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Update 29.10.0: Corpus Missions & Points of Interest Feedback Megathread (Read First Post!)

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So this touches upon things I mentioned in another post in the equipment feedback thread, and again I'm a Switch player who is only going off patch notes and pictures from forum posts. 

Missions: I don't understand the logic that went behind including endless mission types behind a meaningless Railjack mission. In fact I don't understand including any of the normal groundbased Warframe missions in Railjack beyond what we already had in the Grineer railjack missions. If people were complaining that it all said Skirmish then there was an easier fix since it really wasn't just all Skirmish. Gian Point for example would be the Railjack equivalent of Exterminate. Any of the ones with objectives, like steal the Crewship or disable the Missile Station would be Sabotage. So why weren't we given Railjack equivalents of Defense where we protected a Tenno ship harvesting resources from something like an asteroid, and I'll touch on that idea more in a bit.

But there's more to my issues with the missions being included in Corpus Railjack, including Orphix. It takes away from the Railjack missions, where we fought other spaceships. and the fast paced nature of that. Now we have to get an entire squad to not only take care of trash fighters and crewships to then get onto a capital ship, and deal with ANOTHER mission where the "unique" rewards aren't unique (at least according to the Patch Notes), Why? Why all this hassle and pointlessness? If I wanted to play a Defense mission or an Exterminate mission I'd go to one of those on the normal star chart. I don't want to do those missions when I load up on my Railjack. I sure as hell don't want to deal with it with Orphix Venom. This isn't including Railjack in the rest of the game, it's just a pain in the butt. Especially since we can get complete newbies who just built their Archwing in our squads, which confuses me. Again I'll touch on this later, as it goes into my solution for these problems. But first let's touch on a specific mission type.

Orphix: First off if Orphix Venom is supposed to be another way to get Arcanes instead of doing Eidolons then why are they only in Rotation C of rewards? In addition why are the rewards given every 3 Orphix? It should be either a reward for every Orphix or like Disruption where it gives rewards based on every round's performance because in a competent squad the Orphix will only live for a minute, a minute and a half if they aren't full or something. In addition why aren't the bronze Arcanes in Rotation A, the silver Arcanes in Rotation B and the gold and platinum in Rotation C. There shouldn't be any other rewards, no Endo, no Credits, no Void Relics. There are way too many Arcanes as it is, we don't need them all on one drop table, nor do we need them also competing with any other rewards.

But last a question, why are people who just built the Archwing allowed into Railjack? What is the thought processes going into that decision? It's no longer a really bad grind or as long to make anymore nor is it limited to those who have a clan, with a dojo with a built dry dock. I don't understand this decision.

So here's my first solution, it'll take more dev time and isn't simple, but it's the best way to avoid "content islands" and will help you when you try to bring back Trials (Raids).

First lock participation behind having a built personal Railjack. Second lock Orphix missions behind having a built Necramech as well, and remove the space portion of those missions. Third make missions that allow people to have multiple Railjacks in a single mission up to a total of 4 Railjacks, and a total of 8 players so people will have at least two people in each Railjack. If theres too much going on in a mission like that then Trials will never work, and to make sure of this you need to allow players who are piloting their Railjack to include the NPC crew mates if there's space for them to appear like when the second person slingshots into a crewship to take them out all 3 NPC crew could work while the other player pilots the Railjack. That's a lot of stuff that will really test your systems, but if Trials comes back I can't imagine it would be any less hectic. 

Regardless the new missions should be Railjack equivalents of missions like in normal Warframe, like the Defense mission I mentioned above. Here's the premise of that mission, Tenno Operatives are mining in a sector and are under attack from (X Faction), defend them while they get ready to retreat. After 5 waves allow them to continue mining for their original objective and there's the reason you can stay longer in the endless mission type.

Defection could be protecting Crewships from the faction they are defecting from, with a convoy passing through one end of a sector to another for each wave. Of course this would require an "Avionic" that allows players to heal things, maybe switching your guns from damaging to healing for 15 seconds or something. These could be useful in more than just defensive missions of course. 

Interception could allow players to launch Necramechs from the Slingshot onto satellite installations to help protect them from boarding parties. A player could use Warframes there as well if they don't have a Necramech to fight the actual boarding party but to kill the ships before they get there would require a Necramech or Railjack. It would give reasons for using "Avionics" like Tether, since it could slow down enemies before they reach those satellites. 

These are all ideas that will take time to implement, but I'd really like to see them. So here's a more immediate solution to having the "normal" missions detract from the fast paced nature that should be easier to implement in the mean time. Replace any endless missions (bar the Orphix which should be fixed with the second step of the above solution regardless of anything) with Capture missions, since these are really fast and this won't take away from playing on the Railjack. In addition use Assassinate and Sabotage objective equivalents like Grineer Railjack did before this. There's a simple solution that shouldn't take too much time for you. Frankly I don't want "endless" missions as they are implemented currently. 

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It would be cool if during skirmish missions your AI crew could target mission objectives (i.e. the reactors vulnerable railjack crew fire at the weak points)

This would help solo play so you don't have to keep going back and forth between your railjack and the mission objective.


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I'm not sure if this belongs here, but we absolutely need a "Start mission using my railjack as host" button.  What's the point in making my RJ viable if it's a coin toss whether or not the mission I join is using my ship?

I don't want to have to manually invite a squad every time I want to do multiplayer.

