission.  

This isn't immersion, this isn't about teams being split up to doing things in a coordinated effort to cover as much of the "ground" of the mission and completing all of the parameters available.  This is truck driver simulator with a mission type that we can happily do on any and all of the planets within the origin system

After all, it was established during the first part of the Railjack drop that all resources collected on the mission map are shared with the entire group so that random people in squads won't do the farming and walk away with all the materials leaving some people with nothing more than the affinity and the bonus rewards for doing the objective. 

Why then are you now draconianly forcing the whole squad to your playstyle and only your playstyle?  

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second feedback that struck a chord.
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these new Objectives and optional Objectives, is much better than Railjack was previously. more to do, and optional stuff is nice.

  • Exterminate is still as boring as always, though. but having other stuff around it makes it more tolerable.
  • Defense is.... excruciatingly unpleasant. i expected improvements to the Gamemode, there are none. it's just basic Defense, which is very boring.
  • Volatile is cool, i like it.
  • Orphix is fundamentally a not very fun Gamemode, IMO. it feels rather tedious. so it's still tedious here. the attempt to try and exclude Warframes from the entire Gamemode, is meh. 
    • also the sped up rate of Orphix in Railjack means that it demands more optimized Gear loadouts than in the Event, ironically. this is probably not what you intended.
      to make it easier for Players without maxed out Gear and without certain mandatory Abilities brought along, you may want to make the Orphix weaker to account for the faster Spawn rate.
    • also you made the Interference Node, things(oh, Resonators, that's what they were called), have more Health than in the Event. why? in the Event you could break one with a single close Range hit of Void Blast for example, now it takes like 3. that just makes the Gamemode feel even worse.
    • the Hitboxes on Orphix still suck. also would be nice if they were susceptible to Status?
  • Points of Interest could be a bit more interesting to do than just run to a Console and bail, though?

the changes to Mining feel... underwhelming. before you were encouraged to smash all sorts of stuff out in space for bonus Resources. but now smashing one or two things gives you thousands of Resources! while there seeming to be significantly less things to smash overall. while that's more time expediant, it feels less rewarding to just smash a few things rather than smash a lot of things.


the layout of this Station (MOA production facility), is very annoying. it's one huge U shape, making traversing around it feel very tedious. all the other Stations are acceptable shapes though.



oh, also Oberon used to be a popular Newbie Warframe that was very helpful for them between having self Healing plus strong Armor weakening as well as good Damage - well, that is no more. no longer a good Newbie Warframe since it will take quite some time to acquire.
atleast Ash is less tedious to grind for, sorta, i guess? idk.

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Oberon's blueprints should be moved and kept solely on Earth Proxima imo, given his backstory. Having his parts as bonus rewards for higher level Proxima areas is pretty lame--unless of course DE plans on finally giving Oby some backstory?

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I suppose I should start by stating that I never had a serious problem with old railjack. It just needed more content. It seemed odd to me that so many had a problem with it while it was very enjoyable in my opinion. However, the more I played the mode the more certain things about the mode seemed weak: the objectives outside of the railjack combat and the rewards being primarily railjack specific. So what ultimately happened was that I ended up picking the missions that had strictly the railjack combat, and yes Gian Point was one of them. Not because it was fast (it was) but specifically because I was able to enjoy the things I specifically liked about Railjack which was the ship combat without having to deal with the content that I found weak. I didn't care so much about the side objectives. It also didn't help that some of them had a chance to break (Disable Pulse Turbine - the broken door).

Having played the new railjack content for a little over half a week, I'm not sure where to begin. Some of the changes I do absolutely like. My opinions on the Plexus system pre-launch has changed - at first I thought the plexus system was going to be bad because of having to use forma and resources that may be strained due to other things needing them. However, in practice it's actually quite good and an improvement. I was able to get my fully geared Railjack again. It's even better geared than before actually with some of the new mods replacing where I would put the health and armor avionics thanks to the ironclad matrix and the plates. My Railjack is an absolute tank now.

Furthermore the crew is fantastic - or at least the gunner and engineer are. I thought for sure that they'd probably be useless but the gunner and engineer are surprisingly useful - putting out hazards and taking out fighters with ease. So much so that I could basically go autopilot and let them deal with everything. Although the affinity situation with the crew needs to be addressed. Also, having to constantly swap the roles can feel a bit wonky. For instance, when the corpus crewships spawn I have to swap my gunner out because he'll constantly cause the crewship's shield to swivel around when I'm trying to take out the shield drone. This can sometimes feel a little sloppy in the heat of battle.

Being able to farm for endo through the railjack by having the parts be scrapped for endo instead of dirac is a nice addition and the side treasure hunts is pretty cool. There's now a reason to do railjack outside of itself now that it offers stuff that fits within the Warframe core and not just gear and resources specific for railjack.

