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Ideas on the rest of the New War storyline

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(Spoilers for those that haven't done The New War quests up to the 3rd cinematic, go do them, they're pretty good!)
Alright, so, we know that Ballas was in the process of being turned into a sentient at the end of the Chimera Prologue. We know that Erra is the brother of Natah, once a figure we looked up to now a enemy. However, something strikes me as odd. What are the rest of the quests that we'll be looking forward to? I know we'll have to fight and defeat Erra, and try to convert Natah back into Lotus. Keyword TRY. (I for one want our space mom back.) Now, Here's what I'm predicting for the rest of The New War and how it'll play out.

The Beginning: (Cinematic Quest) The War's Call
We are sent to the outer proximias of both Earth and Venus by Onnko and Little Duck via our Railjacks to take out a Murex, only to learn that there was a transmission being sent by Natah to us, the tenno, to help rescue her from her mad brother, Erra. We are given coordinates to us for both our orbiters and railjacks to head to the Tau System to search for Natah, gaining a new Warframe and weapon based on the Sentients to aid us in tracking down Natah and bring her home.

Infiltration into the Tau System; (UPDATE) Operation: Lotus's Bloom
Once we arrive into the Tau System, we set up a operational relay (That will become permanent at the end of the operation and will function like your average every day relay) and we are only able to use our Railjacks to head to the mission nodes, as Ordis won't be able to direct our orbiters to the inner workings of the Tau System, fearing that the Operator might be spotted, giving us a unique mission entrance animation. The Tau System has all the normal missions that we're used to, basically Defense, Survival, Disruption, so on and so forth, only we're battling sentients instead of the normal factions we're used to. As a result of that, us, the Tenno, need to change our strategies in order to combat the sentients and drive them back. Little Duck sets up shop at the operational relay to help us fight back the sentients, like in Operation: Scarlet Spear. Access to the nodes are available from the start, but like the Star chart, are linear in how to complete them. Likewise, you will also be able to complete Steel Path versions of those nodes too for much better loot. There is also a special operation node that will hit the Sentients hard, and allow us to figure out the location of the sentient mothership and allow us to bring Lotus and Ballas home safe and sound.

Locating the Sentient Mothership and the final showdown against Erra, and the discovery of The Duviri Paradox; (Cinematic Quest) The War's End
Requiring the Paracesis and a converted kuva lich/queenpin (It is optional), it now falls upon you and the combined might of all the major allied factions (Solaris United, Ostrons, Entrati, and all the syndicates) to locate the sentient throne room and take down Erra. You must work together with all 3 factions and use their knowledge on the sentients to fight your way to Erra, Natah, and Ballas. At this point, Ballas has... 90% been converted to a sentient, so it's a race against time to bring Erra down before he unleashes his master plan; to destroy all of the Origin System.  While on the way to the throne room, you discover the existence of the Duviri Paradox, which has ties to the Zamarian Ten-Zero. Once you arrive to the throne room (Finally), you, the player, are met with the single most epic cinematic in Warframe history. Your operator goes out of your warframe, takes the Paracesis out of your Warframe's hands, and proceeds to talk to Erra about how he took the only person they (the operator) loved, and is here to take her back. Erra laughs at this and decides to send down Natah, and it leads to an epic battle between the operator wielding the sentient slayer and Natah, the very fate of the entire origin system resting on your operator. Using what you learned from using your Warframes and also from Excalibur Umbra, you proceed to fight Natah. After weakening her, Erra then pulls a no you and shoves Natah to the side, deciding to deal with you himself. After weakening Erra with the sentient slayer, he proceeds to tell your operator that they are part of the cycle, and they are nothing but a devil to all the factions. This upsets the operator, until Eudico and Konzu come out from the entrance to the throne room, running up to the operator, telling them that they have helped more than they know thanks to their involvement in their troubles (Referencing the quests Vox Solaris, Heart of Deimos, Saya's Vigil, Mask of the Revenant, The Deadlock Protocol, and all the other quests they, the tenno, have done). Using this newfound hope, they now have a morality choice to make, similar to those quests with a morality choice. Regardless of choice, they weaken Erra more to the point of death... only for him to escape through a void portal to live another day. We then turn our attention to Natah, and are given the option to either vanquish or convert Natah to our side. Either way, we escape the mother ship and are awarded with some rewards, including a Erra noggle, a Sentient Throne Room captura scene, (More rewards if DE decides to throw in more), and a nice message from Eudico, Konzu, Nora, and Mother, completing the quest in the process and saving the day.

Let me know what you think!

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Here's what I had in mind:

Your idea sounds good as well.

What I think we'll get: more month long grinds like Scarlet Spear and Orphix Venom to pad it out more and more. Also, with your idea, DE wouldn't put a character in a relay during a big moment in the game without stocking her up with new items for players to grind for and buy. Sigh.

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Posted (edited)
15 minutes ago, (PSN)DoctorWho_90250 said:

Also, with your idea, DE wouldn't put a character in a relay during a big moment in the game without stocking her up with new items for players to grind for and buy. Sigh.

Don't count on that, at least in terms of grind. The grind will kinda be easier than both Scarlet Spear and Orphix Venom combined, allowing us to get most of the stuff within either 2 or 4 days. But it's DE's call, not mine. We'll see what happens if DE decides to go with my idea.

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Speaking of the unique entrance animation to each of the Tau System animations, here's how I'm thinking the animation will go: You arrive to the node, from the inside of your railjack, you head to your archwing slingshot, and shoot out of it to the node. Cy then equips you with your archwing and then you fly to the node. After arriving, you disengage and land at the entrance to the mission. Depending on the mission type, Cy will quote on what mission you are in, along with your Operator having new quotes based on the sentients, and also referencing Natah and Lotus in some of them.

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