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1 hour ago, Grandmaster_Yoda said:

It would be cool if during skirmish missions your AI crew could target mission objectives (i.e. the reactors vulnerable railjack crew fire at the weak points)

This would help solo play so you don't have to keep going back and forth between your railjack and the mission objective.


that is one i forgot to mention. really good idea.

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So my opinion so far:

1. AI crewmember on pilot role should align Railjack to the nearest enemy crewship if player enters the catapult or frontal artillery gunner seat. And  on Volatile mission, pilot crewmember should align Railjack to the vulnerable points of enemy flagship when player enters the frontal artillery gunner seat.

2. Pilot and Gunner crewmembers SHOULD NOT ignore mission objectives, such as radiators, that needs to be blown on grineer missions

3. Additional points of interest type need to be random, not fixed per Proxima.

4. All missions against the Grineer should have additional points of interest too.

5. Why AI crewmembers are not randomised? Their stats are, but their appearance is fixed per syndicate (they even has only one gender per syndicate, which means that Steel Meridian crewmembers will always be females and Perrin Sequence will always be males, for example) and they all have one or two variants of biography, which will be identical for other potential crewmembers from that syndicate, who are available this day. Also they have reverted energy colors, compared to warframes' equipment.

6. Cephalon Cy should notify player about enemy boarding parties, that entered the Railjack, even when player is not on the Railjack, so player can reassign roles of the crewmembers to effectively counteract the invasion. Why do I notice that my ship has been boarded only when half of my crew is downed?

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What we got (good!)

Looking at what dropped in 29.10 update, I really like a lot of what I see.  I hope this Corpus railjack stays as an addition to Warframe, but I really hope that a lot more is planned for Railjack.

What I liked:

  • How cool is it that you can use a Railjack to deploy to a normal Warframe mission!? Edit: Come on, as an option on top of existing gameplay, and with rewards of its own, this makes for a good preview of what we all hoped Railjack would be.  Plus, it just makes the game better.  I would have loved this as a new player, especially.
  • Being able to use 'mechs outside the plains is nice - I might not want them everywhere, but this is awesome!
  • I love the nearly seamless transition to side-quest missions before the real mission starts!  Divide and conquer, towards the same goal!
  • Aside from the obvious (I should be able to choose to host, and other players should be able to leave with rewards intact if they want), it really is a nice change of pace to have a whole squad hanging out in a shared space between missions.
  • With new, more challenging but mostly balanced enemies, this is hard mode without most of the one-shots of Steel Path, and without the block-everything drones of Arbitrations.
  • Volatile adds another skill-based mission type that lets us be awesome ninjas with a chance of failure.  As it should be.
  • The new tilesets and enemies are an excellent addition to an already beautiful game.


On 2021-03-21 at 6:52 PM, Lakyus said:

If you want to connect base Warframe and Railjack, remove Proximas and put the nodes in the Star Chart, as optional (or not) nodes. Instead of always using your Landing Craft, you could board a mission with your Railjack crew.

I mostly agree with above - with a few fixes, this would make for an awesome variant/replacement for some of the upper star-chart "regular mission but in space" and archwing missions.  A solid addition to the core Warframe.  It's not what I hoped for in a Railjack expansion, but it does make for a nice Warframe expansion.

What we expected

I hope this isn't the extent of Railjack - it has so much potential, and it can be much more than it is now.  Based on open-world bounties, Crimson Spear and other relatively recent developments, what I was expecting was more:

  • Space gameplay - we got some cool new space enemies, but no missions to make us actually fight them.  Gian Point may have been one-note, but this is the other extreme.
  • Dynamic objectives and stories  - like Cetus bounties, for example, where multiple objectives flow into each-other more-or-less smoothly.  Having a single 'main' objective that's just a regular ground mission kinda ruins the flow, and some POIs need some tweaks, but really... I just want more of this!
  • Reward for specialization - we have room for 3 loadouts for Railjack mods, and we have no reason to switch between them based on mission objectives, only based on whether the squad is public (use jack of all trades build), or pre-made (use a build for your role - pilot, on-ship, or raider).  Forma too much for one, and you limit your options on the others.  That, and not being able to use your own ship other than in pre-made or solo.
  • New level of tactical control - some might call it micro-managing, but I would love to something along the lines of the real-time power allocation seen in the Tennocon demo.  Just my two cents on that.
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Not all feedback has to be criticism. Updated to say that yes, there are issues, but I'm pointing out what I want more of!
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This is so. Incredibly. Lame.

Let's talk capital ships. You know, those ass-huge ships that we were raiding for years now. Massive monsters with all the guns and machinery we witnessed from inside - and now we have our own ships to fight then in space, right? RIGHT?

So then we got Grineer railjack, where galleons were just #*!%ing lame. A piece of nothing hanging in the space that you still board and raid from the inside. Lame, right? But at least the railjack still was happening outside. Your ship still got engaged, it was potentially in danger.

Naturally, the Corpus railjack should have improved on the capital ship experience, right? Finally a massive obelisk to fight, with your actual railjack. A bossfight shown to us so long ago in that one video. We already had Grineer railjack to test the fundamental mechanics, to polish and bugfix. Now is the time to finally build upon that foundation, and deliver something awesome. Or at least different, maybe?

Well, #*!% you. Here is literally the same thing, except this time railjack part gets locked down completely, and you're stuck in S#&$ty-ass ground mission you can't even teleport out. Why? Just #*!%ing why?