However, an interesting thing I began to realize the more I played: that I was having more fun with the older grineer missions than with the newer corpus ones. It's not necessarily because I find the corpus missions hard or bad. Simply, the corpus missions are just boring because they tack on modes that I've played for hundreds of hours already with a few exceptions (Volatile which isn't too bad and Orphix Venom). Oddly, in a way it feels even more disjointed from the Warframe core. The corpus missions have less of the stuff that I enjoy about railjack: which is the railjack combat itself. So what has happened is that I play mostly the grineer skirmishes instead. I simply find the corpus missions too disjointed and sometimes more annoying than entertaining. For instance, the hacking priority mission where you have to clear the drones to continue the hack can either be ok or annoying real fast depending on the map layout. I had it once where the drones were constantly spawning 400m apart having me go back and forth along a long array of rooms and hallways to clear each one.

It's kinda unfortunate because some of the stuff is fantastic and the artwork for the corpus railjack missions is absolutely stunning. That corpus veil proxima skybox is on fire and I would love to have that specific one as a dojo backdrop. Also that ice mine tileset would be fantastic as a Europa Redux or whatever the name for such an update would be. All fantastic work visually. I guess what I'm saying is that the corpus missions would benefit more from having more railjack combat and less of the on-foot stuff as that is where railjack content is strongest.

This might put the devs into a spin admittedly: players want less skirmishes, so let's make all new corpus missions not skirmishes. Oh wait, they actually wanted more skirmishes?? However, more railjack content that add more railjack combat doesn't have to be just skirmishes after all.

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I just noticed another aspect that I haven't seen mentioned here. Mission titles don't always seem to match in the new corpus missions. I just farmed in venus proxima and chose an exterminate mission. In 4 out of 5 times doing the same mission it gave me a mobile defense. I assume this is meant to give some variety to the missions, but personally I find it annoying when I want to play an exterminate and end up in a mobile defense instead. There has to be another way to bring some variety into a single node without completely changing the mission type. Maybe add a little archwing segment for the last couple kills, or a stealth portion with a high security room where you're not allowed to be detected to get some of the kills, one could even place one of the priority targets into one of those rooms. 

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24 minutes ago, Vlaun said:

This might put the devs into a spin admittedly: players want less skirmishes, so let's make all new corpus missions not skirmishes. Oh wait, they actually wanted more skirmishes?? However, more railjack content that add more railjack combat doesn't have to be just skirmishes after all.

This here - I wanted fewer missions to be called skirmish - and not because skirmish is bad, but because there's so much room for more variety in the objectives.  There's no reason for every Railjack mission to be either 'space exterminate + 0-2 POIs' or 'ground mission + 1-3 POIs'.  There's plenty of room for space survival, defense, escort, etc., and if they have names other than 'skirmish', that makes them easier to find.

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With this new update, you introduced a new Dojo room: the Starlight Market.  Can you please enable this room as a spawn room?

All other large rooms can be set as the spawn room, except the new Starlight Market.

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Hi!  Just popping in with my feedback.

For background, prior to 29.10 I was at 10/10/10/10 intrinsics and had a fully upgraded railjack.  It was not difficult to get to 10/10/10/10/10 with the provided affinity booster.

Personally, I don't really like that all the new missions force you to go inside.  I thought that the flow of the grineer missions were great in that they combined warframe, archwing, and railjack cohesively, but these new ones do not feel cohesive.  On any mission you spend more time in the warframe than in the railjack, which is not what I want from a railjack mission.  I would be happy to have these kinds of objectives but keep it so the entire squad does not have to leave their railjack.  Or, provide more missions like Gian Point that only have railjack objectives.

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Overall the update is wonderful! I have been having a blast in the Railjack Corpus sections and the changes to Railjack greatly improved the accessibility and Core Warframe to Railjack integration extremely well. I was not very excited about the idea of the Plexus, but now feel like it was done really well and is useful. I already was a fan of RJ before and just wanted different mission types, but every iteration of RJ just made it better and better.

Now for the stuff I do have feedback for:

Overall, I think flow is the main concern I had throughout the missions. Everything felt great, especially in the factor of incorporating Core Warframe to Railjack, until the climax of the mission; entering the Exterminate/Volatile/Defense/Orphix part.

Being Forced Into the Ships

  • I know that people are talking all about this so I will make my feedback for this brief:
  • It feels really off and forced to be kicked from wherever I am to go into the ship. Disrupts the flow.
  • Now there was a glitch where I was playing Volatile and I glitched out into space. So I know that the RJ doesn’t despawn and the fighters and crew ships vanished.
  • Lore wise, the RJ going invulnerable and the Corpus fleets suddenly disappearing because I'm inside their ship they are trying to protect, doesn't make sense to me.

