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Vauban vortex not working as intended? [Investigating]

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Bump. Same issue here.

I'd also like to add that even before this, ever since the 29.8.1 update which said "Made a micro-optimization to abilities that move enemies (Vauban's Vortex etc)", Vortex has felt weaker to me with a less strong pull. It used to group enemies together quite quickly, but after that patch started to just slowly drag them along the ground with a weaker force.

But this is even worse. Please fix.

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Thanks for the info. I didn't know about the weaker pull. I just started playing Vauban a couple weeks ago. Is the pull force, perhaps, based on power strength, similar to Mag's magnetize? I used power strength as a dump stat on Vauban (only 40% and considering power donation).

At any rate, the current state of vortex is almost unplayable now. I feel like I'm making other players in the lobby mad because it's harder to melee them while they are flopping on the ground.

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