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Faction mods "double-dipping" fix makes them not worth slotting now


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Faction mods should give a bigger bonus now.

Instead of +30% / +55% (primed), the bonus should be +60 / +90% (cca.), and the riven base should also be around 90%.

This is still much weaker than before the change (1.55 x 1.55 = ~2.4, which was therefore a +140% bonus on double dipping procs, *after mods*), so it's a compromise solution. 

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30 minutes ago, bad4youLT said:

Don't factions triple dip in damage ? I dunno 55% seems plenty .

they only triple dipped with old gas, and after the status changes, at best double dipped

now they don't even double dip

why does 55% seem plenty relative to other modding options? could you elaborate?

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