Defense and Exterminate

  • When I saw the node title, I thought the idea of Defending or Exterminating something was the overall objective of the node (which is what the Grineer RJ node objectives were), instead of having a Core Warframe tile set Defense/Exterminate node added to the RJ mission.
  • The rewards being different is fine, but being brought to the Core Warframe Defense/Exterminate makes me wonder “If I am playing Railjack, why am I seeing a almost 1:1 Core Warframe node that just has RJ rewards?”
  • Defense feels like it’s in a really strange place, and I almost would prefer seeing Railjack-inspired Mobile-Defense instead. It can be slow with spawn rates and difficulty that having a first half of high-speed action gets dropped when we go to a much slower paced Defense mission.


  • The Orphix themselves spawn really fast, and feel really overwhelming when during the event it was more manageable.
  • Lore wise, why are they there? I thought the Orphix were invading planets and ships but the Corpus seem to not really care that they are there. Presently it just feels like Orphix Venom is just plopped in with no real connection to how it works in the Warframe world.


I’m going to say real quick that I was really looking forward to this game mode specifically. Since the Railjack Tennocon reveal I was so excited to do something like that in Warframe. Overall I like it but after the reactor I do have some feedback

  • Flow is great until finishing the reactor re-configuration. It feels fast pace with just enough pressure from the Corpus trying to stop you, and then the reactor portion happens.
  • It feels like afterwards, the Corpus just let you win. There are no magnetic anomalies, no increased reinforcements in the ships, no amalgams, no secret Corpus badguy that take matters into their own hands. It’s the Capital Ship, why aren’t they trying harder to kill you? The reactor didn’t blow up the ship, all it did was make it so we could blast it from the outside. If they are able to jam our teleport, then why can’t they do more?
  • Walking back to the ship with no push-back from the Corpus absolutely cuts the tense high stakes excitement it had before during the RJ and Sabotage portion. It feels awkward to be completely honest. Almost like something should be there but it isn't.
  • Firing at multiple weak points feels weird since there is barely any push-back from the Corpus outside too. Even though we are obviously going to crush them, the silence from no push-back feels like we are just doing cleanup duty.

That is my feedback overall. I do have suggestions but I want to more so point out the feedback I had.



These are just suggestions I had about what I would’ve liked for the nodes to be like based on what my problems with it are.


Being forced into the ships

  • I don’t see many talking about what I’m going to mention, but I feel like the reason for being forced into the ship is because Solo players might’ve been overwhelmed jumping back and forth from managing their ship if the AI got overwhelmed and completing an objective in the Capital Ship simultaneously. 
  • If that is the case, I get it that is very valid. I did do solo play quite a bit to get a feel for how the new mechanics worked. The crewmates are very competent and work pretty well. They can use some aiming tweaks but I never had to jump back to my ship to pick up after any of them.
  • My suggestion would be to not mandatorily send everyone to the Capital Ship. This is how I think it could work:
    • Once we reach the climax of the level, The Corpus Captain requests immediate reinforcements as ramsleds.
    • This would come from the outside large sub-objective ships we had to go to before the climax. This would also help tie everything in the map together, making the climax feel more like a culmination of everything that happened in the map.
    • The outside objective for the Solo AI and Multiplayer can be to diminish as many of the reinforcements as possible. Any of the ramsleds that sneak through are added reinforcements that the player(s) inside have to fend off inside the Capital Ship.
    • The climax is already manageable as it is, and personally I feel like adding more Corpus to smack around wouldn’t make it any less manageable.

Note: I say Ramsleds specifically because they aren’t as intense to beat as Crewships are. Obviously the Solo AI would have an issue with Crewships. But I think Ramsleds are more manageable (some fighters too).

Defense and Exterminate

Other people in the forum have had tons of ideas of how to make it feel more Railjack-like. So I will also make this brief.

  • Have Railjack-inspired versions of Defense and Exterminate. Less of a 1:1 of the Core Warframe stuff we have seen and more of an Objective but Railjack inspired.
  • The Grineer tile set does this perfectly
    • Assassinating the Captain is Assassinate, but with a different boss not from the Core Warframe Tileset.
    • Sabotaging the Reactor is Sabotage with added elements that include Railjack.
    • Both incorporate the Railjack gameplay to it perfectly. While solo it might feel a teeny bit of a back-and-froth to jump between RJ and the base for hitting the weakpoints, it’s still doable.


  • Turning down the spawn rate of the Orphix’s would make it feel less overwhelming.
  •  Have lore from Father that explains why the Orphix are there. For example, The Corpus are attracting Sentients to their Capital Ship. We received word that they are doing this for their Amalgam technology. We have to go in and stop as many Sentients and Corpus as possible.


