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Charged Chamber And Penetration With Bows



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penetration mods DO work on bows. the easiest way to tell is to shoot a Shield Lancer with the mod equipped.

enough Penetration can go through those little chest-high walls. though half of the time your opponent has his head conveniently uncovered which makes it a perfect shot but eh =P

Reload Speed helps get another arrow out of the quiver quicker and fire rate mods help the charge speed. (the latter is VERY good to have)

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Charged chamber will not even be able to be equiped on a bow as it is a sniper mod.

Reload speed will effect the speed the arrow is drawn and placed in the bow.

Fire rate willmincrease the speed at witch the bow string is drawn.

Penetration can work on bows but not always perfect

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Ok I have heard that bows dont penetrate through dead bodies, would penetration mods help this?

half of the time if you kill the guy you shoot and his body goes flying, if you line up the shot right he will fly into another guy and hurt/kill him too.

really penetration is only good for the shield lancers and some of the thin chest-high walls.

a mod like Shred is good because it has some more Fire Rate and the penetration is an added bonus.... not to mention cheaper than having a pen mod on its own.

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