Let's look at Grineer vs Corpus missions, shall we? In grineer mission we have a skirmish part and 2 objectives, where one of those objectives is often a regular tileset like galleon or asteroid base.

Now let's look at Corpus. Do we have a skirmish part? Yes, we do. It's much more lightweigh, but it's there, and frankly, with command and your crew aimbotting fighters for you, they aren't really different. Then we have 1 objective, right? And then we have... a second objective within a regular tileset of a corpus ship. Many wow. Much difference.

Except here you can't multi-task it with your teammates like you can in Grineer RJ, and you can't teleport out once you're done. You have to go on foot to exit. Truly the railjack gameplay we've been waiting for for how many years now?

And that's the worst part. Corpus RJ isn't an improvement on Grineer one. It's not a sidegrade. IT'S LITERALLY THE SAME THING BUT WORSE. Wow. What a crowning achievement of gamedesign.

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28 минут назад, mactrent сказал:

How cool is it that you can use a Railjack to deploy to a normal Warframe mission!?

No, it's not cool. It's anything but cool. It's absolutely unnecessary time padding just to play what we've played for years already, with 0 reward in it.

28 минут назад, mactrent сказал:

I mostly agree with above - with a few fixes, this would make for an awesome variant/replacement for some of the upper star-chart "regular mission but in space" and archwing missions.  A solid addition to the core Warframe.  It's not what I hoped for in a Railjack expansion, but it does make for a nice Warframe expansion.

And this idea should die. Should be killed with fire, before DE starts having funny thoughts again.

Warframe at its core revolves around quick, fast and short missions. It became more and more prominent as the game drifted away from endurance runs, and it's self evident that's the kind of game people want to play. NOTHING will kill the game faster than suddenly padding those missions with RJ gameplay that many people simply don't enjoy, and that adds nothing of value to the ground experience itself. It will be an absolute waste of time. At its possible best you'll get bunch of nodes that nobody will ever play.

And pardon me if I come off as hostile. I'm just so utterly pissed with this update.

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Personally, I liked railjack before the update much better. This feels like a downgrade in many ways. 

The new missions feel way too long. I've played almost all of the new nodes now and most of them feel like they never end. Way too many side objectives and 90% of the missions is still not taking place inside your railjack. What's the point of having the same missions as on the normal starchart? That just makes it tediously long with very little reward for the time spent. How to improve? There have already been a lot of really good ideas in this thread, so I'll just summarize this as please make it more straight forward and more focused on actual railjack. The new tilesets are really nice and certainly have potential, but could have been used better with more creative mission types. 

Orphix: I've really looked forward to the orphix coming back. I played the event a lot and found it a lot of fun. I can't say the same now, the spawn rate is so fast, all you do is rush through the mission trying to keep up. No more strategy for the team, no more options in how to approach this. During the event, we were able to use different tactics depending on if we wanted to finish fast or rather farm sentients, etc. Now it's all about camp one orphix each and solo play in a group, or if you don't have a squad, rush as fast as you can. And that's not even considering the really bad reward scheme now compared to the event.   

Plexus: I really dislike the concept. First off, to me the old concept made a lot more sense. You built a ship, outfitted it the way you like, and it performs just like you expect it to do. How'd you feel if your car only goes half speed unless you have 2 people seated on the backseat? On top of that, you have to rank up the plexus, including formaing it several times to somehow fit the extremely high capacity mods. Which is tricky, since you now have to find a way to build for both random groups and specialized builds depending on your role in a planned squad. Before the update, it was easy to take new players along. My ship had a good build that didn't depend on if the newbies have good loadouts for their role, everyone was able to participate as long as they had an archwing without negatively affecting performance. 

Gian Point is gone. Why? Please bring it back, not everyone wants to spend 30 mins or more per mission. And i really like long mission types too, but not always. It's good to have a choice. It was great to be able to choose between a quick gian point run just blowing up fighters, or picking a node with a longer campaign.

Also, nerfing tether is a shame. Now it's basically useless and it's actually faster to use other avionics instead. Yes, we still get the objectives done, yes it's slower now, but that's not even the point. It was extremely fun and satisfying to watch a bunch of fighters explode when you shoot the tether. The missions are already extremely long now, do we really need to make it even slower by having to manually kill all the fighters one by one? Please un-nerf tether. 

I was sceptical about the new railjack layout at first, but moving the forge more to the front is a really nice improvement. I also love the npc crew, but we really need an option to assign a crew member to the forward artillery. Having to run back and forth between FA and piloting kind of ruins the flow of space combat. Especially when you run to the FA and the crewship you were aiming at moves away in the meantime.. I also agree that the points assigned to the crew members could be balanced better. I would like to have less initial points, but being able to assign more points than just 3 to where we need them. 

Converting flux to energy feels like a step backwards as well. Why would a spaceship care what warframe I'm using? Why do I need to fit flow just to use my railjack? And half the time it doesn't even let my engineer forge more energy, the player at the forge sees energy at max while mine in the pilot seat is empty. With the old concept it was easy, the engineer kept the flux and ammo well supplied, no problems at all. 

Overall, I'm really not sure if I like or dislike the update. It has a lot of potential, but I feel that potential is not used in the best way possible. I certainly play less railjack now than before, even though it still can be fun if you have a good group.