*To note: As I said previously in the “Being Forced Into the Ships” section, during the reactor section you would also have the Corpus Commander requesting reinforcement ramsleds to the Capital Ship to stop the Tenno. Outside Solo AI or Multiplayer players can help by fending off the reinforcements before they get to the Capital Ships.

  • The Corpus Captain commands to unleash the Amalgams, release reinforcements, and/or enable magnetic anomalies, and jam their teleport. Just something that makes it feel like the Corpus aren’t just letting us take the win. This would feel like an absolute all-hands-on-deck from the Captain and raise the stakes even higher; They are launching everything they have to stop you.
  • Cy tells you that they have jammed your teleport and sent fighters, and to get back to your Railjack asap.
    • Now the AI might have more to deal with. It might be better to spawn fighters when a Player(s) are something like ~20m away from an extraction point.
  • When you make it out of there and into space, the Corpus Commander requests immediate backup from fighters to stop you from destroying the ship.
  • I feel like these changes would help keep that exciting feeling of the first half of the mission into the second half. I just want to feel like I am fighting against the Corpus through the whole mission instead of just the first half and have to clean up at the second half.

That’s all, I know it is a lot but I really wanted to give some solid feedback and suggestions for my favorite section of the game. I hope this helps!

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I've really been enjoying most of the Railjack rework, however there are two things that I would like to see changed or addressed if possible

1) It would be great if the NPC Crew could target things like Radiators during missions so when Solo you don't have to jump back and forth from the ship

2) I really enjoyed the Orphix event but the Orphix nodes are significantly more difficult to the point that they aren't enjoyable just frustrating.  During the Event I could down 20 Orphix solo with no issue now I am lucky to get the 3 I need to finish the mission.  (I do have my own Necramech it is lvl 40) I have been doing them solo so I don't know if they have been tuned to expect a full group of 4 with built Necramechs but it would be nice if there was some scaling if you are solo as I would love to go back to enjoying them but as it stands now I'll be avoiding them sadly as like I said they are more frustrating then enjoyable

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On 2021-03-23 at 12:57 PM, caustik said:

^This but also add boss fights.  Maybe every 5th round (would have liked to see that in Onslaught mode).  Rotate in a few diff types and of course harder each iteration,  I'm a fan of blowing the reactor on a ship to big to be to killed.  Take out shields with RJ and fly int to the center via archwing to pop reac.  Extra beefy boss ships.  Tactical puzzle boss,  like the new corpus crewships. Carrier boss that commands, buffs, spawns enemies.

I totally agree with you. But i think there are too many people with different opinions talking to the DEVS. All the railjack thing is probably very confusing for then right now. To be honest i criticized the new railjack in other posts and now i regret what i did. Because it will not help improve the game, doesn't matter if i'm right or wrong.

I thing the DEVS should listen only people that enjoy the mode ....

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I'm liking the update so far.

One idea I had for transferring from railjack to warframe mission is maybe these big corpus ships have new emergency defensive tech since the change in leadership.

The capitol ship activates 'void' shields that slowly, once complete the ship is now isolated in the void. You have to dock the railjack for the boarding mission.

This could add some elements to various missions:

Replace defense with a hybrid of defection and hijack; you board, find the defense pod then escort it back to your docked railjack, then repeat like defection for endless  mode.

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Not a bad start, cool graphics but locking the crew to board and leave the Railjack is a big defunct of railjack feel.

Multiple Ice caves/derelicts or exploration areas or other ships to board in one node would be enjoyed. Giving you the option to "stay at it" or leave when you want.

As far as space fights go: Railjack is cool but only one person can pilot and have that cool "dogfight" feel. Everyone can Archwing and it is cool but at a scale-size, your still pretty slow and somewhat squishy...   Why can't we have a Gear Item to have our selected Orbiter pick us up from Archwing and allow us to pilot the Orbiter (our now "Fighter Ship") with a single turret and high speeds for awesome aerial dog fighting?

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I am sorry if this was mentioned before but :
Veil Volatile mission. Crew ship vanishing.

Did most of the objective but when I start killing Crew ships (mission objective 0/3) most of the Crew Ships vanished after their weak points have been destroyed. I am talking about the three nodes that you need to destroy before you can enter the ship. I destroyed them , jumped into my artillery and the ship went *puff* ... happened to 3/4 Crew ships ... and no other spawned so I was forced to abandon the mission.

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Now that we heard from devstream about AI Count issue, there's a thread in general discussion talking about it.
At first I thought I'd just join in the conversation but I ended up making a longer post, maybe this is worth posting here too.

