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Congratulations on the Zephyr Deluxe skin

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Not only did Liger make an amazing design, but you guys translated it in game incredibly well. Took a quick look in the arsenal and I want to highlight specially the material and maps work: That's exactly the kind of amazing high quality texture work I was expecting with the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game.

Hope you guys can bring up all current assets (including Octavia Prime access) to this quality and fix the issues the recompression left behind. Keep it up! 😄

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I personally think it's Liger's worst skin yet, but that's just me. Loved his Nidus skin though; that thing's amazing. This skin is just so random; there's nothing else like it in the game (and hopefully never will be again), and it looks like something from Fortnite. The landing craft skin does look good, however, and the operator suit is meh imo, but I can see where people would enjoy that. Idk, the Zephyr Harrier skin is just amazingly disappointing for me... it makes Zephyr look like a race car driver or something, and that's really weird. A theme like this would have been far better on a frame like Gauss :|

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