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Lanka Color Laser


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Oh, they haven't done this yet? :|


Someone at DE should really go through all the weapons and make a list of which ones still need their energy-color applied to projectiles (and ALL glowy bits, where applicable/missing), then have the proper dev fix it--- That would be mighty cool.

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I definately wold prefer MORE to be done with the Lanka, but on the basis of this topic, yes i would agree with the projectile color to be changed to energy color. +1


definately would prefer the projectile to be changed to Railgun MOA shot, aswell as a different model/skin as opposed to reusing the old snipetron model with corpus labels slapped on. (dont get me started on the ugly &#! ogris and torid...)


debating on starting a vote topic for the lanka to be changed or not... i think it could look a LOT better as opposed to the placeholder now.

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