Even if it meant reducing the number of enemies and making them stronger so that each enemies are worth 5 instead, I'd still wouldn't remove the freedom that Skirmish had.

At least now I know why it is the way it is. The honesty is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I suppose there are ways to make me like Corpus Railjack a bit more, if I make it so the mission seems to have more Railjack than Core Warframe in it, it gets  more enjoyable.
I still prefer Skirmish but I suppose the real problem for me come from the Really fast and short objectives.
In Veil Proxima Corpus it Can look like this sometimes.

-"Destroy 3 Security nodes" => they get blasted in an instant, it's like they weren't there to begin with.
-Disable 1 Priority Target => it takes a bit of time but it's not that long either.
-"Destroy 2 Crewships"

Then you're done with Railjack, you go into Capital Ship.
Even the very first Railjack mission on Earth seem to have more Railjack objectives than that. First mission is 2 Crewships and 35 fighters to destroy.

I get the idea is to make most missions take a similar time, so if your mission is both Railjack and a Core Warframe mission. One of the two will be shorter than usual if not both.
And since some mission like Exterminate are already shorter than Endless missions, you could want to avoid shortening the Core Warframe one.
It also wouldn't be possible to shorten a Defense or Orphix mission since it's Endless.
Yet I still think Exterminate and Volatile could have been treated differently.

There's probably multiple ways to go about AI Count, some better than others.


1) "Stronger enemies" for fewer enemies is a good idea and can be applied for Space combat aswell. It's already the case with Crewship I assume but as a way to really cut the cost on Railjack Space Combat temporarily we could take it a step further and double down on the idea. Players don't like enemies that take forever to die on ground except some bosses but maybe for Railjack Space Combat it would be more appealing.

Like a Special Crewship enemy (worth 5 usual Crewships) you can't board so that you don't have to meet other AIs, with multiple parts protecting it that you can remove with firepower from guns and/or by planting a bomb through the use of Archwing near a weakpoint that you'd have to discover while fighting it and/or by scanning it.

If done right, the multiple parts of the missions, Point Of Interest, Space Combat and Core Warframe mission can rotate their AI Count respectively.
There would be a priority system, so that one part of the map could call for more AIs to be used. If so, the other parts would have less enemies there. Once the wave of higher number of enemies died AND if the other parts are done fighting their LowCost sequence (like the Special Crewship for Space Combat) we'd rotate.
Space Combat would have more enemies, Core Warframe would have less enemies for a while, then we rotate again.

One could think that rotating the places where enemies spawn one after another might let players have a better control on where enemies spawn and thus regulate the difficulty. Which is true but not entirely correct. The difficulty is technically higher for everyone regardless of whether or not they understand how it works.
If there are space fighters or a Crewship, you can't ignore them so you split, you leave at least one pilot to flee away from the enemy.

If the Special Crewship is destroyed and the system is waiting on the Core Warframe part to finish their round, the Railjack Crew can Teleport or give a hand to the Away Crew through the use of Tactical Ability Kinesis. They could also use that time to loot around or use the Forge. Maybe some members of the Away Crew might need to come back to the ship to help with some Space Combat or even the forge itself.

And once the rotation occurs, every parts should be played properly again.



2) Assuming the problem is to have AI on multiple locations. Instead of locking all Railjack, why not just lock the other Point of Interests for the duration of the Core Warframe mission.
While it'd be fun and efficient to be able to go to an Ice Mine while others are in the Capital Ship, most of the mission should be around the Capital Ship, If locking Point Of Interests mean having enough performance for the Core Warframe mission and Space Combat outside, that seems more interesting to me. But only devs can tell.



3) There are more experimental routes that you already started to explore like the OP-Link. I'm not expecting we go that way but technically you could solve the AI count issue by splitting 2 squads calling for assistance in their mission.
You'd have either 2 squads who started Space Combat at different places (not same map) or 1 squad starting Railjack and 1 squad on ground mission like shown at the Tennocon 2019

If there's already 1 ground mission squad, Railjack squad gets alot of space combat, kinda like Skirmish but more oriented around Capital Ship. Tennocon was talking about a Disruptive Field slowing Railjack Squad progress needing Fish Team, it's a decent representation of what could be in this scenario.

If there are 2 Space Combat squads looking for OP-Link assistance, the two could help each other, if no ground squads are available. Mid mission, they'd get some voicelines from C;. each will Conveniently find something that could help the other.

The roles are chosen randomly upon finding op-link assistance.
One is helping by luring most of the fighters to them, they won't have the ability to board their Capital Ship. They'd have more Space Combat to do until they're allowed to board their Capital Ship. This would justify not having that many Space Combat to do for the other squad.

