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Limbo have A LOT of bugs (Since 2020 and before. When will these bugs be fixed?)


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Limbo has a lot of bugs that make it less and less effective both in control and in defenses in a very unfair way. I am reporting bugs that happen since Deimos with Limbo and several have not been fixed since 2020. Here is a small list of some. I'm going to be reposting this every time there is an update to see if that way they are encouraged to fix bugs and inconsistencies.


  • TYPE: In-game / Limbo
  • DESCRIPTION: Some enemies proyectiles are not affected by the Limbo's Stasis (2 Ability) or the Rift
  • VISUAL: N/A (Is complicated to see in a photo)
    • When you cut a shoulder from the enemy Deimos Saxum, the projectiles that it will shoot, will not be stopped by the Stasis of Limbo.
    • The cobwebs of Deimos Therid enemies are not affected by the Rift BUT, they can continue to deal damage regardless of whether the target is inside the Rift or not (as if it were a Warframe power).
    • It seemed to me that I saw that the enemy Hyekka Master's flamethrower was not affected by the Rift either and this causes the fire particles to do damage even if the Stasis is activated.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: The Stasis and Rift would be expected to stop and prevent damage from those projectiles from those enemies.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Projectiles deal damage or move anyway, even if they are in or out of the Rift and the Stasis is active.
  • First Report : 
A little experience from a partner. (Please, go to the original post and read all the message. Is very important.)


Visual bug of Limbo Prime (Shoulders)



Some of the new RailJack enemies are not stopped with the Limbo Stasis



Rift Surge have a Limit of enemys? [VIDEO]



CAN YOU SEE THE ERROR? (Limbo Magrite Helmet)(How can something like this happen?)




I will be updating the Post with more bugs soon.

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