Last but not least, now we have a new mission type with volatile, and once more I find it very strange to have the lotus talk to me in those missions. I've always felt it ruins the immersion to have the lotus as mission coordinator after you have completed the sacrifice quest. I hope some day this gets fixed and we get a new coordinator for past-sacrifice missions (or let us choose for those people who like it the way it is).  



If you want to connect base Warframe and Railjack, remove Proximas and put the nodes in the Star Chart, as optional (or not) nodes. Instead of always using your Landing Craft, you could board a mission with your Railjack crew.


I like this idea. It could even be advanced, why not move the orbiter into the railjack? Cephalon Cy says "This is our home, defend it!" but it's not our home, the orbiter is. Why not just put the orbiter rooms into a lower deck of the railjack once the player has built one, and use the railjack to fly to missions on the star chart, proxima or not?  

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I was hoping to have railjack defense and survival missions in space, defense being either of a space object or of something inside the railjack, while we have to fight incoming boarders and ships for set amount of time/rounds. Infiltrating an enemy ship, stealing a defense object into our railjack, then defending it would be so much better than using rj as a taxi to a boring regular defense mission.

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More feedback:

Please let us host when we leave from the dojo drydock. Or just give us a 'host only' toggle. Or something.

Had been mostly playing solo or in a group put playing public it's really, really annoying there's no way to prefer host only. It's either: solo, find a friend first so you're host, or suffer the randomness of MK1 gear in a veil map or something random like that.

I'd be perfectly fine with the fact that if too many choose host I'm likely to be playing solo for a while - I'll use the command crew, and I might get some other Tenno joining. Or I might not. It's annoying that you either play solo forever, or you have to go out of your way to force the game to use your railjack. Really negative change here.

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4 hours ago, Serafim_94 said:

And pardon me if I come off as hostile. I'm just so utterly pissed with this update.

Then you need a break. Stop thinking about Warframe and come back when update 30 comes, better yet, come back next year. I am saying this for your sanity’s sake. You’ve done your part giving a long angry feedback for DE to consider. Railjack still has a long way before it reached the Tennocon 2020 level of presentation. 

My second feedback :

Look I get it that you turned off the space portion in Corpus Railjack because CO-OP intensive or/and extreme micromanagement gameplay is NOT what the player base wanted, but hear me out. Made space portion an optional incentive, not a requirement. Let’s say when you enter the Capital Ship Cy offers you two options :

  1. Cloak the Railjack leaving invulnerable like we have now and do the mission as normal.
  2. Keep the Railjack engaged in combat to tackle enemy reinforcements.

If you choose option 2 The Railjack can be used in combat and Corpus Railjack ground game modes gets a twist.

  • Defense A progress bar for enemies killed required per wave appears (this should appear in star chart defense too as QoL). In space a special crew ship periodically appears and then launch ramsleds at the capital ship or POI. Destroying 1 adds 20% of the required enemy kills for a wave.
  • Exterminate : Same as defense, killing one crewship adds 20% to the total required enemies to be killed for the objective to be completed
  • Orphix : Orphix will spawn in space and make their way into the ship with high speed. Destroying one of them before it reaches the ship grants an Orphix confirmed kill. To make it not too hard and overwhelm players, decrease the orphix control gain rate.
  • Volatile : when the Railjack is uncloaked and vulnerable Cy works faster and the threshold is more forgiving, but the Railjack will be attacked by fighters. Keep the Railjack alive until he is done.

We would accept that these change come with a compromise with Reduced enemy spawn rate and count to help keep up our hardware performance and keep the game from falling apart.

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Constant Resources and Mods popup, with sound, in Railjack is not needed. Maybe for some of the more rare resources and wreckages, but not for every resource and mod collected.

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So much potential. New taxi to endless missions make sense, keep those. Non-endless like the exterminate should be free roam. Let one crew handle all RJ objectives or multiple crew handle them simultaneously all while RJ action going on. The teleport to player intrinsic makes great use of a level like that (may I also suggest teleport to self, which goes to last teleport position, for those accidental ports to ship or quick back and forth).

Why not RJ x Archwing missions? Make an Archwing exterminate or mobile defense one of the objectives.

Bring back Railjack only missions! I have this even more overpowered railjack that that one shots everything and nothing to use it on. I need more and more difficult to kill space enemies to make use of my RJ. Archwing has it's own missions why not RJ. All the mission types apply, ground and archwing. The OP-Link concept was good too. I loved Scarlet Spear (space).



The new Corpus Crewships are good, a step in the right direction. The moving shield means you need to use the strafe mechanic to hit them or boost (wish I could fire while boosting around it in a circle). They are beefy- so need to soften them up with turret fire and take 1-3 fwd art shots. I can also stun them and park behind the shield or board and pop reactor. On the other hand Grineer CS seems weaker, I can kill them with turrets now -don't even need canon.

I thought I saw some fighters doing the blink, need more of that and in all directions not just forward.

Orphix levels should have sentient space enemies crossfire style.  Also rather then a dedicated level I envisioned orphix's just randomly crashing into ships you occupy including the railjack kinda like being borded.


Still need better AI. Ships that actively try to stay broadside or rear of RJ. Running away from / avoiding powers. Circling / side stepping / not grouping up. A mix of these depending on enemy in addition to leaving some with current AI.

Add bosses. Golem needs a rework, not just follow the bullet sponge. Maybe he’s evolved a bit (see AI above) and now we can face him again in RJ.