And the other is doing the current Railjack Corpus mission we have, very few Space Combat and a Core Warframe mission.
If the Core Warframe oriented squad is done sooner than the Space Combat squad, they get to extract before them but the Space Combat squad gets the right to fire at a defenseless Capital Ship with weakpoints exposed. Putting an end to the mission with some bonus reward given to each for giving OP-link assistance.

This way, both have no AI Count issue, and the Corpus Railjack would make more sense.

Thanks again for the DevStream. Looking forward for what comes next.

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Feedback at J+9
After playing for a week, and mostly simply grinding Nu-Gua Mines for Nautilus parts -- which i still haven't completed yet -- here is some more feedback to what i previously shared.

About Corpus Proxima missions
I'd expect Empyrean to revolve more about space missions since i bring a Railjack. As a Pilot, i don't have much to do: a few Security nodes to destroy, a Crewship to face while a Crewmate mans the Forward Artillery, when i simply haven't dropped them next to Primary Objective / Cache platform. As a Crewmate, i either complete indoor objectives or man guns waiting for my dropped allies to do so. Besides high level Volatile missions, there is no much incentive to board enemy ships.
So, overall, i am not quite appealed.

About the updates
On top that, i shall add that i'm disappointed in the quality. Don't get me wrong, visually it is gorgeous, and the added soundtracks are awesome. But the bugs around those missions, and moreover the ones brought in by hotfixes, made that first week even less enjoyable, having to constantly resort to workarounds to not get the progression stuck.
As a developer myself, i do know that each modification to the code is a risk to also break things, so having some bugs when launching such a big update was to be expected. But on the long run, there are processes that can be put in place to limit that risk, moreover on hotfixes, whose purpose is to specifically to remove bugs.
Please, please do something about that.

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comparing archwing slingshots with forward artillery in terms of functions/difficulties:

forward artillery: can one-shot crewships, only need to aim for general direction + railjack being stationary

slingshots: cannot deals any damage, just a transportation tool, need to aim for small designated spots + railjack being stationary


conclusion: no means to use slingshots in battle in its current state, even if it's cool


Possible/suggested Solution: Slingshots should be built with auto aiming (and probably auto piloting to some extent during the flight due to the possible movements of the target) to become actually viable in the battle.

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I enjoy the sections of the corpus missions that act like the skirmish parts of the grineer missions, those secondary objectives, because you can hop between those and the railjack. Looking at it from an in-game perspective, what's to stop the corpus from destroying the ship while the whole squad is on their capital ship? The commanders literally say the ship's useless without the crew.

Second, I don't really enjoy the player-isolated ammo. having individual dome charges is silly. Compare the RJ to a ship, pretty much any sci-fi ship. The ammo for the guns does not increase if a different person hops into the gunnery seat. The ammo is static and I far preferred the older method of ammo.

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I have both positive and negative feedback regarding the new Corpus missions.  Please bear in mind that this feedback comes from a solo player who started out pretty well geared up in terms of my Railjack weapons and whatnot when the update dropped. Sorry for the wall of text.

I'll lead with the positives:

1.  Holy hell, the art and level design teams knocked it out of the park with the side-objective mission tiles.  The Ice Mines in particular are gorgeous but all the others are impressive in their own rights.  Stepping into the connector between the Corpus base and the Orokin tower was a real "wow" moment for me.  I love how "lived in" these new places feel and I'm especially digging the more focused design they have.  A lot of older tilesets come across as a random patchwork of rooms and halls with no in-universe purpose.  Seeing Solaris mining ice or walking alongside a moa assembly line or ice driver system loading projectiles really serves to reinforce the thematic elements of the missions and give them that sense of purpose.  I really hope we go to do more with these in future.  It also goes without saying that the new space skyboxes and space debris are beautiful.  Seriously, the art team did a wonderful job.

2.  The new hacking mission with the EMP's and jamming drones is a definite step up from what otherwise would have probably been another mobile defense objective.  The pulses are well aimed enough to make it feel like they're trying to predict where I'm going to be (regardless of how it may or may not be coded under the hood), and they do a great job of thwarting the worst part of defense style objectives: making me stay put.  Warframe is at its best in motion, and this hacking thing actively encourages us to keep moving and actually traverse the new tiles rather than just park ourselves and be a turret with Mesa or something.

3.  I quite like Volatile.  It makes great use of a room that previously felt like it was being wasted on just being another room in the tileset, and it's an interesting spin on sabotage style objectives.  I love that it incentivizes staying mobile at all times despite being confined to a single, admittedly decently large, tile.  The ever-narrowing heat range does a good job of making me think on my feet.  Should I really pop that vent now?  What if an engineer comes while I'm at the far corner?  It it worth dropping it below the range for a few seconds by prematurely venting just to be safe?  It's not exactly the deepest and most sophisticated of tactical assessments, but I think it's just right for a short and sweet mission like this.

