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Frost Balancing Suggestions


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Well, I am sure any experienced play knows that Frost has lately been used as a defense frame only due to his Snow Globe, but several of his other powers are based upon an offensive play style. Problem? Yes. To be frank, these powers are amazing at mid to low level game play, but at higher levels, they suck. 


1. Freeze

This power is rarely used by anyone who plays frost. This is probably his worst ability.You just aim with your mouse and fire, but it is a slow projectile that has no homing abilities. It is rare you can hit your target in the midst of battle. It will freeze the target IF it hits them. It deals a small amount of damage. The target will be frozen for a short amount of time, but if they are shot the freeze effect will wear off. You can melee them though.


How to improve this in my opinion: I have two ideas for this ability...

a. Make Freeze like Nekros's Soul Punch where if you have the reticule on an enemy and press 1, then it will instantly hit that enemy. This will deal a small amount of damage, but larger than before. Something like 100, 200, 300, then with focus or whatever. This would not be armor ignore. They would be frozen for the same amount of time as currently, but nothing except an incendiary weapon, such as the Ignis or Ogris, could make the freeze wear off until time runs out.


b. Radial Freeze. When this ability is activated, anyone in a small radius around frost (affected by power range) will freeze for the already set time. This will deal 50, 75, 100 damage to all affected enemies. This damage would be affected by Focus and armor. This would be an "Oh crap!" ability like when you turn around and a Toxic Ancient is right in your face. 


2. Ice Wave

This is an extremely situation ability, such as Freeze. If Frost is to be an offensive mage tank, he needs one ability to do a large amount of damage. This ability could be changed to do just that.


Ice wave should be an actual wave, or cone of ice, that spreads out from the source (obviously being Frost). It would be able to hit large crowds of enemies. This ability would be affected by Power Strength and Power Range. It would do 500, 1000, 1500 damage affected by Focus. This ability should do armor piercing damage to Corpus and Grineer because its freaking ice crystals stabbing them, am I right? It should just be regular damage to infested. They take less damage from the armor piercing type, and that is bad.



3. Avalanche


This is already a great ability, but it should be armor ignore. No armor can save you from a freaking avalanche if you think about it. It should also knock down enemies that are not killed, thus making it also a useful CC at high levels. Otherwise, no changes.




Please give constructive criticism. I love Frost and I want him to be useful XD


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Freeze should be hit-scan IMO.


Ice Wave just needs to ignore armor, it already does good damage.


I like the knockdown on Avalanche idea.  Also needs to ignore armor.



But with all that said, wait and see what Damage 2.0 brings to the table.

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