Here’s my boss / heavy enemy idea from a previous post:

Sentient kraken, big as railjack. Needs copious turret fire to bring down shields opening up for fwd artillery to blow off 1 tentacle (8 of them?)  Also periodically wraps ship causing havoc- requiring 1 or 2 archwings to deploy to shoot it off.



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add Orphix
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With a fair amount of playtime in both Corpus and Grineer Proximas over the weekend, I've gathered what is likely my final round of feedback. Missions and Points of Interest is probably the area I have the most feedback on, so in the interest of not giving the dev team a headache, I'll give a TL:DR first here and go into detail further below:



  • New Points of Interest are excellent in a lot of ways, visual design, audio, variety, immersion, gameplay effects, etc. Please continue iterating on this and adding more of them, both for Corpus and Grineer
  • Corpus missions and mission structure in general is great but can be even better. Please consider adding more ways for Railjack to affect the main objectives in Exterminate, Defense and Orphix, such as optional objectives like the ones available in Volatile that make the main objective easier or faster.
  • Please consider allowing simultaneous completion of main objectives and POIs as is the case for Skirmish missions instead of making the Railjack invincible and forcing the entire squad to do the main objective together.
  • Please consider reducing average mission completion time from the current 20-25 minutes to 10-15 minutes for MANDATORY OBJECTIVES, while having more POIs and optional objectives for people who WANT to stay for longer and accrue bonus rewards.


Now, with that TL;DR out of the way (and yes, THAT's the short version), here is a probably too detailed post about everything I love with the new content, tweaks and changes I think would improve it, and additions I'd like to see in future expansions of Railjack content. For the sake of organization I will separate the feedback on Points of Interest (POIs), Corpus Missions, and just general feedback:


Points of Interest (POIs) and Loot Dungeons

What I like about it:

  • Visual and audio design is amazing, as is tradition for most of Warframe at this point and ESPECIALLY so in Railjack. 
  • The fast completion time, effectively being a downscaled mission of around 1 to 2.5 minutes depending on the POI is great
  • Every POI giving a bonus reward upon completion is great, ESPECIALLY if the bonus rewards are drawn from the mission reward pool itself
  • Having POIs affect the mission itself (like the Ice Driver firing at the player until disabled, or reinforcing the enemy fighters in some way) is great, makes it all the more satisfying when I complete a POI and know I've disabled an enemy station and AFFECTED the environment of the mission. Sadly, it seems sometimes POIs can become bugged and continue being functional even after a player destroys them (for example, the Ice Driver will sometimes continue firing even after being destroyed)
  • Having some POIs and Loot Dungeons allow you to exit by falling into space or jumping through a broken window is AMAZING. Feels instantly intuitive to the player, is immersive and above all else, extremely entertaining.
  • Having Loot Dungeons and POIs that spawn other factions, like the Orokin derelict in Skirmish spawning Infested, is good for variety inside each mission
  • Having multiple POIs per mission, but only making one or two into mandatory objectives, with the rest being bonus rewards IF the player wants to complete them is EXCELLENT design. Additionally, letting the player decide which POI they want to tackle as a mandatory objective is GREAT

Suggested changes:

  • Loot Dungeons are currently a bit bland, needing to just hack a single console on them. Please consider adding things like the Orokin moon tileset's puzzles to give them a more unique "exploration" feel and help them differentiate from the combat and hacking loop of normal mission objectives and POIs
  • Please consider decoupling POIs and Loot Dungeons from specific Proxima regions (for example, locking the Orokin Shield Derelict loot dungeon to the Venus Proxima) If you lock them to specific regions, it just means some of them will never be explored again once a player has moved on to a higher level region, it is a waste of resources and a shame for players who won't be able to explore them
  • POI visibility out in space could do with some tweaking, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate POIs from random space debris. Also, it can sometimes be difficult to discern between a completed POI and one that remains active, please consider any possible visual aid to help the player deal with these issues

Additions I'd like to see:

  • More POIs and Loot Dungeons per mission, but keeping most of them optional, with only 1 or 2 being mandatory objectives, giving the player the option to run multiple fast missions or stay for longer in each one getting bonus rewards for every extra POI
  • POIs that spawn other factions in a mission, such as a Grineer ship sneaking in a Corpus region, or a ship overrun with Infested.
  • POIs that can be completed from the Railjack or in Archwing (but continue tipping the scales towards on-foot)
  • More opportunities to exit POIs through broken windows and blown up holes instead of the regular exits. This is just too much fun and I love it, please add more of this in POIs!
  • More variety in POI objectives. Consider adding fast objectives or scaled-down versions of main missions. The key factor is keeping them short, ideally in the 1 to 2.5 minute range per POI. My suggestions include: Capture, Rescue (with less hacking minigames between a player and the rescue target) Supply cache recovery, a single-conduit single round variant of Disruption, a short exterminate, Assassination targets (like in Skirmish missions and open world bounties)


Corpus Railjack Missions

What I like about it:

  • The new mission type Volatile is fun and very well designed IMO. The current balance between heat build-up, amount cooled by each pipe and the spawns of engineers sits JUST RIGHT to make it tense but not frustrating, nor brain-dead easy either. The addition of an optional objective (steal credentials) that makes the main objective easier is the cherry on top that I would love to see added to more Railjack missions going forward. Overall I love this new mission type
  • The overall structure of a main objective + 1 or 2 mandatory POIs or side objectives like destroying X number of crewships is good. ESPECIALLY when there are more POIs that are optional and give bonus rewards for completion. This gives the players a choice of running multiple missions back to back or farming all the optional rewards in each mission.