4. It's really fun having more places to use my necramech. For a solo player like me who isn't decked out with arcanes and rivens, necramechs offer some much needed firepower and protection in tight spots.


Now for the more negative/mixed feedback/suggestions.

1. I recall a devstream stating that the goal with Corpus railjack was to bring more core warframe gameplay into railjack missions. While this is a goal I was on board with, I think railjack as a whole now caters exclusively to two extreme ends of this balance. Grineer missions are 80% space to 20% ground, and Corpus swing all the way over to 20% space, 80% ground. Personally, I don't want to see either extreme go away. Rather, I'd like to see more missions added with a more even ratio.

2. Bounty-style missions. The explanation about overloading the game with lots of AI if you let the crew split up into something like a normal exterminate or survival alongside space combat and also two further side objectives full of enemies made a lot of sense to me. I can see how that'd get out of hand really, really quickly. I wonder though if this could be limited by delineating a mission into distinct phases a-la bounties or defense/interception/disruption waves. Simply put, if only one ground objective was open at any given time, that limits how many AI could be running ground side. The game seems to handle that much well enough already in skirmish missions. This could perhaps be further improved by limiting space enemies to a squadron of crewships rather than swarms of fighters and having the ground mission be an assassination mission with limited enemy spawns. Even if this doesn't hold for under-the-hood reasons, the bounty format would also have other benefits in terms of making more distinct mission types possible for the space portion of railjack by chaining objectives in different, thematically interesting ways.

3. EDIT:  After some eye-opening discussion further down in this thread with EtherPigeon, I've heavily revised my assessment of size scaling issues in Corpus railjack.  My initial impression was that the interiors were hilariously oversized for the exteriors, but some (admittedly crude) measurements with waypoints, and taking a good look from a distance using my railjack for reference, shows this to be quite, quite wrong.  I think what I'm seeing is the same thing that makes the moon look bigger down by the horizon where there are trees and/or buildings to compare it to, and smaller high in the sky with nothing but stars to compare it to.  In space, there's nothing to readily use to judge the ships against... except the entrances.  As EtherPigeon so astutely pointed out, the Grineer versions have a much smaller door nested inside a larger structure to make it readily visible from a distance.  The Corpus doors by contrast look virtually identical from both sides, but are at radically different scales.  Absent any other frame of reference, this makes it look like the interior is much, much too big for the exterior, even if it clearly isn't when measured.  Even the crewships check out pretty darn well when waypointed for height from the inside and outside.  If the exterior doors on all the Corpus ships and points of interest were adjusted to compensate, I think this issue would be significantly reduced.

4. Speaking of capital ships, I really wish they were more of a threat. Maybe it's just because I'm decently well geared and modded shipwise, but they seem to be almost entirely harmless. This is something that Corpus missions inherited from their Grineer predecessors. I'll never forget my immense disappointment the first time Cy told me that a galleon had launched missiles at me… only for them to approach slower than a drunken Teralyst and then give up and explode three kilometers short of hitting my ship. The Corpus capital ships really don't fare much better. The Corpus captain may as well not have the voicelines about firing torpedoes because they don't matter at all. I am more frightened of the flying polyps of Deimos throwing themselves at my head than I am of a Corpus capital ship's entire arsenal. It feels more like we've caught them in drydock with their pants down rather than engaging them in a pitched space battle. Although, I'd actually be totally down for that as a mission setup in future.

5. Side objective gameplay variety is a little too limited. While I do like the new hacking mission with the pulses and drones, it's a bit of a letdown that it's as prevalent as it is. It's much the same problem that the Grineer objectives had with being “use the console, shoot the radiators”. Some more variety in this department would be great. Even something as simple “oh, this one has a conduit and a demolyst”, or “find and blow the heat vents”. Just a touch more unpredictability to shake things up a little. I would make it a rotation though. If you give options like a starchart sabotage mission does, everyone will always go with whatever is fastest and never even touch the others, something I'm totally guilty of.

6. Archwing continues to be out of place in Corpus railjack. Beyond the lowest level missions, everything but Amesha gets blown to bits if an enemy so much as looks at it the wrong way. I get that it's probably a nightmare to balance the archwing against the railjack without either one becoming a clear winner, but right now the archwing is in a bad place even while serving its sole purpose of moving between the railjack and objectives. The overall weakness of archmelee also makes it really hard to scan fighters since trying to actually use a scanner on fast targets is hopeless (especially on controllers) and trying to melee higher level fighters feels like breaking down a wall with a spoon.

