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Something just recent got me thinking...

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First of all, I found this by complete accident. Basically, I brought my necramech, yes, my OWN necramech, into my clan dojo by accident by piloting it when it (the railjack) was docked and fast travelled to the dry dock within the dojo in my Necramech. I can even use my abilities and shoot and everything. But then it got me thinking: Why not we have Dojo missions? Ones where we can really test our Necramechs's limits? Basically, we'd start out at the Dry Dock, where our RJ is, deploy our necramechs (or whatever form of combat you want like your own Warframe or whatever) and defend our own dojo from invaders like the Sentients, or even other clans, like what we had for Solar Rails? That would be a nice replacement for solar rail pvp, and we can truly test our necramechs's abilities. What do you guys think?

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Added a bit more detail to the glitch I found.
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