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2021: Permanent Moustaches (and other limited time cosmetic items)?

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Isn't it about time all "Awareness Campaign Cosmetics" become permanent already?
*campaigns with a cause, not holidays - though a permanent bunny ears, pumpkin head, etc. would be nice too, like the valentines eros arrow skin that was previously a consumable gear.

Why make "Awareness Campaign Cosmetics" permanent?

  • All year round awareness campaign PLUS seasonal event. (Current approach: seasonal campaign-SLASH-event only.)
    • By putting the basic campaign info in the item description permanently, new and old players will be able to read it in-game and may choose to support the foundation anytime.
      • Example item description: "In support of [foundation], Digital Extremes is proud to celebrate and raise awareness for [the cause]. The [foundation] has raised [amount] globally for [other details of the cause]. Visit [website] to learn more about the foundation and how you can help."
    • Then DE can still do the usual seasonal events and announcements - be it fundraising events or donations - with community contests.
  • Wider NEW and RETURNING player reach.
    • Permanent cosmetic with campaign description means new and returning players can see it in-game too, whichever month they are actively playing Warframe. Unlike the old err current approach, only the active players during a seasonal campaign period will be aware.
  • and finally... Fashion Frame! Nuff said.

On a personal note: moustaches all year round! Pretty please? 🙏 Limbo's feeling naked for 11 months of every year without his 'stache. 😂




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  • Mic.ph changed the title to 2021: Permanent Moustaches (and other limited time cosmetic items)?

Alright, so I am in no way sure but here is my analysis on why DE has chosen (yes they WANTED it this way) not to do this.

  1. As these items are awareness event/month only, you are more likely to notice them and ask questions or even better google it and come to forum posts etc. these then explain what the items and more importantly the entire event is about.
  2. If it were permanent it would decrease the amount of "hype" further reducing the impact of the campaign.
  3. Reduced hype = reduced visibility/awareness
  4. Only a limited amount of players uses wiki/google/forums or even something in-game like the codex/inventory to enlighten themselves on certain behaviors/content.
  5. Not knowing that the items are special or in any form linked to a campaign means less attention/awareness to the campaign.
  6. Less questions in chat about the items...
  7. Less fashionframe in chat/forums that further increase the awareness.

Some of these arguments may not seem valid/sufficient to you, but my guess is the general idea is encompassed within these lines.


That said, I would indeed like mustaches all year round... if this is something we can expect anytime soon... I am not so sure.

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2 hours ago, Mic.ph said:

On a personal note: moustaches all year round! Pretty please? 🙏 Limbo's feeling naked for 11 months of every year without his 'stache. 😂

My Xaku in skeletal form (and maybe on fire) is lonely too. ;)

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Posted (edited)

I totally get your point @Quimoth, and I agree/disagree in some of those. In any case, all good. 👍

But the point of the suggestion is to continue the usual seasonal DE-sponsored fundraising events and just add another layer to reach a wider audience throughout the year - like the ones not present during the campaign period. I'm simply suggesting to go beyond the "seasonal campaign hype" since the ultimate goal of those campaigns is to help out foundations anyway, and those foundations run all year round.

And for the new or returning players, who dives deep enough in the fashion frame game of Warframe, will at least see the items and read about the causes whenever they are actively playing. (hype != awareness)


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6 minutes ago, Mic.ph said:

insert image please 🤣

Image of my sad Xaku? He learnt to move on. :D

And to be serious, I don't have image of it.

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