Suggested changes:

  • Consider adding more ways for the Railjack portion of a mission to impact the main on-foot objectives like Exterminate, Defense and Orphix. One suggestion I very much agree with that has been posted multiple times is having optional objectives like the one found in Volatile, that helps make the main objective faster or easier. Suggestions include: Railjack can destroy a special crewship to reduce the number of enemies to kill in an Exterminate mission or skip one or two waves of a Defense mission, or spawn Sentient fighters that reduce Orphix control rate when killed, or reduce the number of Orphix required per rotation from 3 to 2.
  • Please consider allowing concurrent completion of the main objective and POIs. I understand this might have some technical limitations due to the nature of endless missions like Defense, but for missions like Exterminate and Volatile I dislike the fact that the Railjack is locked and the entire squad is forced into the main objective together, instead of being able to branch out and complete multiple objectives and POIs simultaneously.
  • Please consider tweaking the average length of missions. Currently, an average mission without completing optional POIs or Loot dungeons takes around 20 to 25 minutes minimum. I think cutting this down to around 10 to 15 minutes would better serve the pace of Warframe's gameplay. As many of my previous suggestions indicate, this can be offset by adding more optional content per mission for players who want to spend 40 minutes exploring everything a mission has to offer. Specifically for the current missions, consider reducing the number of enemies to kill in Exterminate, replacing the Defense tileset for something smaller and making the spawns faster, and for Orphix, I would personally like to see the rotations reduced from 3 Orphix each down to 2.
  • Speaking of Orphix, please consider toning down both Orphix HP and their spawn rates. Orphixes start becoming very tanky early in a mission, and their spawn rates are currently too fast, easily reaching 3 Orphixes at the same time. I believe the sweet spot would be having an Orphix spawn just as the player kills the previous one.
  • On a final note regarding Orphix, please consider changing the reward tables for at least the Veil Proxima mission, having a combination of relics and common Arcanes in rotation A, relics and Uncommon Arcanes in rotation B and relics and Rare/Legendary Arcanes in rotation C. As it currently stands, acquiring Arcanes only from rotation C coupled with the amount needed to max an Arcane and many Arcanes being underpowered feels unrewarding to the player for the time invested in the mission.

Additions I'd like to see:

  • Giving the Corpus a purely Railjack focused mission type like Skirmish, and giving Grineer the newly added Exterminate, Defense, Volatile and Orphix missions
  • More main objectives that can be completed from the Railjack or Archwing instead of being exclusively on-foot.
  • Changing Grineer POIs to follow the Corpus structure. Have more optional POIs instead of making them all mandatory.
  • More main missions added to Railjack overall. These include Disruption, Rescue, Capture (maybe bring back 3 capture targets at the same time?), Survival (and Kuva Survival), Assault (Kuva Fortress Proxima HYPE?), Reactor Sabotage (aside from Volatile) and Assassinate.
  • Addition of Archwing mission types into Railjack. These include Rush, Pursuit and Archwing Reactor Sabotage. Alternatively, maybe consider having scaled-down versions of these as POIs.
  • The full implementation of Kuva Lich bossfights into Railjack, with many optional POIs and side objectives, to make it a grand finale to a Lich hunt.


General Feedback and Additions:

  • 90% of the update is amazing. Good job, I mean it.
  • Please fix map and objective markers. The addition of multiple POIs has brought the issue of broken map markers to a new high, with up to a dozen broken markers cluttering the screen at times.
  • If at all possible, please consider making capital ships slowly move and drift through space instead of being static objects. It would serve no gameplay benefit at all, I just think it'd look rad.
  • Consider adding areas or Points of Interest that can only be accessed via Archwing, with cramped spaces to contrast the open space in most of Railjack's environment.
  • I'd love to see objectives and events that take place within the Railjack itself, such as a defense wave inside the Railjack.
  • Since this has turned into a wishlist, please implement invasions into Railjack, with Corpus and Grineer capital ships firing at one another, having Grineer and Corpus fighters killing each other out in space and invading each other's capital ships on-foot with boarding parties, like in the good old days of Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005)
  • Also please consider endless Railjack missions that are not derived from a classic mission type like Defense. I would love to see a an endless mission that is TRULY Railjack. Sadly I have literally no idea as to what this would entail.
  • Finally, please tone down CULVERI MOAs, their laser attack stacks heat procs like crazy, I regularly get hit with over 30 heat procs in under 1 second from their attacks.




I feel like the people in charge of reading feedback will send a hitman to my house after this wall of text, but at least I did it with love! I'll be looking forward to the future of Railjack in Update 30 and beyond.


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I`m sorry to say this but Corpus RJ mission don`t feel like RJ missions. The fact that RJ missions are just two types of missions glued together really gets in your face. I`m gonna try to list some issues and how to solve them:

1. Adding standart mission types to connect RJ to the main game is not bad, yet it is executed very clunky. First of all, The mission type should be ADAPTED to the gamestyle of RJ instead of just slapping them on (make it quick and in open space).

