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[Recruiting] Starside Republic - Welcome To The Recruitment, Pal!


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Welcome to the party, Pal! If you haven't noticed, you're in the recruitment lobby for our clan, Starside Republic! It's time for you take a small chair and listen to our simple rules and regulations before proceeding any further. Let us begin, shall we?









We will provide you a venue to freely express yourself, however you must conduct yourself while doing so. The rules are very simple and easy to abide by. Treat your fellow Tenno and higher-ups with respect. Some friendly banter is allowed, but keep it to a minimum (we don't want to bring out the paddles, now do we?). Just refrain from any and all offensive conduct and you'll be fine.



That is the main rule to this clan. There are many more, so we'll go through them in rapid-fire bullet points. We will accept all members with open arms, but here are your little pro-tips:


  • Be active! - We need our recruited to have a healthy habit of activity! At least a few times of active participation a week, unless certain activities prohibit you to be active. Please notify us ahead of time prior to your shore leave.
  • Help fellow members/allies! - Should one of your allies request assistance, try to aide them to the best of your best of your ability!
  • Contribute! - That Dojo will not build itself! That and some people do not have a hole burning in their pocket with resources! Please donate your resources to further expand the Dojo!





Our Dojo is completed in primary respects, but we'll be renovating. We have adopted the theme of Zen and peaceful features. The main floor is the hub of ALL activities such as research, dueling, and, the obstacle course. We have the "most majestic hall" available, housing a dueling arena, and 2 Zen gardens and the Grand Hall housing all research operations.





Our republic, Starside Republic, currently has thirty members. If you'd like to join our cause, then please post a reply to this thread, saying you want to apply. However, you must do one thing in your application to join: Create a sentence using the word, Flapjacks.


Ex. "I saw flying flapjacks the other day..."


Please note, this example does not count, so if you use it, try again, and be creative. *Winks*







And that closes the presentation. I thank you for participating in this little lobby and for holding your questions until the very end. I'll look forward to meeting you new recruits. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to list them below with you small application.


We'll see you... Starside.

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