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Cant sell my gram



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Le 19/03/2021 à 19:52, Pyrros_ a dit :

I’m trying to sell my gram but when i go to my inventory it says it’s equiped.

problem is that it’s not equiped, i currently have 2 melee weapons equiped at the same time according to the game

Check Conclave too ... it's often conclave ^^

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14 minutes ago, (PSN)DiligentDiamond said:

Might be on another frame, not the one your using? Or on a specter build? Also u need a gram to build the paracesis later might wanna keep it for that


That would be a Galatine, not a Gram.

Specter and Conclave are the two main places it could be blocked. IIRC it used to revert you to a "default" weapon (the oldest one you own I believe) when you sold an equipped weapon, but it sounds like that changed or broke recently. 

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