Defence - make it in space (defending  a passenger ship from small enemies as well as a high priority targets with high damage to the ship OR you get on the corpus ship, exterminate all crew, silence the ship and mark a target which needs to be teleported away. As this process takes time, you have to defend the whole ship from incoming space attacks AND boarding parties - that way you`ll have to go inside to fight off corpus boarders. Corpus galeons are pretty big, so defending zones or sections of the ship is an option).

Orphix - make it in space(while people are fighting inside, people on the RJ fight off sentient fighters and boarding squads to lower the sentient count inside and their resistance to damage).

Exterminate is too long for the space mission - make it a bonus target on points of interest. 

2. Grineer missions are skirmish type all the way. Corpus RJ could definitely use some.

3. Points of interest are great, yet lack individuality. Adapting some existent mission types can add some veriety to them.

Rescue - rescue solaris workers from the ice mines or abandoned ships ( 4-5 rescue targets. Tap "follow" to make them follow you to the exit. Or exterminate all the enemies to let rescue targets teleport from the mine//just like rescuing them with tokens).

Spy - a quick point of interest with 1-2 data vault(s).

Capture - capture the priority target (kill enemies/hack consoles to lure the target in).  

Orokin puzzles - making them a bonus target on Venus points of interests.

Excavation - place a small mining Nautlus drone (exclusive to ice mines PoI) and defend it for a minute (kill flying drones to speed up the process).

New ideas: Scanning - place your OpLink to scan the area for the ground squad "in question" while killing jam drones(each drone killed grants 10% scanning speed).

Drone Sabotage - you need to hack a disruption drone inside of the secured area. Then accompany it to the reactor to blow up the drone.

PoI interception - steal crates(3-5) from the ship without letting enemies interrupt you (similar to orb vallis bounty). Securing crates in a row without being interrupted builds a multiplier which speeds up your next interception.

Silencing - reduce enemy controle on the ship/base to capture it (keep killing spawning enemies to lower their control). Captured base grants bonuses to the end of the mission: disabling nearby enemies, creating electric pulses etc.).

Main idea of these changes - help players focus on the main task of the RJ mission (like skirmish, space defence or hijack) while adding more (1-3 PoI on one mission) quick (1-2.5 min) and interesting PoI (they have to be quick so players don`t feel the line between standart and RJ missions). 

Huge thanks to Warframe ART team for making new proxima this beatiful! Ice mines are a new breath of air and is a great base to reworking old corpus Europa tilesets!


-choosing your tactical role as a defender/engineer/gunner/pilot/boarder for players. In order to split up the roles BEFORE THE START of the mission(just like the CREW menu, but with your teammates instead).  I`ve bumped into the situation a couple of times when players left the RJ (leaving it empty and vulnerable) or refused to go to the objectives(slowing down the pace of the mission). That way the tasks are destributed beforehand without any bumbs to gameplay. (+ quality of life change - assign your role in the intrinsics menu to pin it, so you don`t have to change it every time on the mission).

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14 hours ago, mactrent said:

How cool is it that you can use a Railjack to deploy to a normal Warframe mission!?

it actually #*!%ing sucks and everyone hates it (except you). Its just boring warframe with extra steps. Genius idea

EDIT: Like ive said in my clan they shouldve went even further with the redundancy. First you start the railjack mission to board an enemy corpus capital ship, in there you do a mobile defense to get control of the ship. Once you have control of the capital ship you fly to a normal planet to do a regular mission from the star chart with the main objective of hacking a console to play a different effing game on your computer

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People seem to enjoy volatile missions, I really don't like them, it's a waiting mission sprinkled with stress-inducing elements.

But speaking of missions, would Corpus missions not be a good place to put Spy and (Old?) Sabotage / Mobile Defense? I think it would fit better than Defense and Exterminate missions on enemy ships.

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just as a little small note, you might want to adjust the relic dropping places since orphix venom is nolonger around, it shouldn't say you are able to get relics from the operation when it doesn't exist anymore, this is an example of one of the relics i have that still sais it for :

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On 2021-03-21 at 4:52 PM, C4Mingus said:

Just want to leave a suggestion for the DEVS ... I don't know if its possible to do this idea or not so ....

Can we have a node for a RJ survival mission? Just a survival, without other objectives. Just killing a lot of enemies ... only fighters and crew ships, without the normal timers from ground survival. But not a fast mission like giant point .. an endless one with the escalation that people like. The rewards could be relics .... a good relic farm.

I think this can be used as an experience: to correct the numerous bugs that RJ has causing the experience of playing impossible for some people (i can only play alone and one mission per time - playing a second in sequence makes the game freezes on the 'ending' screen). And with time new things can be added like neutralizing external weapons on the big ships, destroying the big ships in a sequence of events, and last boarding that ship .....

I think people want some epic space battles. All this boarding and secondary objectives just make everything too complicated. I like them, and i think they are great at some point. But if the game cant even be played (or people don't like it) in a simple and clean way i don't see the point of doing so elaborated things ... that don't even work properly.

As some people already said: a RJ survival, A RJ exterminate, a RJ defence ..... not and taxi or a mixed thing that is nothing in the end.

^This but also add boss fights.  Maybe every 5th round (would have liked to see that in Onslaught mode).  Rotate in a few diff types and of course harder each iteration,  I'm a fan of blowing the reactor on a ship to big to be to killed.  Take out shields with RJ and fly int to the center via archwing to pop reac.  Extra beefy boss ships.  Tactical puzzle boss,  like the new corpus crewships. Carrier boss that commands, buffs, spawns enemies.

