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Remove all "waiting for other players" requirements when boarding ships (And an alternative that is better for mission flow)


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IMO, the most boring part of the multiplayer experience is sitting at the extraction point waiting for other players. In the new railjack missions, you need to do this multiple times, and that kills the whole pacing of the mission. One of the most appealing ideas in Railjack for me is the idea that players can split up and complete different tasks. This works great in the Grineer missions; one player can take out the asteroid base while the rest of the crew fight crewships. This dynamic doesn't work in the Corpus missions, and the restriction that every player must be on board the target ship to continue should be removed.


If the intention is for players aboard the target ship to get support from their teammates, I have an alternative solution: the Form Up mod.

Currently, Form Up is pretty much only used for trolling. Any player can stop everything the team is doing with a click of a button, which is why Form Up is almost never used seriously, I propose changing Form Up so that it allows players to teleport to the player that activated it, no matter where they are. If a player needs support from their teammates while doing an objective, they can hit the Form Up button and get instant help. However, the supporting teammates must manually accept the teleport, otherwise Form Up will still be used as a troll ability.

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