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We Should Be Able To Customize Our Arsenal's Item Order

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In the Arsenal there are a variety of sorting methods, being Name, Rank, Forma Count, Usage, and Focus Lens. But there isn't a custom method, which would be an extreme quality of life improvement.

For example, I have kind of a "holy trinity" of Secondary weapons being my Pandero, Lex Prime, and my Pathblaster (Tombfinger Kitgun, Fall Of Cybertron reference). However because of how messed up the "percent used" mechanic in this game is, there's no way I can have them as my top 3 options.

But if we could customize our Arsenal then everyone could put their favorite frames at the top, along with their favorite and most used weapons, companions, etc. I think that it would be a MASSIVELY positive and helpful quality of life AND customization improvement, and it's such a simple idea that I'm baffled that it hasn't been brought up yet (unless it has and I don't know).

Now the main problem I see is this: what system do you use for this?

My suggestion: you open your arsenal, go to Warframes, and under "SORT BY:" there'll be a "CUSTOM" option. This will bring up a grid (like when you go to your equipment and view your inventory) that will let you hold and drag items around to order them. It's simple and easy to understand for all players.

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Or just give us an option to mark items as "★Favourite" and always display those first, regardless of sorting method. An option to hide selected item from arsenal view would also be nice.

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