7. Corpus fighters don't particularly stand out either as threats (to the railjack) or as targets. They die so quickly that I'm not even sure what unique mechanics any of them might have, and they don't really pop out of the background enough to be visually striking. This latter issue I think is down to their darker color schemes compared to Grineer fighters combined with their use of light effects. It's mostly their glowing features that get spotted while the hulls fade into the background.  For the record, the fighters do look good when I get a look at them, I just don't really get the chance in gameplay.  EDIT:  After spending a little more time in the Veil, which has a skybox which clashes against the fighters much more strongly, I did start to get better looks at the fighters.  And after playing a bit of Grineer railjack again, I think I might have hit upon another reason I wasn't seeing them as well: inferior numbers.  Grineer approach in large enough numbers that some can survive long enough to buzz the cockpit for a good look, if I don't blast them all into oblivion with seeker missiles anyway.  Corpus fighters come in relative handfuls and are thus a lot easier to pick off at a distance before they ever get close enough to really look closely at.

In terms of combat, I can't help but wonder if there needs to be a level of enemy between fighter and crewship. Something that I or my gunner crewmate can't instantly swat out of the sky, but which doesn't demand the use of the main artillery to bring down. Grineer outriders sort of got towards that territory, but the Corpus units don't seem to have anything comparable.

8.  After going back and playing some more Grineer missions again, I've noticed that there's a serious gulf in enemy strength between Corpus and Grineer.  I actually suffered multiple hull breaches and died a few times groundside, whereas the Corpus were doing comparatively little damage and going down a heck of a lot easier.   I'm not one to go around asking for harder content, filthy casual that I am, but I wanted to mention it just in case it's not intentional.

Edited by UnderRevision
Revisions to original thoughts based on discussions and further time spent playing while paying attention to specific details.
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First off, I am not a pre-update RJ expert.  I played it when Nightwave called for it and found it fun to play.  I never piloted my own RJ, and my intrinsics were at 5's and 6's (now all 6 and 5 in the first one).  I never looked into building up my own ship.  I was so put off with the intro quest (abandoned it during the first week I saw NW weeklies had it) that I kind of detested the idea of RJs.  Until I played some missions during the 2nd time NW called for it.  I really wish the game HAD TOLD ME I didn't need my own RJ built to do the missions.  So the changes to the quest are good, but it should have been that way day 1.

Now, after the update (I've only done missions in the Corpus area), I find Railjack less fun to play.  Why are base Warframe mission types just copy/pasted into Railjack?  Especially defense.  I don't see the point, really.  I'd much rather be a side gunner (though affinity issues are there), out in my Archwing fighting smaller ships or repairing/maintaining the Railjack.  But every Corpus mission I've done (and I'll admit, it's only been the defense mission and exterminates) is mostly not a Railjack mission.  None of them have been as fun as Railjack was pre-update, and I'm only doing them for the 6.06% sentinel part drops from the side missions.  This has me not liking doing something I used to enjoy.

I doubt that was your goal, but I also don't know how you guys at DE could have thought shoe-horning standard Warframe missions into Railjack would improve the Railjack experience.  It seems so uninspired and lazy to me.  So do the double mission complete screens (still here after update).

I haven't been to any Grineer nodes since the update, due to farming the parts for the sentinel.  The way things are going, I'll probably ignore Railjack again after getting all the parts.  I was really looking forward to trying out the solo mode, though, so maybe I'll look into that to stem the boredom of the farm.

I was looking forward to enjoying Railjack more with this update.  Sadly, that's not happened.  I'll admit that maybe there's a mission type I'd enjoy more (like one with no full ground-based standard Warframe mission but still the ice caves for the sentinel drops) as I've not done each one.  But all I've experienced so far is less fun and less Railjack in my Railjack missions, with more tired old Warframe missions crammed in, with typically stingy drop rates for anything new.  I kind of envisioned an alternate experience to have fun and farm up standard resources in something not just like every other mission.  I think you guys delivered the opposite of that.

Also, moving Ash and ESPECIALLY Oberon to Railjack exclusively seems...ill-thought...to me.  Oberon is not a top tier frame, and was my first crafted frame.  Incredibly useful to new players, and not so much to experienced players (still strong, but almost never the strongest).  And now he's in Railjack?  This seriously seems backwards thinking by you guys at DE.

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On 2021-03-22 at 9:45 PM, Sotales said:

Constant Resources and Mods popup, with sound, in Railjack is not needed. Maybe for some of the more rare resources and wreckages, but not for every resource and mod collected.

I agree with this concept for all missions, and feel this request would be best implemented through an "Options" menu selection like "Server Location" has for mod pop-ups remaining on, only displaying new mods, or completely disabling mod-pickup notifications. Thanks for your input!

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