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The new mission types are a step in the right direction, but honestly pretty disappointing for the most part.

Defense and exterminate are definitely the worst. It's just a regular mission with a tiny bit of railjack bolted onto the front. I feel like there's a pretty simple fix here though: make the waves alternate. So you do 5 waves of railjack "defense", then 5 waves of interior defense, and repeat. And turn railjack Exterminate into an ABC rotation activity too, alternating between interior exterminates and railjack exterminates. Better yet, overlap the waves: wave 1 of railjack exterminate/defense begins at wave 4 of the on-foot exterminate/defense, and it's up to the players if they want to split off and get a head start.

Volatile and orphix seem much better, but they still feel like the railjack part isn't as integrated as it could be. It would be so much more fun if someone could stay on the railjack during Volatile and shoot conduits that showed up on the outside to help. Or, better yet, give players an actual incentive to split up, so there's a reward for the risk - maybe those staying behind in the railjack shooting certain nodes that light up on the outside of the corpus ship (while fending off the usual fighters, crewships, and boarders) speed up the process inside by a small amount.

It feels like the big problem right now with doing the kinds of simultaneous railjack+boarding gameplay that everyone seems to want is the fact that the railjack's destruction means that you just lose. In regular missions, it's fine if someone splits off and gets themselves killed - not only do they have revives, but you can basically always complete the mission without them. But in railjack, if everyone were to board for a defense objective, but one stubborn person stayed behind on the railjack - well, if they get overwhelmed, that loses the mission for everyone. At best, they're going to force someone inside to be repeatedly warping back to fix the breaches, and at worst they're going to lose the mission for everyone right before it finishes.

I think to fix these things, the railjack's death really needs to change. It would work a lot better if, for instance, rather than losing the mission when the railjack were destroyed, it just needed a ton of repairs. So when you get "destroyed", just add a ton of visual wear-and-tear to the ship interior, turn off the glowy bits, make enemy AI ignore it, and add a ton of breaches, fires, etc. Players have to fix all the catastrophic breaches, and maybe fix the reactor to get it going, at which point enemies start attacking again. And all the new breach types apply too - the ones that disable tactical/stations/etc. (you probably want to fix those before you get the reactor going and enemies start shooting! Or maybe you want to get the reactor and piloting up ASAP). Make the engineering section very slowly build up one repair's worth of revolite so players can't get stuck without any revolite (and smart players will fix the forges first, which don't need reactor power, if they need more revolite).

That would allow you to actually integrate the missions. If some fool sits in the railjack and gets it killed, well, you'll lose a minute or two fixing it all up when you get back, but they don't lose you the mission. It costs you time, not success.

The rewards seem fine - evergreen rewards wouldn't hurt, but I don't think it will ultimately be that big an issue once we have railjack fissures to push people into these nodes. The arcane rewards do seem a little too stingy - I understand not wanting to step on the toes of eidolon hunts, but if you sit down and calculate the average amount of time it would take to get a full set of anything desirable, it's pretty outrageous.

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All I want to say right now is that non-Orphix nodes shouldn't be behind Orphix nodes, not at least on the first few Proximas.

Yes, you technically don't need a mech and yes, with the way proximas work, it's not as important as in starchart, but it still just feels the exact opposite of "beginner-friendly."

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A few days in now and I'll reiterate, my biggest problem with the new railjack 3.0 is the lack of railjack.

It really sucks thats EVERY railjack mission requires you to ditch the railjack at some point.

Grineer nodes aren't as bad, since one person can pilot the ship basically the entire mission while everyone else does the on foot objectives, but in corpus RJ missions you are FORCED into playing some starchart warframe content, and it takes up 80% or the mission. The corpus nodes are just really poorly done overall. The space combat is neat, its interesting having new enemies to fight and new derelicts and such, but the forced tacked on recycled game modes was a terrible idea.

Please, go back to the drawing board on integrating railjack into core warframe, cause this ain't it.
This is just railjack with some core warframe clumsily stitched to its side, railjack content is still an island, and all the changes to the railjack and its systems we're fantastic, but they are compeltely nulled out by the fact that we cannot just play a railjack mission anymore. The railjack is just a taxi now, and while gian point had to go because its time vs. reward investment was too skewed, I think we needat least a couple nodes that are exclusivley railjack content, possibly with a unique railjacked mode that doesn't force you to ditch the railjack at any point.

Even Volatile could fill this niche, if everyone wasn't forced to go inside at the same time.

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As a fan of Old Railjack, at least on the gameplay front, I'm sort of disappointed with the way you guys are currently handling the mission flow. It's only railjack for... the preliminary little bit, and then at the end, if the mission feels like throwing artillery targeting in at the last second. When I see Defense and Exterminate on starchart nodes, I don't expect to just play a ground exterminate mission with extra steps, I wanna use my Railjack for the majority of the mission! However I do have to hand it to you guys, I think the points of interest are really fun. They're short little bursts of Ground gameplay that I liked with the old Railjack (I.E. old points of interest, crewship raiding). There's also the delicate issue of Archwings being super outdated and impotent against most RJ threats, save for Amesha. The ground sections would feel a lot better if there was a way to stay on the railjack and help out from the outside. Having the entire squad forced to be the Away Team is... not the right way to go about making it all work together, I think.

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