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Please Split "Sound Effects" into Ambience, Menu Sounds, and Weapon Sounds


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I find it annoying that Dojo ambience is almost louder than "Ping" sound when you get a whisper chat.

Please, split Sound Effect volume bar into 3 categories: Ambience, Menu, and Other Sound Effects.

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Agree with this, sound effects need to be split up.

I keep sound effects at around 25%, battle sounds are still a bit loud but not deafening but I lose pretty much all ambience.

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Totally agree with this.

Slam attack sound is too sharp(not even low tone) and it hurts my ear. So I turn the sound effect down, but it also lower all the other effects in the game. Ex: Every time I do the NW sabotage 3 cache challenge, I have to turn up the sound effect to hear the ringing.

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