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What does the 4 separate values on wiki mean?



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Those refer to the level of the item. For example, let's say this is about Rhino's Stomp - his 4th ability:

It means his Stomp will scale up in duration as you level the frame itself. At level 10 you unlock Stomp, which is Rank 0 and has 3 seconds. At level 20 you unlock Stomp Rank 1 with 4 seconds. At level 25 there's Stomp Rank 2, with 5 seconds. And lastly, at level 30 you unlock Stomp Rank 3, at 8 seconds of duration.

It follows the same logic for health/energy/armor/shields, etc. Even though some stats can be fixed or not depending on the frame and specific ability. Stats like range, duration, etc. The more levelled your frame is, the stronger its stats will be.

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Each value of one stat is directly tied to the stat in the same place. So 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% are placement 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. Same thing with Duration. Since 15% and 20s duration share the same placement (3) they are directly tied to each other.

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